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Effective Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

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If you are managing a blog it is only natural that your main objective is to drive traffic into it. When there is high traffic into a blog, there is surely going to be high possibility of increase conversion. So, what should you do in order to ensure that there is sufficient traffic into your blog? Here are some effective ways to do it.

  1. Post High Quality Content


Blogging is basically all about posting contents that are relevant to you, your business or your website. If you articles are not informative and pertinent to your goals, you cannot expect people to get really interested in reading your blog. This means less traffic, which equates to few or no conversion at all.

High quality and readable articles are very important because they can also be very instrumental in generating incoming links into your site, which should result in strengthening your brand and in increasing loyalty from your readers, existing buyers, and potential customers.

High quality contents are ones that provide readers with the right information that they seek. The intention of the content should be to educate the readers, rather than just to entertain them.

  1. Be Passionate about Blogging


When you blog, you are representing a part of yourself to the world. If you do not enjoy blogging, there is a big chance that you will neglect posting on a regular basis. This is the kind of practice that usually causes blogging failures.

  1. Know the Importance of Professional Blog Design


If your blog points back to your business website, it is very important that it is incorporated with a highly professional design. Your blog is the representation of your professional image that you want your readers to see and identify with. With a professional looking blog, you can be assured of reinforced brand, increased credibility, and increased leads and conversions.

One common mistake that many bloggers commit is placing too many ads and unnecessary images on the blog design. These are the most common reasons why some visitor the disinterest in some blogs. The ads and the images can be found intrusive, which usually prompt the viewers in clicking the back button and ignoring the articles. Your blog is existing for the purpose of increasing traffic and conversions, thus it is essential that you can ensure that your blog design is enticing and practical at the same time.

Another important thing to keep in mind about blog design is that it needs to be responsive so it would look good on laptop, desktop and mobile devices. Using easy to read fonts is also highly recommended.

  1. Ensure a SEO Friendly Site


One important reminder is that you must also make sure that your site is acceptable not just for the human eyes, but also for search engines. A well-structured blog site is instrumental in ensuring that your contents get good search engine rankings. Make sure that the site theme uses correct header tags in templates, validates without CSS or HTML errors, and can fully take advantage of extra navigational features like breadcrumbs navigation links. It is also essential to use reliable SEO plugins to make sure that your pages are highly optimized.

  1. Be Wise in Choosing your Topics

Being wise is always a part of being in business, and blogging is a kind of business. Thus, you need to select your topics wisely. You must understand that the topics covering your blog influence the kind of readers you are going to get. Publishing tutorials are going to get you beginners, and posting advanced tutorials will entice more experienced leaders.

Thorough research is the answer to having the ability to choose the right topic to write and publish. It is also significant to devise a more permanent content strategy, so that you wouldn’t have to keep on coming up with a technique every time you need to post on your blog. Covering popular topics is one good way to attract more audience.

  1. Share Important Current Events

Some bloggers publish links to news stories; you should not make the same mistake. Instead of just redirecting your readers to the more interesting story, you should be the first to inform them of what’s happening out there. Your opinion matters and you should let your readers know about them.

  1. Interact with the Audience

You want to have high traffic into your blog, and traffic is brought by your audience. This means that you should make an effort in making sure that your readers have a better understanding of who you are, what you have to say and what you are selling. This can be accomplished by allowing your readers to post questions and hen responding to each question as honestly and precisely as you can. Your answer will inform you readers of how well-acquainted you are with your blog and your product or services.

When you blog, you give a part of yourself to the world. This means you want everyone else to know what you have to say and what you want them to understand. Blogging should help you gain more revenues and the best way to accomplish that is to have increased traffic into your blog.

7 of the Best WordPress Plugins for 2015

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If you are looking for the best WordPress plugins for your website this 2015, you may want to check out this list. These WordPress plugins were proficiently handpicked by the experts.

  1. WordPress SEO by Yoast

screenshot-1 (1)

WordPress SEO by Yoast is not your ordinary SEO plugin. According to the experts, it is your complete website optimization tool package. It lets you do a lot of thing like adding up appropriate titles and effective descriptions to the articles.

At the same time, this plugin also allows users to do page analysis,insert open graph Meta data, publish xml sitemap, and more. It is also easy to install and to setup.

Out of the box, this plugin is already a reliable platform. Do some tweaks and improvements, and it will definitely give you more that you can ask for. The good thing about this plugin is that it requires you to select a focus keyword for your articles, and it then makes sure that the focus keyword is used everywhere.

