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8 Web Design Trends to Watch In 2016

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If there is anything true about web designs, it is that these web designs are always evolving. Web designs are dynamic. Due to this ever changing characteristic, it could be a challenge to stay updated with latest design trends. User experience has been the core focus of many of the web design trends that are relevant. Creating a content which is accessible, responsive and easy to use will increase the user satisfaction. The web design trends that are going to emerge this year are going to perfect the user experience. We listed down a few!

1) Hero images

One of the prominent ways of grabbing the attention of the user is an appealing image. A high-quality image along with a call to action which compels the users to involve in sales increases conversions. Hence, having an image that acts as a protagonist to your website will only help you in getting more and more customers. An good example of this design technique is the portfolio of Andrew Elsass.


2) Material design

The style language of the material design of the Google is the next step towards the craze for flat designs. Material design provides more depth to those flat designs by including shadows and lights, while also featuring layouts that are grid based, and also having responsive animations.

Photo credit: Angular

Photo credit: Angular

3) Typography

Minimal as well streamlined designs let typefaces turn dramatic and thereby have a powerful impact. Calligraphic fonts that are artistic are emerging popular as they feel personal as well as tangible.

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

4) Videos and animations in the background

Making use of animations and backgrounds can either instill an intriguing dimension to the webpage, or distract the audience. When it is executed really well, this trend is able to increase the content quality of the page. The main key is to experiment with rates of frames until the videos as well as contents are seamless and cohesive.

5) Hover animations

When users will not be sure about the function of the elements, they have the tendency of hovering their cursor above it. Hover animations emphasize this sort of an intuition by offering the user with a feedback that is instantaneous. This allows users to have a browsing experience which is uninterrupted and simple.

6) Motion animations

The eye of the humans is spontaneously drawn towards movements. Due to this, you can look forward to seeing animations being used to add attention to the focal point. These animations include interest and also enhance engagement.

7) Full-screen forms

Responsive designs influence the format and size of forms and also input screens. Forms on full screen and overlays provide a legible space which is effortless for interaction, and also encourages the users for concentrating on a solo screen.

8) Duotone scheme of colors

These color palettes have turned popular as they involve washes of two complementary colors, generating powerful visual impact. With changing technology, designs have to meet new requirements. These schemes of colors are going to be in trend!

Photo Credit: Spotify

Photo Credit: Spotify

Watch out for these web design trends in 2016 and keep your webpage in par with the industry’s standards.