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“Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them.”

Albert Einstein

6 Common Adwords Mistakes

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AdWords only permits 95 characters in text ads. These 95 characters have the power to either make or break your campaign. There are various mistakes which creep inside unknowingly while we frame the AdWords texts. Let’s see what these common Adwords mistakes are!

  1. Not Using Keywords

Keyword is the essence of advertising if you depend on the user’s query. Google bolds the keyword string inside the ads. This enables the user to identify the ad easily.

It is useful to adjust the wordings of keyword in the ad to make it work. Spilt your ad campaign into various ad groups to be more effective!

For instance, if a query says, ‘cheap web hosting’, ads focused on pricing should be provided. The ad text should include some valid offers for the same.

  1. Missing call to action

Usually, the commercials are too crammed up with information about products and services, but fail to add an important element like call to action. A call to action includes the use of words like try, check, join, see for yourself, etc., that favors an action to be action from the users. However, avoid using the word ‘click’ in your call to action, usage of ‘click’ in CTAs is forbidden by Google.

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10 Reasons to Hire a PPC Management Expert

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There’s always a war raging between SEO and PPC in the world of digital marketing. Search engine optimization is a gradual process.

Therefore, for the businesses with high competitors, it may not be able to fuel the response that is needed to set your place in the market.


This is where PPC advertising is beneficial. Here’s why one should hire a PPC management expert!

  1. Keyword research

Effective keyword research is vital for the success of the business. This is why PPC experts spend most of their time on keyword research throughout the process.

To help you out, Google provides free and paid keywords tool, but it’s always the paid ones that make your campaign successful.

  1. Wrong ad copy could result in your fall

The best reason to hire PPC experts is their ability to carry out competitive research. They understand your competition by proper study, find good copy and form ads according to their understanding that works. The copy experts prepare cannot be attained by a beginner when each word carries equal importance.

  1. Tracking

Tracking sales is an important element of a PPC program. Ability to track sales and identifying the source of sales can only be done by an expert. Better analysis can help you to know which placements and keywords are most effective in bringing conversions.

For tracking code installation, it is necessary to know at least one basic language like HTML. If not, it’s better to let the expert accomplish the task for you.

  1. PPC terminology

Do you have a thorough study of PPC terminology like CPM, CPA, what is retargeting, difference between impressions and views? Probably not! Knowing these terms is very important to hold marketing campaign for your business.

  1. Campaign settings

Campaign settings are important in order to provide the right exposure to your marketing campaign. For instance geographical settings will enable to target a specific part of the country.

  1. Good landing page

A relevant landing page can save your money which will otherwise be spent on conversions. PPC experts are experts not only in understanding the principles but also in testing the landing page designs.

  1. Experience matters

A PPC expert who would have worked with any other client within the same industry as yours can apply the same competitive knowledge to your account. This could save thousands of dollars on your part. Finding experts who have already worked with any of your other competitors are beneficial in paid search.

  1. Click fraud

Make sure you know what a click fraud is and be able to suspect it, if any. For this, it is necessary to watch your stats and inform Google for refund if any click fraud is found.

  1. Keep yourself updated

Be a good online marketer and update yourself with the latest trends, news and articles. Attend the probable industry trade shows and networking events.

  1. Time bound

Do you have enough time to manage your PPC account? Though easier than SEO and costs money every time to use it, PPC gives you results by improving your ROI.

Therefore, if you have an experience of your own on PPC management, you can make it work on your own. Otherwise, it’s better to hire an expert to do so.

Simplio Web Studio offers professional ppc management services which includes all stages of the process from initial research and campaign creation to extensive research, analysis and optimization of the campaign results. Request a quote here.

Source: Search Engine Watch

7 Ways Make Your eCommerce Site More Interactive

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An interactive website acts as an incentive for the users to visit it more often and experience the company’s enjoyable services. Any ecommerce website works well by revising tactics and finding ways to make it interactive.

Here some of the tips that can make your ecommerce site more interactive.

Using poll is a great way to capture your visitors' attention.

Using poll is a great way to capture your visitors’ attention.

  1. Polls

Including polls for your audience is one way you can make your website interactive. With the presence of various poll apps available, you don’t have anything to lose but gain a lot for your site. The polls provide instant feedback and let you know where you actually stand. You can also make polls that lets you know what your audience and customers want or are interested in.

There are many ways a poll can be carried out. One such way is to have a survey on customer satisfaction. People take pleasure in giving their feedback about the services and products which act as a best way for online merchant to know how his efforts are paying off.

questionnaire and computer mouse, business concept

  1. Surveys

Polls provide a rather light headed information and insight about your site, while surveys help you to find out more information from clients and users. Need not make a survey too long, just enough to know your users’ needs, their thoughts that could be interacted in just the right sense!

Surveys are the best way to collect viable information through means like emails.

  1. Personalization

Personalization is a new trend in the field of website development. It helps in targeting specific clients in a go and makes their experience even more delightful. Moreover, it provides ease to users in finding what they are looking for.

