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4 Reasons Why Your PPC Ads Aren’t Making You Any Money

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72% of the business owners in their initial stages prefer to spend their investments on PPC advertising rather than spending it on search engines. What they fail to see is succeeding in the PPC advertising isn’t a cake walk but is a tough journey. Even the best of the online advertising agencies have failed in reaching the targets in advertising campaigns. Though we don’t deny that people do make money out of PPC ads, we also tell you that it requires a lot of hold on the understanding of PPC ads. Only then can you get considerable returns from your invested money. The success in this domain can only be acquired by sheer brilliance and not with a tide of luck. If you are tired of facing failures in PPC advertising, this article is for you!

We tell you 4 major reasons why your PPC ads are not garnering you any money and ways to set it right!

  1. Failure in targeting

This is the most important cause of your failure in the venture. If the targeting is not done, you are sure to lose your money in vain. Targeting is basically selecting the right audience to view your ad. Quite often, it happens so that your PPC ads are displayed to the internet users who are of no use to your business. If you have not targeted your ads properly, your chances of making any money from them will be very low. The best way to solve this problem is to clearly tell your ad agency about the persona of the customer you are targeting and ensure that your ad reaches only to them.

  1. You’re channeling people directly to the sales page

This is the common mistake most of the business owners do. They agree with the claims that ad agencies make, thinking that directing people into the sales page at once will benefit them. In this era, people know how deceiving PPC ads can get. Hence, they would show little interest in pop ups that seeks them to pay all of a sudden. Instead, you must take things slowly, one step at a time. Come up with an idea to collect their mail address, and eventually build up a relationship with them by sending them updates about your product.

  1. Your conversion process turns out to be a dud

Despite having a great conversion landing page, your ads would not garner any profits if you fail in efficiently converting leads into customers. For instance, if you are failing in converting your email marketing into a prospective business, it is because you are not following a proper sequence which is neither compelling enough. The best solution to this is to build faith among your email subscribers and provide them with credible information about your product.  Let them know how your product is built to solve a problem, and slowly convert the proceeding on to your favor by compelling them to make the purchase, prudently.

  1. Your product might not be good

PPC advertising can at most take your product online and present it among suitable customers. Then on, it is not about the ad, but the product. Even though you land up on the perfect target customer who is looking for a product like yours, it is completely their call to choose your product after checking its quality. Hence, make sure you meet the essentials of your targeted customer which will lead to building up goodwill for your product thereby increasing your sales.