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5 Social Media Marketing Sins

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Social media is a lucrative platform for online marketers. It sets a stage to reach the consumers directly. It is an easy reach to promote the brand. Social media platforms are like hives. They have a great impact on business and brand value. Engaging becomes easier in the internet savvy world. Promotions happen in a single click. It reduces the need of infra. It increases the presence of brand image. Yet the online marketing has certain downfalls when not played right. Many tend to commit sins online by not leveraging the social media in the right way.


1. Doing it too much

One of the biggest mistakes an online marketer does is to overdo everything. It is the want of more. It is the desire for more business. It is the greed of growing big. Posting too much information or too frequent on the social media hampers growth. Marketing is making the right impact in a shorter time and with precise content. Over doing a marketing campaign online will make it lose its value. Too much information clogs the mind of visitors. It becomes difficult to digest all. It brings in the boredom of the brand value eventually.

Also posting too frequently has the same impact. Many marketers think frequent visualization of their brand will increase its value. This may be true in banner and physical advertising. In social media, it is the content that captures the market. So online media marketing should be concise and precise. A balance has to be made.


2. Doing it too less

Just as overdoing social media marketing disrupts the brand value, so does doing less in it. Posting the contents too seldom will eventually make your brand vanish. There has to be a balance in the periodicity and the amount of content that is being advertised socially. Customers need to be constantly hooked upon the brand imaging. At the same time, they need time to process the information they see regarding the brand. It is a conscious matter of engaging the customers without boring them. Posting too less content will make the brand weaker.

The business will eventually lose out to the competition. The periodicity of posting content matters a lot. Choose weekly, monthly or biweekly content promotions. Create a curiosity in the minds of the readers.


3. Riding on others waves

The most common mistake that occurs in online marketing is to ride on other trending social comments. They tend to hash tag everything that is hot. The trendiest news is cited often in the marketing content. This works on the logic of SEO based content views. They intend to add to the trending tags with the hope that the search will promote their business. What this means it that the reachability of the business rides on others. As a brand many tend not to create their own trends. A brand is recognized by the trend it creates. When the brand value capitalizes other trendy buzz lines, it loses its own value. Sites like twitter sees more re-tweets of similar content. This creates a duplication of information and in turns disrupts the business image.


4. Envy is no good

Marketing is all about knowing the competition. It is easy to monitor what competition does in the online world. As social media is common to all, a usual strategy is to exhibit the brand where the competition exhibits. Online reach is directing the traffic or views to the brand. The brand loses its significance when it tries defying that logic. Some of the online promos claim all the stuff the competition promotes. That’s another blunder and is committed to derail the competition. This brings harm to the promo of the brand itself. Feeling envy of competitor’s content will do no good. You can make an impact in the minds of viewers with proper use of World Wide Web. Attracting them in the right way by drawing them away from competition is a good strategy.


5. Cheating with statistics

Online media marketing is based on popularity. It is scored on the number of clicks on the page or number of views of the site. It is measured in the volume of traffic. Advertisement companies rely on these statistics to position their brands. Many marketers make the mistake of false statistics to draw traffic to their sites. The creation of auto bots, daemons, scripts that generate clicks on the web pages are some of the techniques used. They provide the statistics required for promo and advertising companies to place their ads. The reality is that the consumers are not really the visitors. This while in short term may go unnoticeable, in the longer term it brings in the reduced brand image. In certain cases it may also bring in legal consequences. This puts the company at a bigger risk. These strategies also apply SEO optimization techniques to ensure that visitor lands on the page.