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Advantages of using Google Adwords

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Google AdWords campaign is a pay per click (PPC) ad campaign. It lets businesses drive profit by displaying their ads on relevant Google search results and web pages. When people click on your ads, they will be redirected to your website. Thus Google ads increase your website traffic and charge you for every ad click. Some of the advantages of using Google AdWords are listed down.

Cost savings and improved performance

  • Google AdWords requires a small initial investment. You can create your own AdWords account by paying a small amount. Your payment is billed only for the clicks made. Hence, you will not suffer any loss if you take the necessary actions properly.
  • Google AdWords lets you define your budget and work within the budget. You can monitor your expenses and reduce overspending. You can bid on any keyword you chose. The bid amount will vary depending upon the popularity of the keyword. You can track the performance of each keyword and avoid bidding on less productive keywords. Thus, your ad costs stay in your control. Google does not have any minimum payment. You can choose how much you want to spend.

  • AdWords assures a high ROI. You need to pay only for business and profit. It increases your website traffic and the chances of a business transaction.
  • AdWords increases the popularity of your website. It helps you win over your competitors. It gives you a hand on experience and elevates the image of your brand.
  • AdWords also helps you in choosing your keywords. It gives suggestions on the most profitable keywords. These high volume keywords have higher click rates. There are also many more support materials available that will help you devise a good AdWords campaign strategy.

Improved marketing

  • AdWords let you carry out targeted marketing. You can make the ads look engaging by using titles and descriptions. This attracts visitors into clicking the ads and reaching your website.
  • Using AdWords, you can test your new marketing campaigns. You can do this by using different ads with different keywords for the same product or service. You can find which ad campaign works for you and focus on that to improve business.
  • Google AdWords brings you assured traffic. It gives instant traffic. It is easier than the other techniques such as on-site and offsite optimizations.
  • AdWords provides many tools to track your performance. Some tools like Clicky and Google analytics can be used to find out the effectiveness of your keywords. The tools provided will let you edit and improve your ads.
  • You can localize your ad displays to a particular region. You can design specific ads for a certain region. You can also display the ads in the regional language. The customization and localization features will help you reach to the targeted audience easily.
  • It also provides option for mobile, time and language based targeted marketing.
  • You are allowed to choose how and where your ad will be displayed.

AdWords lets you leverage the benefits of GDN (Google Display Network).

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