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10 Essential Digital Marketer Skills

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digital marketer 2019

The world of digital marketing is huge and highly competitive in today’s time. It is difficult for all the naive faces who set their foot in this industry, to find their niche. Don’t you guys worry as the following content will help you to understand the essential digital marketing skills!

Should be able to multitask

If we talk about the digital marketing world, then you all must be aware that there are numerous things going on at once. To be able to keep an eye on each one of them, you need to be attentive and should be able to multitask. You may have to read the latest content, see the relevant texts on the social media platforms, do reports, all at the same time.

Curiosity is the key to learn, specifically if you are a beginner

As mentioned before- the span of this field is really wide. If you are keen and curious to learn more then you will really find this field alluring. Craving for knowledge and learning new things on a daily basis will give you your edge among others.

Must have good work ethic

There will be times when you will find yourself in difficult situations like market crashing, unsatisfied clients etc. In such situations, you have to handle the pressure calmly and like a professional.

Must be cordial with colleagues and others in the same field

This field is known for cut throat competition and people can be difficult to work with, at times. Also, you have to always meet clients, build good relation with potential customers, etc. For all this, you need to be street smart and good with your communication.

You must know how to search well

The more you try to search about a topic, the better your work turns out to be. So, try to research well while working on a project. You can use Internet, books, question the client, and know client’s views and opinions, read other relevant articles.

You should be good with SEO and SEM techniques

Having through knowledge of search engine optimization and search engine marketing are the key tools of this field. So, make sure you have at least the basic idea of these two before you go into this field.

Data Analysis is for your own good

Data analytics is the central strategy of all the digital marketing companies. You should try to find and develop good solutions, ideas to judge the needs of your clients and then work towards building the traffic for your website or company.

Be a tech-lover

Digital marketing is all about information technology. So, it is good to have a nice grip on the new technologies. Be a quick learner, so that you can adapt well to the changing world of technology.

Create audience engaging content

A smart content writer or a person working in this field is the one who know its audience and their needs. You should be able to produce contents which are top-notch, SEO- friendly. Try to incorporate videos, pictures, flowcharts etc. to make it .ore sensible and engaging.

Do as much as marketing and ads as possible to promote your work

With digital marketing, it is very easy to promote your work or your company. Right from posting on various social media platforms to paid channels and display of ads, you can do it all. To be popular among masses, you should be good at selling your work through these tools.

How to Improve Title Tag CTR?

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No one would ever like to jump into a big article or webpage without knowing what is in it for them. After all, that’s how we decide if we actually want to read or visit the website or webpage, by seeing the title and the pictures. Even if we later find out that the content was not worth it, still the initial decision to begin with something or not actually is taken on the basis of title.

Title Tag

As the name suggests, Title Tag is the title element in your HTML code of the web page. It gives the title of your webpage based on which the people get a rough idea of what they can expect on your page as in the type of content and information. Obviously, better the title, better the rank of your webpage in terms of SEO ranking.


CTR is the acronym for Click through Rate. In simpler terms, it can be explained as- suppose you place an advertisement on the internet on various websites and social networking sites. Now, after seeing the ad, it is not necessary that all the viewers will open it. So, the percentage of people who actually click on the link after seeing your advertisement and visit the hyperlink is known as Click through Rate.

How to Draft the Title Tag?

Undoubtedly, CTR, in addition to other factors, mainly depends on the Title Tag and how attractive it is. Because an attractive title always attracts readers. The title should appeal to the intellect, curiosity and the inquisitive nature of the readers. It should be simple, easy to understand, apt, in accordance to the content, short, attractive and must include the keywords that are mandatory for SEO optimization.

Ways to Increase CTR with Title Tag

  • Try to hit on the right nerve of the reader as in touch the perfect emotion of the readers by using the power words like ‘Marvelous’, ‘Extraordinary’, ‘Amazing’, etc. Obviously, the type of word to be used depends on the type of content.
  • Give a brief description of the content in the title itself just to increase the curiosity level of the readers. This can be done by adding a bracket or parentheses.
  • To increase the CTR, try to use the concept of Curiosity Gap strategically. In literal terms, Curiosity Gap is the difference between what a person knows and what a person wants to know about a particular topic. Many famous websites like Buzzfeed, Upworthy, etc. already use it and earn huge benefit from it.
  • Ensure that you use the right keywords because not only does it increase the rank via SEO optimization but also catches the attention of the people and also helps your content to appear in other searches related to your keywords.
  • Use auto-generation techniques for title tags. It is practically impossible for any person, howsoever creative he or she is to sit and derive attractive and unique titles for hundreds of products or articles or web pages. So, most of the e-commerce websites including Amazon use this technique to generate attractive and unique title tags.

Follow these tips and boost your CTR on the go!

Are You Still Missing Out on Google Search Console?

