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6 Ways to Boost Traffic to Your Ecommerce Site

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If you are a company which is engaged in eCommerce then it is imperative that you boost traffic to your site. Studies and surveys have often shown that an increased traffic will result in an increase in sales. Increasing traffic to your site is really challenging so we have come up with this list of the top 6 overlooked ways to boost traffic to your eCommerce site.


1. Social media campaigns

The best way to boost traffic to your e-commerce site is by getting involved in a social media campaign. This allows you to contact your customer base directly. The best type of social campaign would be the one which has a strong message in it. It is best that you keep your customers engaged and show them that you care about the cause as it can bring in more traffic to your e-commerce site.




2. Creating a good blog

Content is the bedrock of any eCommerce site and what could be better than to make the customers share their own stories on your blog. Having a content strategy is prevalent in almost 80% of companies which tells you how important it is; but to make them work to your advantage is a different thing. It is best if you can make them talk about the relevance of your products in their life which will make these blogs seem more realistic and honest and will deliver a valuable message.



 3. Promoting your products via Apps and more

There is no better way to promote your products than putting them in an app. There are apps for almost everything imaginable and more of these apps being developed every day. This is why it will be prudent to either develop apps by you or sign up on a site which will help you make your product more visible to the customers.



4. Virtual presentation of your products

It is always advisable to show off your products in real time. This is why we recommend that you make videos of your products and upload them, so your customers can see the products. There are two ways you can employ to publish these videos. The first one is to give third parties like YouTube and others the responsibility to publish it. While, the second one is self-hosting, this is also a powerful method that puts your site on the higher echelons in terms of videos.



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5. Buying Domain Name Misspellings

It is better if you can buy misspells for your domains rather than invest in the variations of domains such as and more. The beauty of misspells is that, suppose you have 5 misspells and they have an average 7 visits per day, then as a result, you will have a total of 35 visits from them in a day.  This is a very sound strategy to employ when you are trying to boost traffic for your e-commerce site. (i.e., common misspellings are,



6. Customer Reviews

According to market surveys, as many as 88% of customers trust online reviews which has prompted most of the companies to have some sort of review receiving mechanisms in their online and offline stores. Therefore, increasing traffic can be made easy if you are being able to convince your customers to write reviews on your e-commerce sites or about their experience with your products and services. (Source)


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