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5 Online Tools for Visual Content Creation

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Visual content is vital to the success of businesses. Creating an effective visual content requires creativity. It also needs an apt tool to represent it. Visual content can be of many forms. Videos, presentations, infographics, and memes are the usual types created. Videos are powerful tools for preparing promos for your businesses. Presentations are slide packs used to convey the thoughts. Infographics are a blend of images and graphics to present the creative mind. It also helps to brainstorm, plot charts. It helps analyze the data to arrive at decisions.

As many businesses move into the cloud, online tools have become widely available. An online visual content creation tool lets you prepare your marketing idea anytime and anywhere. There are many tools available on the web for creating remarkable visual contents. Here in this article, we will have a glimpse of a few of the online tools for visual content creation.


Piktochart is one of the most brilliant tools. It can be used to create presentations and infographics content. It is easy to use. It has ready to use themes to get started quickly. The themes can be previewed and picked up to suit the needs. Its intuitive editing tools let you edit everything. It has a vast library of images to add life with visualization tools. It allows uploading your own images to its library. Unleash your work by sharing your infographics to the world. You can share them online or get them printed in high quality. These can be furtherincluded in brochures. Its shareable feature allows to embed, email or share on other social platforms. It is integrated with Slideshare and Evernote to let you share to a wider audience.

Piktochart is available as a free trial version online. So you can try before you decide to buy it. Its features include a resizable canvas, categorized icons, design driven charts and interactive maps laid on an easy to use and intuitive interface. Its editor consists of a point and click interface, making it easy for non-designers.

YouTube video editor

YouTube has a great online presence. Visual content on YouTube has an easy access to billions of users. Creating a video on YouTube and optimizing it for better quality is the key to an effective visual content. YouTube offers video editor which lets you create wonderful videos in no time. You can share the videos with family, friends and clients. YouTube is a non-business and social platform. This makes it a wonderful online tool to not restrict you to only business needs.

It lets you add annotations, and choose the formats in a seamless manner. It doesn’t require installation of software packages to edit the videos. YouTube does everything in a much simpler way. You can convert your videos to suit the requirement of the audience. Videos on education, marketing can be segregated easily with tagging. You can see the progress of your video as you edit them. You can add soundtracks or playbacks to the videos to make them more alluring.


Much to the surprise, Sliderocket is a wonderful tool to let you create stunning presentations. Enhance your sales engagement by creating slides on the go with Sliderocket. It is available online so you can access it anywhere and anytime. You can access them with a login. Share them with your customers at their beckon. They are backed up periodically so you never lose your work. It offers a beautiful viewing experience on all platforms and devices. You can also choose for offline access. The documents are in the cloud and are available at a single click.

Sliderocket lets you import your slide contents. It supports import from a variety of applications. It is easy to import and reedit the content created from other slide creating applications. It also lets you convert your presentation to PowerPoint or google presentations.


Create funny representations with Quickmeme. This is a meme based online tool. You can create your meme contents instantly by using it. You can combine images and text in a funny manner. It helps to capture the attention of the audience quickly. This is a great tool both for business and personal use. Its contents are easily shareable on Facebook and other social platforms. It lets you add widget on the images so you earn your likes on it.


PowToon is one of the powerful cartoon tools available online. Create animated versions of your work quickly with this tool. It is free and great to use. Captivate your audience by creating amazing videos and presentations. Use this tool to create website videos, product demos, explainer videos and social clips. It is suitable for marketing professionals, students, trainers and educators, small businesses and start-ups. It is easy and intuitive.  It provides a one click export to sites like YouTube. It adds rich animations to your presentations.