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Google Search Console

In today’s time, almost every business has its own online portal. Infect some companies run their entire empire via a website only. Well, if you own a website or maintain a company’s website then you must be aware that it is extremely important to assess the website’s performance from time to time.

The performance of any website is measured by the amount of traffic it withdraws. But, how to get this measurement and analysis in the first place. Don’t you guys worry, as Google has provided tools for this work, that too absolutely free of cost- called the Google Search Console.

What is Google Search Console?

Google Search Console is a free service provided by Google. It helps the owners of the various websites to easily keep record of their work, and track the performance at the same time.

It assists you to monitor your website and get valuable insights about the same. Though it is not compulsory to sign up for this service, in order to get a position in Google’s Search engine, but if you do so; it will help you to get a thorough idea of how Google views your site and how it optimizes it’s performance as well.


Why using Google Search Console is a good idea?

  • It helps Google to access your content and helps your website to get better ranking on the search engine.
  • It filters those contents from your website which you don’t want to be shown in search result.
  • It keeps a track of those content which are capable of delivering visually engaging results.
  • Google Search Console also solves all the problems related to malware and spam which create unwanted hindrance to your website’s performance.

Features of Google Search Console

  • Performance tab

This tab enables you to analyse the pages and keywords which need more optimization and attention. This helps to improve the ranking of your website on Google Search.

  • Index Coverage

This is a technical tab within GSC, which updates you about-

  • The number of pages in the index of Google search, since the last update;
  • Errors and warning which led to issues in indexing of the pages from your website.
  • AMP

AMP tab stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. It warns you about the errors which may occur in your URL from time to time. You can fix the issue and then request for a validation as well. The GSC will validate the fixed issue, so that there is no scope of error.

  • Job Postings

This tab will enable you to list all the job openings you want to post on your website. It also provides states about the responses coming on the job openings and the traffic it is attracting.

  • Events

This feature provides you a feedback on all your mark-up events.

  • Links

This section within GSC helps you to keep a track on the number of links from other websites, which points to your website.

  • Manual Actions

This tab prompts you whenever your website get penalized by Google.

So, if you are concerned with performance of your website, then Google Search Console is your cup of tea.

10 Tips to Improve Content

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Content writing has become quite a popular freelancing job in today’s time. A creative streak and a good knowledge of language are the two basic needs to be a content writer. But, owing to its popularity there are a number of talented writers out there. Thus, in order to stand out in from the crowd with your content writing skills, it is necessary to improve. Below are the 10 tips to improve content for better SEO and readability.

10 tips to improve your content

Understand your audience

One of the major things you need to be a good content writer and also succeed in the marketing department is to know your audience. Knowing what they want, will help you to improve your writing skills.

Be organized in your work

Keep a good track of all the work you are doing and plan the work you want to do in future. Using a content calendar is a good idea and creating an outline prior to the content you are planning to write helps you to write well.

Read as much as possible

Reading books and novels can really help you to find your own style of writing and improve your vocabulary also. You can also make note of some good lines, quotes you find while reading and can use them in one of your contents.

Try to time your writing

For some writers to be in the right mood while writing is necessary, but content writing does not work that way. It is a job where you need to be quick and post articles in time. So, it is better to practice a lot and while doing that, time your writing.

While writing, try to complete content in one go

Completing your content in one go helps to incorporate all the points and views you have in your mind regarding a topic. If you take a pause, there are chances that you miss and forget a few important points later.

Check out the contents of individuals who have influenced people all around the world

Having an inspiration and regularly following his/her work will help you to develop a new approach and idea towards your content writing skills.

While writing an article, try to be as relevant as possible

If your content lacks relevance and connection between lines, then it will turn out to be flat and non-engaging. So, your articles need be contextually relevant.

Try to give some attention-seeking heading to your content

Your audience and other potential readers tend to judge a content by its heading. If you give an exciting and different heading, they could stop by to read the matter under that heading. However, avoid using misleading headings to avoid negative impact in your website’s reputation.

Keep trying new things

Thinking out of the box proves really fruitful especially in this field. Try to incorporate new formats in your content. You may be surprised by the response you get from the people.

Re-cycle, re-use your best work

In the digital marketing world, you can always re-use your best content. But, they need to be evergreen! So, don’t shy away from re-promoting a great piece of content you wrote in the past. You will get the audience, each time you post it.

Duplicate Content in SEO

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Before getting into the details, of duplicate content, let us know what it is? As the name suggests, any content that is copied from some other source is known as Duplicate Content. In simple terms, any information that can be found on various places on the Internet in exact form, exact manner, and exact words is duplicate.

Posting duplicate content not only hurts your legally if someone sues you for their copyright infringement, but it also affects the SEO ranking of your webpage. Because no matter how many keywords are used, no matter how relevant and accurate the information is, once it has been duplicated, the search engines cannot differentiate between the original and the authentic content. There are fair chances that the duplicated content might actually appear on the top whereas the original one gets lost in the herd.