  1. Backup Buddy


According to SEO experts, one of the easiest to use, user-friendly WordPress backup plugin is the Backup Buddy. Its features include a quick setup for automatic backup scheduling for yoursite. This means that it gives you the option to use the cloud to store backups so that you can sleep worry-free with the knowledge that every single content you have is effectively backed up.

  1. W3 Total Cache


If you are very much concerned about your website’s speed in search engine rankings, then you need a very reliable WordPress plugin like W3 Total Cache. This plugin is guaranteed to help in optimizing your WordPress website for speed and for performance. It also give you the ability to effortlessly setup browser and page caching, compress the pages so that downloading is easier, and also to setup content delivery system for static files. This plugin is also the only WPO (WordPress performance Optimization) framework that was designed specifically to boost page speed and user experience

W3 Total Cache plugin improves your site’s user experience by boosting server performance, decreasing download times and by providing transparent CDN or content delivery network integration.

  1. Gravity Forms


If you are just starting on managing your WordPress website and you want a plugin that you can easily use, then Gravity Forms is what you need. This plugin is said to be the most beginner- friendly and developer-friendly WordPress plugin. It is very useful in adding virtually any type of online form intoyour WordPresssite. This plugin also comes with add-ons that are powerful enough to let you make online survey, web directory, user-submitted posts, orroughlyanything that requires user input.

With Gravity Forms, you can create and publish your WordPress forms almost instantly. No hard work, just fast and simple form-building. You can easily choose your fields, effortlessly organize your options and smoothly embed the forms on your site with the use of built-in tools.

  1. OptinMonster

Wordpress Plug-in Optinmonster

One of the best lead generation WordPress plugins in the market today is the OptinMonster. This plugin allows users to build stunning optin forms and beautiful pop-ups for their WordPress websites. Additionally, it converts users into regular subscribers. It also comes fully-packed with great features like analytics, split testing, page-level targeting, and exit intent technology.

  1. Edit Flow

Wordpress Plug-in edit-flow-01

Another great WordPress plugin is the Edit Flow. This WordPress plugin provides an effective editorial workflow organizational structure for WordPress sites. It also allows users to do extra tasks like, see their editorial calendar, organize authors, leave editorial remarks, allocate posts and many more. It has special features like; Calendar, Custom Status, Editorial Comment, Editorial Metadata, Notifications, Story Budget and User Groups.

  1. Soliloquy

Wordpress Plug-in Soliloquy

When it comes to responsiveness, one of the most recommended WordPress plugins is the Soliloquy.Some slider plugins usually slows downthe websites and that can really hurt SEO ranking. On the other hand, this particular plugin is considered as one of the fastest slider plugins as it loads sliders at roaring fast speeds. This plugin also comes fully packed with special features and it even has afree version that can be instantly utilized for trial use. When you use this plugin, you have the ability to enjoy a hassle-free WordPress website management as it is especially designed in such a way that it is highly focused on usability, reliability and efficiency.  It is created in a way that it fuses functionality and simplicity into one powerful and useful slider engine.

There are, of course several other WordPress plugins that are available today. If you really want to have an easy to set up website that is also easy to manage, you can truly rely on one of the WordPress plugins that are mentioned here. After all, these plugins are chosen by the experts. This means that there is no doubt that they are all efficient, powerful, easy to use, and can guarantee high search engine rankings and increase of potential subscribers.

Why Should You Use CDN for your WordPress Blog

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We have discussed in our previous post that one of the important factors that make a good website, is the website speed. We have pointed out the fact that website visitors like websites with good loading speed and only feel frustration over the slow-loading ones. A slow loading website is likely to lose visitors over a fast-loading one. Do you now see how important a website loading speed is?

There are many ways to do that can help you make your site load faster, and in this post we will talk about CDN, something that will help you a lot in speeding up your website loading speed.


What is CDN?

CDN or Content Delivery Networks is a network of servers (usually located in various parts of the world) that cache the static content from websites such as images, videos, audio clips, css, and javascript files.

How it works?

When a user requests your site, the server closest in proximity to that user will deliver the static content. This ensures the shortest distance for the data to travel, therefore providing the fastest site experience for the user.




Why Should You Use CDN?

The number one reason for using a CDN is to improve your user’s experience in terms of speed, and as we have discussed in one of our posts, speed matters a lot. This can lead your visitors and prospect customers not to come back to your website anymore because it loads very slowly.