  1. Gifs

Gifs are graphic interchange format that are used as a light-hearted attraction and make your site look exciting. Which animated GIF you choose solely depends on the type of ecommerce site you have. Make sure, the Gif you use is humorous and does not seem like out of place. You can do seriously amazing stuff with these gif to make your ecommerce website interactive and seek attention.


  1. Blog

For every ecommerce site, it’s important to have a blog of its own. They provide much needed information to the audience and can be used in best way possible to make your site interactive. Post blog as frequently as you can with the right content which customers can relate to and find connected to it to read it whole.

  1. Chats and services

Users get more inclined to use your ecommerce site than your competitors’ when you provide the answers they are searching for and help them whenever needed. How you handle your users’ queries and their needs drives your site forward. One should use ways like live chat to interact with your customers.

  1. E-newsletter

Send monthly news letter to your users addressing them personally by their name through email. It is the best way to inform them about your new products, offers and any information that user may be looking forward to. Make them know about the latest trends and what’s new to your site and remain in contact with them.

ECommerce sites are proven to increase revenue of business by up to 250%! Making it more interactive can lead to even greater sales. If you are interested to make an online store for your business, check out out E-Commerce Solutions service here.

5 Reasons Your Business Needs Infographics

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Sample Infographics by zyncro.com

Sample Infographics by zyncro.com

We all know that visuals are a big factor in marketing. They can give a much needed boost to your company needs. One in particular are the infographics. These are a visual images such as a chart or diagram used to represent information or data. The attention who don’t bother reading contents can definitely be caught by this means of visual marketing known as infographics.

We listed down 5 reasons why your business needs infographics, NOW!

  1. Direct path to gain traffic

Infographics has a power to attract more traffic to the posts with is visual presence. A visual content is known to generate more shares and likes than simple content. As more people tend to engage with visual content, the chances of further gaining traffic increases.

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5 Tips For Generating Business Leads On LinkedIn

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Have you ever wondered if your time spent on LinkedIn is worth it? Have you ever thought that this website is helping your business?

There are still a lot of people who doesn’t know that LinkedIn is a great source of leads just like other social media sites. We’ve listed down some tips which we think can help you in generating real business leads using LinkedIn.

  1. Look at your profile viewers

LinkedIn shows all those people who looked at your profile when you log in. Each of these lookers can prove to be a potential lead for your business. Following up with everyone that looks at your profile is one of the ways to build binding relationships at LinkedIn which in turn will take your business to a higher level.

  1. Share Updates

You would have come across something titled as, ‘share an update’ which involves link to an interesting article along with a comment or enables to post a blog with the help of ‘publish the post’. Every time you post an update or publish a blog, it appears on a number of news feed along with your profile link. It will help you gain more exposure and more profile views. You never know with whom you will be acquainted with, may be a plausible client. More you publish or post, more the chances to meet with someone new.

  1. Use LinkedIn ads

Don’t be afraid of advertising. There are companies which helps businesses in advertising on LinkedIn for increasing the sales and business leads. Moreover, LinkedIn’s Sponsored Updates are also worth the time. They are customized to appear in the news feed of both mobile and desktop devices. They are much better than the traditional ads as it uses soft marketing approach of images and texts.

  1. Direct Messaging

Direct messaging is another way of driving sales and increase the business leads on LinkedIn. But see to it that your direct messaging does not turn out to be spam else it will prove out to be hard on you. For proper messaging, you must have a dignified personal profile, an imperial marketing plan and then you are all prepared to send short impactful messages as a means to generate leads and maximize sales.

  1. LinkedIn Search

Many of you don’t know how to use the LinkedIn search. Don’t get upset as it’s quite easy to use and right in front of you on LinkedIn. LinkedIn has millions of users, out of which 49% of them are decision makers. Such a huge following makes it an amazing space for lead generation, but targeting every person on LinkedIn isn’t necessary. The business needs to set a specific target audience, which you can easily find through LinkedIn advanced search features. It specifies various groups and individuals according to the type of industry, relationship, location, company type and various other categories.

These are our five simple tips that can help any business in generating business leads. A social media

Follow these steps and in a month you will start to notice that you are generating more prospects and referrals from LinkedIn!


What Makes a Good Squeeze Page

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A squeeze page is called by many names. Landing page, leading page, lead capture page, opt-in page are some of its popular aliases. Though this bunch of names may represent a slight variation, their goal is same. It is to capture email addresses and build you a customer list. A squeeze page is the web page that is particularly designed to capture the user’s email address. But users are not going to give their emails very easily. Only good squeeze pages get good opt-in rates. And by good, I mean good content, good offerings and a good design. Here are some characteristics of a good squeeze page.

  1. Captivating headline

The headline is an above the fold content for your squeeze page. It gives a quick impression on your service and lets users stay on the page. It is the first thing users see on your page. It has to be enticing and relevant. A good headline is short, captivating and easy to understand. It triggers the right emotional response from the user.

  1. An awesome free offer

Nothing is free in this world. If you want an email list, you have got to offer something. And this offering has to be of some value to the user. If it is a video, it should be unavailable anywhere but your site. It should also download quickly. What you are offering should be unique and easily accessible.