How does Duplicate Content affect SEO?

Duplicate content hampers the SEO in the following ways:

  • They cannot differentiate between which content to include and which one to exclude depending on their authenticity.
  • They have no scientific method to decide ranks in case of duplicate content. The ranking is done on a random basis.
  • They don’t know how to maintain the chain of links and hyperlinks between the pages.

Causes of Duplicate Content

  • Due to the concept of comment pagination, sometimes the content of the original page, content of the same page plus comment 1, content of the same page plus comment 1 plus comment 2, and so on, gets duplicated over different URLs.
  • The writers assume that the SEO follows their article ID, however, most of the SEO procedures depend on the page URLs. The creators change the URL without changing the content and without realizing that multiple URLs are being created unknowingly with similar content.


Tool to identify Duplicate Content

Google Search Console is the most effective way to find Duplicate Content. Using this, you can get a detailed list of all the URLs that have similar content. Not only you can get to know if any website has used your content without consent but also you will get to know if by mistake you have created multiple URLs of the same content.


The most practical and widely used solution to the problem of Duplicate Content in SEO happens to be Canonicalization. Here what is done is, after you find all the links and URLs that have duplicated your content, you add a canonical link to those pages and URLs that would redirect them to your original page, thereby improving your SEO results. The original content page is known as Canonical Page and an HTML link is added from duplicate page to canonical page.

Question You Should Ask Before Hiring a web development services company

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Always important to choose the right web development services company:

It is difficult to imagine the word without blog and websites. Whether you are about to invest in a new business or making money through blogging, a website becomes the essential one. When it comes to determining the company’s credibility, the website’s design is the number one criterion. Hence, you should be careful while hiring a website company for your projects. Well, it can be daunting and make you feel overwhelmed as you will be able to see hundreds of thousands of web development services at one go. It needs effort and persistence to choose the best one of your choice.  Here are the four questions that you should ask before hiring a web design company.

Web-DevelopmentWhat is the approach of the company?

If your website is slow, chances are that the visitors will migrate to the next possible site for their business. People don’t have to spend their precious time navigating the website that acts slowly than usual. Recent research states that about 40% of internet users will close the website which takes more than 3 seconds to load the content.  In this way, you will be more likely to lose your business. The usability and user experience matter that most.  To better understand the company, you are going to hire, you can put forth some kind of questions related to the opinions, experience, research designs etc. More importantly, they should be open to answering these questions.

Web design services provided by them:

A good web designing company should be equipped with a team of an experienced web designer to handle planning, development, marketing and much more. Web developer at Miami ensures that the web designs are trendy and up-to-date. The talented team should be qualified to produce expected results. Here is what a well-rounded web development service provides

  • Comprehensive web design, planning, development strategies that should meet industrial standards.
  • Compelling web content to allure the clients and get them glued to your content.  A well-organized team of experienced Search engine optimization experts.

Nowadays, search engine optimization becomes the key to revenue no matter what kind of business you are doing. If your website ranks low, the user will not be able to browse your website, which leads to loss of revenue, trust, and outcome. So, a good web designing company should take care of the SEO as well. Just make sure that web development service you are dealing with is reliable, well-established and trustworthy.

Their credentials and qualifications:

It is essential to know about their credentials and qualifications to ensure that they are perfect. They should be able to give you some of their previous examples and their success stories. Apart from that, you can ask about the types of client that have worked in their past. By asking such questions, you will be able to analyze their qualifications, web designing skills.

You search for the best web designing service ends at Simplio Web Studio where You can check their website’s credentials, qualifications, success stories that beyond your expectations.  Just hire them and get your clients glued to your website.

How to Find Content Ideas for a Keyword?

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The importance of keywords in any content can be related to the importance of a lady in any family. Like the entire world inside a house revolves around the lady of the house- similarly any content revolves around a relevant keyword or a set of keywords.

While developing any sort of content or thinking about the content ideas, it is very crucial to keep in mind that the main or the core keywords must reflect the voice of the content and vice-versa. The two must complement each other from the beginning to the end of the content.


At times, we often come across various contents or articles where the meaning and the tone of the article is not in sync with the core keywords.

Sometimes the task of finding the right set of keywords and developing the exact content in accordance with the same isn’t easy. Often, the content ideas you come up with, are unable to quantify the idea behind main keyword. Well, don’t worry. Following points will surely help you to find great ideas for a keyword.