A CDN is best used for those websites that get visitors from different parts of the world. Just for example, if is hosted in North America, GTmetrix (free tool that analyzes your page’s speed performance) test might report fast based on the default test location. However, if a good number of users are coming from Asia, their speed will not be as fast.

CDN would allow users from Asia to download the static content from a closer source or server. CDN not only ensures faster experience to your users but it as well, prevents site crasher when the traffic on your site surges.

Another positive outcome of using CDN is the lessening of bounce rate. This simply means that when readers all over the world try to access you blog, there is a very high chance that they will be able to see your blog.  If there is a higher chance for viewers to see your blogs, that is tantamount to more page views.  Finally, if there are more page views, then your blog will be more popular due to the added hits.

Every blogger’s goal is to achieve popularity status.  With the help of CDN, it can be achieved.  Since it lessens the chances of viewers of not reaching the site and it also increases the viewing speed, then the result is increase in page views.  The increase in page views will amount to higher ranking with search engines.  When this happens, the blog will experience a very positive cycle – more page views means higher search engine ranking and higher search engine ranking means more page views.

When higher search engine ranking is achieved by a website or a blogger, then the blog will become global.  This means that anyone from any part of the world with internet access can and may view your site. What’s exciting about this is since your scope is broad; you have higher chances of not only earning more, but also inspiring more people.  If you want to achieve such status, it is better to avail of a CDN that has wider coverage.  For you to know which CDN to get, you must check the countries where you get the most hits.

Not only does the use of CDN potentially increase your chances of earning more and inspiring more, it also decreases your expenses.  When you use CDN, it makes loading faster and running the server faster too.  Due to this, you do not need to continuously upgrade your computer’s hardware for example RAM or hard drive or improving your CPU in general.  If you were to weigh spending for CDN or spending for computer parts, it is cheaper to go for the former than the latter.

In Summary

There is no negative effect in availing a CDN for your WordPress blog.  Using a CDN increases your chances of getting more views, which then increases your chances of getting higher search engine rankings, which ultimately increases your chances of owning a global WordPress account. Again, it is important to know where your hits are coming from so you can use the best CDN option for your website.  Also, know the all the potentials that a CDN may bring to your website so that you can optimize its services.  Do not only use a CDN to speed up your page.  Use it to optimize your viewer’s experience so that you may leave a mark to every viewer in the world.

10 Web Productivity Tools That’ll Maximize Your Efficiency

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We live in a fast-paced world.  There are just so much things to do with such so little time! We all need the extra help we can get in order to accomplish what needs to be done.  The good news is there are loads of software tools that can aid us with our everyday tasks.  Now, efficiency is within reach!


If you are the type of person who tends to lounge doing unnecessary things or obsess too much doing one task, then you need a tool that will remind you of your daily efficiency.  Yast can be the answer to your problem.  It is a tool that helps you track the time you spend on various activities may it be connected with your work or plain leisure.  All you need to do is sign up for free and you can enjoy its wonderful features like plotting a chart on how fruitful your day is.


Another important tool that busy professionals need is one that keeps track of daily schedules. is a virtual assistant that does not only keep track of your daily schedule but also automatically tells you when you are free to schedule your next meeting.  What’s also cool about this tool is you can connect your schedule with other business partners to easily coordinate when your meetings can be set.  All these features can be used for free.  Who said having an assistant is expensive?


Now that your daily schedule is set, it is time to promote your business. An easy yet cheap way to do this is to use Getresponse.  This tool helps create colourful newsletters that may contain new products or new promotions that your business offers.  With Getresponse, you can automatically send out newsletters to your target clients via email and track their responses easily.  Your newsletter can also be linked to your Facebook and Twitter accounts for more views.


Another popular favourite when it comes to productivity tools is Evernote. It is an application that syncs with computers and phones to save all files to a cloud. Evernote makes jotting down ideas easier before they are forgotten. Evernote has a lot of features like being able to jot down notes, take photos of whiteboards, record voice memos and organize everything right on the comfort of your phone.


If you have clients across the state or abroad that you need to meet with, then you can use Uberconference.  This tool allows you to make a conference call with up to ten people for free.  The calls can be recorded and can be played back for documentation purposes.