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The Importance of Business Directory Listings

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Business directory listings are offline or online business directories. These directories provide the basic contact and service details of a company. Consistent directory listings can boost your profits. Business directory listings help you in many ways.


Targeted advertising

About 80% of customers use directories while researching a product or company. This fact was established by a study done by Burke. Directory searches usually lead to a successful purchase.

People use a directory with a specific use in mind. If they find a company to be suitable, they will go ahead with the purchase. They are ready to do business. Hence attracting such customers is very important. Directories help you do that. Online directories also have an additional advantage. They can get you higher returns from your website. If your product has relevance, it will be given more importance in the directory. You can use directories to reach customers who need your service.

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What is the Best E-Commerce Platform for my Small Business

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Every business needs a push to get to new heights. Maybe you are looking for that next big step by setting up an online store.

An online store is a great way to grow your small business. But there is one important decision you need to take in setting up an online store. It is the selection of a suitable ecommerce platform.

There are many platforms available but each has its own pros and cons; choosing the best e-commerce platform depends on your needs and requirements.

Some important factors that can help you decide are:

  • Hosted or self-hosted
  • Customization features
  • SEO optimization
  • White-label
  • Branding
  • Payment gateways facility
  • Shipping estimates
  • Coupon abilities
  • Mobile accessibility
  • Analytics
  • CRM (Customer Relationship management)
  • Social integration

There are also several other features that can help you get better returns from your store.

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5 Reasons Why Good Design Matters To Your Business

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The word design literally means a plan. We all know how important planning is for business. But in general terms, design is the element that portrays your business in the way you want. It has to be infused into every aspect of your business. Nothing can be done randomly. Everything must be performed according to a design. Yu may be wondering why design is so important. The following reasons will tell you why good design matters.

Establish your brand

A new company has to make itself known to its clients. It should be able to establish itself with confidence and trust. Only a consistent and impressive design will help you do that. Design is the way a business makes itself identified. Starting from logo design to website design, design is what makes the brand known. But making a bad design will soon damage the little credibility you already have.

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Working with Simplio Web Studio was a fantastic experience. The service provided was amazing and professional. It was a delight to work with Nir, who went the extra mile to meet our demands in a timely manner. He really made our vision a reality by creating us a classic site, but moreover the relationship we formed is something our company really appreciates. It was a pleasure working with Nir and the team at Simplio Web Studio. We highly recommend them to all and we look forward to working and doing more business with them in the future.

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From beginning to end, the team at Simplio provided top of the line customer service. The web developers are incredible and made sure we got exactly what we were looking for! They truly went above and beyond to make us happy and we couldn’t have been more pleased with their talents. We would highly recommend them. Thanks so much Nir!

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After over two years of research we chose Simplio. We are so far very satisfied. These people answered the phone on a Sunday and fixed a problem that was not even their fault. It was the host company which I had chosen that had caused our site to go down.

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Outstanding in both knowledge and professionalism. Nir and the staff at Simplio are Excellent in branding, web design and overall web presence. Definitely recommended!

I cannot even imagine having another company managing my Presta shopping cart.

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They are now part of the Diastasis Rehab business team after working with them almost a year now. I cannot even imagine having another company managing my Presta shopping cart. After a bad experience with a programmer, I needed a new programmer (one that knew prestashop shopping cart) and most important one that I could trust. Finding all three was a difficult process! Lucky for me I found them. I cannot say enough about the diversity of services that this company provides. Every step of the way they make amazing suggestions to increase my sales and they get back to be right away either by email or phone. They have even created a simple and easy check out program for Presta Shop. They are actually a one stop shop! They updated my SSL, are setting up and changing my server to a dedicated one, setting up streaming of my DVD, website design, creating a specific program for address verification on Presta cart and handled the integration of Presta cart with my fulfillment house. I am now working on developing an APP with them

Simplio really helped me out of a jam.

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Simplio really helped me out of a jam. They did exactly what I needed on a very tight time frame (with little notice too!!!!) They are my new go-to guys for any Prestashop needs! Thanks Simplio!

Excellent service!

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Excellent service! Nir was exceptionally helpful in solving a lot of issues with our website and making the user experience more smooth. He understood the needs of our school and helped improve the website tremendously.


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What impressed me most about working with Simplio was their attention to detail and excellent communication. Not only are they talented developers, but, they are also pleasant to work with and highly professional. Highly recommended!

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What a profissional service Simplio offers.I hired them to rebuild my website for my business and they were creative and professional. Nir was on top of the whole project from day one, until he delivered the project on time. I will defiantly recommend Simplio to anyone who is looking for website services. From creating, designing to maintaining your image online. Good Job Nir and the rest of your group.

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Simplio was fantastic to work with. They were fast, communicative and incredibly helpful to me. I highly recommend them to anyone who needs help with their digital needs!

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All details and requests were met in prompt an friendly manner. Would recommend on any day to anyone who wants to feel their business is in great hands.