  1. To start with, make full use of the recommendations provided by Google. You don’t need to copy anything but taking recommendations expands the room for great ideas.
  2. Be a watchful competitor, in your concerned field. Be it the content for a marketing website or a simple blog content, it is very important to be aware of your fellow competitors and their work. It would be great if you focus on collecting unique ideas about the content for a specific keyword, something is which is entirely different from what your competitors have already done. It is also a good SEO strategy in the marketing world.
  3. The best way to find good content ideas for a keyword is to read, read and read as much as you can. The reading part must be done on the topic specified for the content.
  4. While compiling the ideas of the content make sure to put in some catchy subtopics along with a topic which should contain the main keyword, if possible. It is recommended to play with some out-of- the box words for a subtopic in the content. It would be better if those words have some relevance to the keyword.
  5. Once you have come up with the rough ideas for a content it is the time to edit them nicely. This part must be done with utmost care and all the flaws must be removed. Read and re-read it, as an audience and see if the keyword and the content are going hand-in-hand.
  6. You can use various apps and websites during the entire process. To name a few:
  7. Marketing calendar- It helps you to transform your beautiful ideas into something really good.
  8. SpyFu- It helps to keep you updated about the contents and the keywords your competitors are coming up with.

Next time you want any help, the above mentioned points will help you to come up with the extraordinary content ideas for a keyword.

Google Maps Gets More Social

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We cannot deny the convenience Google has brought to us when they launched Google Maps 13 years ago. Surely enough, navigating the world became a whole lot easier.

On October 24th, Google made an announcement on their blog stating that a “Follow” button will start to appear on business listings in the Google Maps app on Android (there’s no news on iOS implementations just yet). Here’s a snippet of the announcement on Google:

Image courtesy of

Those using Google Maps for Android can now follow places right from the app. Rolling out now, just search for that coffee shop you love or that clothing store you’ve been meaning to pop into and tap the “Follow” button. Once you’ve followed places, news from them—like events, offers and other updates—will appear in the For you tab (where available, with more countries coming soon!).

Aside from this, just a few days ago, Google has started rolling out the new messaging feature to Google Maps. The feature will appear as a new “messages” button, which will be rolled out gradually to iOS and Android app users. You will find these messages in the side menu of both Google Maps for Android and iOS. Customers can use this messaging feature to directly ask the business about certain questions.

Image courtesy of

With these recent updates, Google Maps makes users experience better and more social. Google says it will be gradually rolling the feature out to countries beyond the U.S.

What is Meta Tag Truncation and Why Should You Avoid it?

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A Meta tag description refers to a one hundred sixty characters extract which is generally used to summarize web pages content. These snippets are used by the search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and the likes to make the visitors aware about the content of a page. Google itself is one of the best examples of Meta description.

  • Optimal Length

Generally, Meta descriptions can be of any length but Google has recently truncated its limit to three hundred characters. It is also recommended to keep the Meta descriptions length between fifty to three hundred characters.

Optimal length of any Meta description varies depending on numerous factors including the content, the object, and the target audience. To keep it short and simple, one should provide values and add drive clicks to the Meta descriptions.

  • Optimal Format

On one hand, Meta Tag Descriptions are web masters’ chance to advertise content available with them to the searchers whereas, on the other hand, it is a chance for the searchers to decide whether the content provided by the webmasters is relevant and matching the information they are seeking. So, it would be no wrong to say that Meta description serves a dual purpose and holds its significance for both the searchers as well as the advertisers.


Points To Be Taken Care Of While Writing the Meta Descriptions

Avoid the use of duplicate Meta descriptions as it is more effective to publicize your message with a unique content because that would help attract more and more traffic to your pages and ultimately help in increasing the click through rate.

  • Obsession with the character count is another problem created by the users while framing a Meta description. An ideal Meta description can be in between one hundred sixty to three hundred characters and one having short descriptions should not go for squeezing more characters into it.
  • Not using keywords is one of the other mistakes initiated by the webmasters while framing the Meta descriptions. The use of the right keywords is very essential for a page’s content and meeting the searchers demand. So, it is of paramount importance to ensure that your Meta descriptions are oriented to page’s title and its content.
  • Unimpressive copy in the Meta description is another common mistake that the webmasters do. To increase the traffic, Click through rate and conversions at your page, it is essential for you to be uniquely creative with your Meta description.
  • Avoiding the use of direct HTML tables is also essential for a proper framing of Meta description. As Google’s mission is to organize world’s information and make it universally accessible, then it is quite obvious that it will give preference to websites that provide the users with the direct and most relevant answers to the users.

So, it is very important for the website masters to identify the questions based on searches and prepare a detailed answer by implementing HTML tags and understanding its basics.

Do Metas Even Matter?

A lot of large websites do not even use the Meta tags at all and yet they rank perfectly well in search results. Wikipedia is one of the biggest examples. So, we can conclude that Meta tag is not the oxygen of the webpage to increase its SEO. However, we cannot ignore the fact that it definitely is a critical component of the webpage that cannot be completely ignored.