When you need to constantly exchange written documents with clients across the state or abroad, then you can access Hellofax.  This tool allows you to transmit and accept fax messages online. This can save you from using thermal paper because you do not need to print out written documents.  All these documents can be seen online.  Hellofax can also save a lot of time because you can send to multiple recipients at one click.  Finally, all documents you receive are automatically saved to your cloud device so you do not need to worry about your hard drive capacity.


Another way to share documents and files without loading your hard drive is by using Dropbox.  This tool securely stores and safely shares your important files with your clients or colleagues.  Files saved in Dropbox can easily be accessed from any computer or mobile devices which mean you do not need to bring your external drive wherever you go.


If you need to create a document and save it online, it is best to use Googledocs.  This tool lets you create and manage a document file that can also be accessed by multiple users in their remote locations.  It is best to use this tool when you manage a team from different locations.


Social media has played a big role in brand marketing, and it’ll be quite tasking to do live posting on these accounts if you have not only 1 or 2 but many accounts to post into. This is where scheduling the updates for your social media channels becomes important, and here is where Buffer comes into the picture. Buffer is perfect for those with busy schedules as it lets you integrate multiple social media profiles into one Buffer account. It also schedule posts from several different accounts at once.


Lastly and most importantly, since you are too busy meeting your deadlines you might forget to take note of your budget.  So that you will not go bankrupt while you take care of your business, you can use NerdwalletThis tool helps you make important decisions regarding your spending powers.  It advises you when a purchase or investment is good or not. Since Nerdwallet relies on real-time data, you can be assured that its suggestions and recommendations come from valid sources.

There are many more tools available online that you can download and use for your convenience.  All these tools are just aids; it will not do everything for you.  Remember, you are the driving force of your career.  These tools are just available to give you better focus and direction so that you can achieve your goals sooner.

A Comparison Review of Prestashop to Magento and Woocommerce

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Prestashop, Magento and Woocommerce are three most popular ecommerce platforms to build powerful online store. But the question is which one is more powerful and better for starting or promoting your business online? Certainly, all three have their own pros and cons yet their objective is same, that is to design a fully functional ecommerce site.

After a careful research and also basing on experts suggestion, we are able to do a comparison review of Prestashop, Magento and Woocommerce. We hope this comparison review will be of help to those who are planning to start an online store and in the process of looking for an ecommerce platform most suitable to your business needs and market demands.



Prestashop is an open-source eCommerce solution with plenty of features. It is easy to setup. It allows you to use a quick configuration process. Prestashop is available for download in two options: fully-hosted Prestashop cloud where you can start selling online in minutes or self-hosted Prestashop where you can get full technical control of your online store. Both are entirely free and ready to support your ecommerce activities.

Online stores designed using Prestashop are absolutely gorgeous and can be managed easily even of you don’t have much technical knowledge.

Pros and Cons of Prestashop


  1. Prestashop is easy to install and customize.
  2. Dashboard is also very intuitive and very user friendly. All needed information is quickly available on Dashboard.
  3. Easier to configure than Magento and Woocommerce.
  4. It is available in 40 languages. Fully supports English and French.
  5. Prestashop has a Live Configurator to easily customize the PrestaShop theme by changing fonts and colors.


  1. It has only few customization options especially when it comes to graphics so you cannot play with the graphic element much.
  2. You’ll need to purchase templates, themes and modules if you want the most out of Prestashop.
  3. Prestashop has compatibility issues.
  4. They don’t have an official support team, but you can find plenty of developers and users in the PrestaShop forum.



Magento is also an open source eCommerce platform like Prestashop. It is an intelligent and smart platform for designing online store with powerful functionality. It is available in two editions – Community edition and Enterprise edition. The best idea is to test free version to get familiar with basics. Magento gives its users all kinds of modules, features and extensions. Their technical support has also gained many praises.

Magento is best for big businesses or those looking to grow their business quickly.

Pros and Cons of Magento


  1. Magento has more out-of-the box features than Prestashop and Woocommerce
  2. Magento is perfect choice for bulk products editing and capable of handling large databases smartly.
  3. You can smartly play with multiple categories and products. If you are running a small business, it’s better to opt for Prestashop or WooCommerce instead of choosing Magento in the beginning.
  4. Magento has wonderful power of handling massive amount of data and traffic.
  5. Magento has SEO features not found in Prestashop, WooCommerce or any other eCommerce solution.
  6. Provides more themes for the user.
  7. Great technical support.


  1. It is expensive for small business owners.
  2. Setting it up requires quite some time due to its complexity.



WooCommerce is a wonderful content management system that comes with plenty of functionalities. It is not a standalone CMS but is a solution that works within WordPress. It can be taken as best choice for serious content management and highly suitable for those companies who cannot afford Prestashop and Magento.

Founded in 2011, WooCommerce is relatively young compared to Prestashop and Magento. It is the best choice for those looking to add eCommerce functionality to their websites or blogs without having to leave the comfort of their CMS.

It has endless choices for plug-ins to make your store even more powerful and stronger. The best part is that it is easy to work with WooCommerce even if you are technologically challenged.

Pros and Cons of WooCommerce


  1. As a website owner, Woocommerce can be taken as best compromise between usability, cost and security.
  2. It is FREE and easy to use.
  3. It has less administration costs when compared to Prestashop and Magento. Images can be uploaded quickly and it has the capability to manage massive amount of data.
  4. Woocommerce is single stable platform for all of your website development needs that includes products management, blogs or content management, advertising, search engine optimization, user friendly & attractive interface, newsletter etc ….


  1. By default, it is not ecommerce ready instead you need a Woocommerce expert to build ecommerce store. Once you are done with initial setup, take help from an expert and ask him to build an online store using Woocommerce platform. Undoubtedly, blogging can be managed yourself but programming always needs help of an expert.
  2. Base plugin might not suffice, so premium extensions are needed.
  3. WooCommerce is useless if you are not a WordPress user.

At the end, it is clear Magento, PrestaShop and WooCommerce have their own advantages and disadvantages. Although it is clear that Magento is best for small to medium business and Magento and WooCommerce for any business size.

Certainly selecting best web development platform out of three Prestashop, Woocommerce and Magentodepends on your project requirements and budget too. The final decision is up to you surely, but this comparison review will help you in making wise decision according your business project hopefully.


Sources: ITX, Prestashop, Torque Mag

What Makes a Good Website

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Throughout the years, as technology advances and online marketing has become a sure-fire way to get customers and leads, websites have become a great asset for businesses. Almost all successful businesses have websites but having a credible online presence requires a good amount of work and a lot of patience.

There are a lot of factors that can either make or break the effectiveness of your website. In this post we round up the things that makes a good website.

Appearance or Design


The number 1 on our list is the “website design.” The appearance of your website says a lot about your business and of course yourself as the owner. A website should always be visually appealing and professional. It may be the first and last impression to a potential customer.

Always remember that a website reflects you and your company. A poorly designed website doesn’t attract and impress potential customers as much as those who are beautifully and carefully designed.

Under this factor are the navigation, texts, graphics and colors used for your website.

Navigation of websites should always be simple, user-friendly, and easily-found. Visitors of your website must be able find any information they need quick and easy. Visitors tend to leave a website if they find the navigation too complex for them.

Texts should always be easily read. Do not use many different fonts on your website. Always use professional, simple fonts that can be easily-read by anyone and are supported by any type of computer systems. Font sizes matter too!

Graphics also play a big role in a design. Good, high-quality graphics make a great impression. They make a website come alive! Imagine a website with no graphics and just pure text – Boring isn’t it? However, you should remember that using too much graphics is not good too.

Colors are important as well. You should choose those which create a proper mood or tone for your business. Using too much color can distract your visitors from your website’s written content.

Unique Content


Aside from the appearance of your website, it must have substance. This substance we are referring to is good, credible and unique content. Your visitors or audience will be looking for information which will help them make a decision, so any content you add to your website must be informative, relevant and credible. If your website has a blog, it is very important to update your content regularly; this will keep your visitors interested to what new content you share.

The content on your website, aside from informative, must also be unique. Content plays a great role in SEO (Sear Engine Optimization). A unique content will help you rank highly in SERPs or Search engine results pages.


Connecting gears

Functionality is the third factor on our list. Your website must be fully functional, meaning every page, navigation and link should be working properly. Broken components such as broken links and poorly constructed navigation will only leave your visitors frustrated.



Fourth on our list is the speed of your website. Everybody deserves a fast web experience. A fast-loading website provides your visitors a great user experience while a slow-loading one can only frustrate them. This can also lead them not to come back to your website anymore.

There are many factors that affect the loading speed of a website. Some of the factors include server or hosting of your website, the codes and the graphics.

Quoting from MOZ Blog, “A fast site improves overall site quality and increases user satisfaction.”

Responsive Web Design


Fifth on our list is to give your website a responsive design. We could have included this to our #1 list but we decided to make it separate factor because nowadays, this helps to improve user experience.

Did you ever wonder what your visitors use to read your website? A laptop? A smartphone? or a tablet perhaps? This is why responsive web design is very important.

What is a responsive web design?

Quoting from Smashing Magazine, “Responsive Web design is the approach that suggests that design and development should respond to the user’s behavior and environment based on screen size, platform and orientation.”

Optimized for SEO


Last but not the list on our “What Makes a Good Website” list is that a website must be SEO optimized or in other words SEO-friendly. All the other 5 factors are meaningless without this.

What is the use of a pretty, fully-functional website, with fast-loading pages and good content if it cannot be found on search engines?

SEO helps your site get visibility in search engines. Visibility in search engines means more traffic to your website and the most important thing is that you can be found by potential customers. SEO has proved itself to be one of the most important components of any organization’s branding efforts and online presence.


5 Things You Should Avoid In Email Design

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What Is Email Design?
People who have email accounts receive messages everyday. So the major challenge you have is making sure that the person receiving the message reads it despite the many messages he receives everyday.


An example of a good e-mail design

You have less than five seconds to convince the person receiving the message to consider reading it. Thus, it is very important for the message to have the right message, tone, and look. That is why good email design is important.

The Email Design Process
Although there is no standard way of making an email message, a number of issues apply for email design. First, keep the subject line as relevant, interesting, and short as possible. When it comes to the content, consider using shorter paragraphs instead of longer ones. In addition, remember to add links to the content so that people can take action. Finally, apply the 80/20 rule when dealing with text and images respectively.

Complicated Design
There is an old adage that “less is more”. This concept applies when you are designing an email. Images should not be your priority in the email. Actually, you should design the email as if there will be no images. This is because many platforms leave out images unless the images allows. Many recipients of your message may not see the beautifully done images because of this. You need to persuade the recipients enough to open the images. Therefore, consider using a simple design for your email.

Using Loud Colors
Many people are tempted to use loud colors when they are desperate for attention from the online audience. Yes, you can get attention this way, but a different one. If you are too bright and loud, the audience will not listen to what you are saying. Here, the problem is overwhelming the visitor with colors and design. Eventually, you end up drowning your sales message and losing and perfect opportunity to sell your business. Consider using colors such as blue, grey, and white for your email. Red and orange are completely out of question.

Using Too Many Fonts
People usually make the mistake of using multiple fonts in different sections of the text. The reason for this is to attract attention. This can result into a busy and confusing design. The rule of the thumb is not to use more than two fonts. One font should be for the heading, and the other for the body.
If you must separate different sections of the message, alter the color and weight. Furthermore, italics are available if you need more sub-headings. Consider being more cautious about this and your brand strategy will be stronger.

Being Too Wordy

You do not want to bore your audience with superfluous stuff. Unfortunately, some people do this all the time. Instead of going directly to the point to explain the core issue to the recipient, you may be tempted to tire the audience with irrelevant details. You can avoid this mistake by identifying your valuable information and going directly to it.
A point to note is that emails should be a pointer to something else. This means that emails are a teaser to the main course. Give your audience a teaser of the main thing in the mail. For the rest, give links and encourage people to follow them.

Not Making the Message Mobile-Friendly

As of May 2014, 65 percent of email opens were on mobile devices. Going by earlier records, this trend is likely to continue for several more years. Gadgets that are more complicated are likely to continue entering the market as people move further from stationary devices. Therefore, you need to design your emails for mobile devices such as Smartphone and Tablet. Your designer can make sure that the email fits for a smaller screen apart from the conventional desktop. You should even be more committed on this because most of your competitors are already creating mobile-friendly emails.

The Ball Is In Your Court
There you have it. Setting an email campaign demands a certain degree of professionalism. While designing your email, you will need to make corrections and improvements. You can correct some of the errors by always doing a test email.

A professional yet easy-to-read design is critical for the success of any email campaign. If you make a good email, recipients will have an easier time reading it and using click-throughs. This is the basis of any email campaign.

Email campaign is an addition to the many forms of marketing available. None of these options has a one-size-fits-all solution. Therefore, make sure you try a number of layouts to see which one works best.

You may have been doing the shown by this article until today. Remember that it will take some time to make major improvements. If you follow the tips given here, your email campaign in 2015 and beyond will be exemplary.

10 Reasons Why You Must Have a Mobile Friendly Website

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If your website is still not mobile friendly, then this is the best time to switch to a mobile friendly website. Many people are now using mobile internet devices more than before. Research shows that this trend will continue for several into the future. Thus, a website that supports mobile devices is an absolute necessity.


Source: Simplio Web Studio

Maybe the increasing number of people relying on mobile devices is not convincing enough. Still there are benefits of a mobile friendly device that you should consider. Below are 10 reasons why you must have a mobile friendly website.

1. Mobile devices can be integrated with offline media
There is the growing need to integrate offline and online media. Mobile devices are able to do this using QR codes. You can use QR codes both in print and electronic forms. This is important because sites constantly need to transfer printed information into SMS, email, or site URL.

2. Mobile Internet Usage is Growing 60
Now think about it, research suggests that come 2017, over 90 percent of people who visit the internet will do so using their phones. Therefore, this growth will affect all business that target online people. Since mobile devices are overtaking personal computers, you may want to make your website mobile friendly. You will be ready when the inevitable change eventually takes root.

3. A mobile website is more affordable than an app
Developing mobile applications can be less flexible and more costly than a mobile website. In case you decide to develop an application, the number of devices or platforms people are likely to use may determine the number of apps you need. Different phone models may all work on different types of apps. In addition, it is necessary for you to fix an app before using it, making access to your content more difficult.

Source: MaximizeSocialBusiness

4. Mobile Devices are Portable
People are looking for your information while they are on the move. They use modern gadgets. With a website suited for mobile, you have the ability to be on people’s minds and hands at all times. Try to tell them more about your products and services. People will mostly be attracted by such gestures and click away without hesitation.

5. Improves the image of your company
A better image of your company must be one of your primary goals. Yet, you can achieve this very easily by creating a mobile-friendly site. Today, sites that work well with mobile stand out. Before the visitor can even go through your product and services, your company will have impressed him or her.

Source: PBJMarketing

Source: PBJMarketing

6. Better SEO performance
As people look for your company and what you offer, which method do they use? In most cases, they will go to Google. Search engines use very intelligent algorithms these days. Google is constantly updating its algorithms, especially Google Panda and Google Penguin. The result is that the search engine starts to have preferences. Today, Google favors sites that are more mobile friendly.

7. Impressive Speeds of Downloads
Have you ever tried to open a site that is not optimized for mobile using your tablet or Smartphone? If you have, you will understand why it is necessary to have a mobile-friendly site. In most cases, a site that is not designed for mobile takes forever to load a page. In addition, it may have missing elements of the page.

8. Great experience for the user
The user, who is your prospective customer, will appreciate it if he or she reaches you in the simplest way possible. A mobile-friendly website enhances the experience of the user. This is because the site design suits handheld components in terms of screen size. The user is able to surf at his comfort in an easy manner. Since the customers are satisfied, they create a positive image of your company.

9. You will get the elusive competitive advantage
Today, not all companies have adopted mobile-optimized sites. This means that some of your competitors are still using the older types that do not give clients the best experience. With a mobile-friendly site, you will be several steps ahead of your competition that lacks such a site.

10. Engagement with people is more effective
One more awesome thing about a mobile-friendly site is that it helps you to interact with users through mobile-specific components. You are able to use mapping and click-to-call functions to your advantage.

If you are looking to acquire more leads for your business, you cannot run away from a mobile-friendly site. The world of online interaction is changing at a rocket speed and you do not have the luxury of lagging behind. However, you can still stay ahead of the curve and remain profitable. Developing a mobile-friendly website is the best way to keeping the online environment favorable to your business.
All you have to do is contact an expert to analyze your site and optimize to the next level. Request a quote and consultation today for a more profitable business.

Google Makes SSL a Ranking Factor

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Earlier this month, Google has announced a new way to give your website a minor ranking boost and that is through HTTPS or adding a SSL 2048-bit key certificate on your site.


Although it helps with boosting ranks, Google implied that this has only very small benefits only counting as a “very lightweight signal” within the overall ranking algorithm.

According to Google says it has an impact on “fewer than 1% of global queries” but said there is a possibility that they “may decide to strengthen” the signal because Google wants to “encourage all website owners to switch from HTTP to HTTPS to keep everyone safe on the web.”

At the SMX West, Google’s head of search spam, Matt Cutts has expressed his desire to make SSL as a ranking factor in Google’s algorithm. After five months, what he said he wanted was finally made reality by Google.

Websites like MOZ has already released some SEO tips for SSL. Below are the SEO advantages of switching to HTTPS.

  1. More referrer data
  2. HTTPS as a rankings boost
  3. Security and privacy

There are, of course, challenges to overcome with HTTPS:

  1. Mistakes happen
  2. Speed issues
  3. Costs
  4. Not everything is ready for HTTPS

There are also some concerns with regards to this change. You need to take the proper steps to ensure your traffic doesn’t suffer. You need to make sure to communicate to Google that you moved your site from HTTP to HTTPS.

Google promises to release more documentation in the future, but for now has provided the following tips:

  1. Decide the kind of certificate you need: single, multi-domain, or wildcard certificate
  2. Use 2048-bit key certificates
  3. Use relative URLs for resources that reside on the same secure domain
  4. Use protocol relative URLs for all other domains
  5. Check out our site move article for more guidelines on how to change your website’s address
  6. Don’t block your HTTPS site from crawling using robots.txt
  7. Allow indexing of your pages by search engines where possible. Avoid the noindex robots meta tag.

So, should you be concerned so much with changing HTTP to HTTPS site for SEO purposes? Below are some reactions of people on this Google announcement about making SSL a ranking factor.

If you need help in applying a site wide SSL to your website, please let us know, we can help you.

Source: SearchEngineland, MOZ

Does Your Small Business Really Need a Website?

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Today, it is common for people to think about running their own business, and small businesses have been sprouting in many places. These businesses have a wide range of goods and services and often rely on word of mouth first to gain more clients. A lot of them also rely on their social media accounts to boost their sales. But are these enough to keep a small business going? In this digital age where almost anyone can be online, is it a good idea to set up an official website for a small business? The answer is simple yet may have some complexities: it will all depend on you – the business owner. A lot of considerations must be made when thinking of setting up a website for your business, but if you know your business well, you can readily know what to do.


First, think about the costs. Making a website often has 3 main costs: its development, hosting, and registration of the domain name. Website development is often the most costly as it means putting together its content: text, graphics, links, and codes. Hosting a website means having a server that is large enough to store the website’s files so they can be reached by the public when they go online. Registering the site’s domain name is the cheapest as it just means getting a unique web address through a public registry. Extra costs may include email services, Internet marketing, and maintenance of the website.


Next, review the products you sell or services you offer. Even if you do not sell anything online, are they stuff that people would search for? For example, you are a distributor of popular branded clothes. Often, there are customers who would search for sellers of the brands they prefer in their local area. When this happens, will your items appear in the customers’ search or will your competitors’ offerings be the ones they will see? Or let’s say you run a restaurant. Travel itineraries are often made by searching for places to eat way before a trip happens. If travelers cannot find information about your restaurant, how can it become a go-to dining place?


Third, not all people are tech-savvy and using a computer may be a challenge for some. Are you one of them or are you willing enough to learn even just the basics of modern technology? Even if you can hire someone to set up and maintain a website, you must know something about computers and the Internet to at least convey what you want to include in your site or how it would look.


Fourth, you must check who your customers are. You need to identify whether or not a lot of them know much when it comes to using the Internet. There are still people who do not use computers, but there are higher chances of having more clients who are up-to-date when it comes to technology. However, even if there are more people who have Internet access, you will only benefit from that fact if they can find your website.


Fifth, if you think that setting up a website is an advertising tool for your business, think again. A website is not an advertising tool; it exists to support your advertising efforts. You pay for advertisements to be posted, seen, heard, or read for a certain amount of time, after which, they are put down unless you pay for them again, and the cycle goes on. Make a website if you wish to run your own marketing tool that you can use continuously since it belongs to you. You can also use a website to show the testimonials you have received from customers who are pleased with your products or services. People often seek out reviews when considering potential purchases. Plus a website can also be a way for your customers to do window shopping but online, and if they see something they like, you can expect more sales to come in.

Sixth, aside from being a tool to market your goods or services, a website can also serve as a tool for your clients to share their needs, suggest something, or comment on other things that can help your business improve. Even if you have an actual store, it most likely operates within a certain time frame. A website, on the other hand can be reached 24/7. You can have your website customized with a chat support system at certain times or have a contact page that consumers can go to in case they have any questions, reservations, clarifications, etc.

Generally, big or small businesses can benefit from having a website as it can make them more competitive and allow the buying public to get to know them more and what they offer.

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