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Albert Einstein

30 Interesting Facts About Google That You May Not Know

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Google is undoubtedly an invincible part of our life. That being said, we still are not totally familiar with this giant search engine. Making you all acquainted with it deeply, here are a few facts about Google that you might not know!

  1. If you type, ‘I want to commit suicide’ on the Google search. The first search result will display the Suicide Helpline number available in your country.
  2. Google was named accidently after being misspelled by its founders as ‘Googol”. The word means 1 followed by 100 zeros.
  3. Microsoft helps Bing by paying back to users to use it instead of Google.
  4. Google was once used to be called as ‘backrub’.
  5. According to Google, about 16% of the searches everyday is new.
  6. 2 million searches are made within a minute on Google.
  7. It was on August 16, 2013 when Google went down for 5 minutes. It was observed that the global internet traffic was dropped by 40%.
  8. Google is known for acquiring two companies each month since 2010.
  9. Google earth’s database is of a total size of 20 Petabytes or approximately 20 million gigabytes or 20500 terabytes.
  10. Gmail was introduced with a free storage of 1GB in 2004 as opposed to hotmail with only 2MB.
  11. Google is estimated to have around 9, 00,000 servers.
  12. On an average, about 270,000 words are written in a minute in Blogger.
  13. George Bell, the CEO of ‘Excite’, was given the opportunity to buy Google in 1999 for $1 million.
  14. Street view of a desert is created by hiring a camel by Google.
  15. Google earns more than CBs, ABC, FOX, and NBC combined together in advertising per year.
  16. Gmail was coincidently launched on April Fools’ Day on 1 April, 2004. It was mistaken as a prank by many people.
  17. The lead developer of Firefox web browser now works for Google Chrome.
  18. Google’s first tweet was written in binary code which meant ‘I am feeling lucky’.
  19. Go to Google images and type ‘atari breakout’ and you can play a game.
  20. com/Mars enables imaginary views, infrared and elevation views of the planet Mars.
  21. Google Maps’ Street view provides 360 degree view of Mount Everest base camp.
  22. Google Maps also enables to see life underwater like corals, reefs etc.
  23. A Woman rented her garage to the Larry Page and Sergey Brin when they were creating Google in 1998. This woman is the CEO of YouTube now.
  24. Google owns the world’s largest network of translators.
  25. Google has a pet named Stan in its headquarters of California. It is aimed at reminding the employees no to go extinct like dinosaurs.
  26. Google Sky Maps is an amazing place to view stars, galaxies, constellations through google.com/sky.
  27. Google’s search index is about 100 million gigabytes in size. To produce the same amount of data, it would take about 1, 00,000 one-terabyte of personal drives.
  28. Each month, over 6 billion hours of videos are watched on YouTube. This is equal to about an hour for every person living on this planet.
  29. The name of new parent company for Google is alphabet.
  30. The new logo of Google is a simple blue colored G.

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10 Social Networking Sites that Failed to Stand the Test of Time

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 Let’s look down to those neglected networking sites who couldn’t outbid their competitors in the race staying alive.

10. ConnectU

It was launched in the year 2002, with the initial name as HarvardConnection by Mark Zuckerberg’s Harvard classmates. It would have been alive if Mark Zuckerberg was a part of it and not Facebook.


9. The Hub

It was founded in 2006 by Walkart, a well-known supermarket. It was solely focused on teenagers to promote ‘School your way’ which was to act as to increase the sales of its products. It closed down after 10 weeks due to teens being uninterested in the same.


8. iYomu

Founded in 2007 by David Wolf Rooney and Frances Valintine, iYomu targeted only the adults above 18 years of age. It was created with the hope to give adults all those benefits which other sites at that time didn’t provided. It was failed in June 2008 due to adults not wanting a different site for them.


7. Eons

It was founded by the founder of Monster.com, Jeff Taylor in 2006 as a platform for Baby Boomers and those above the age of 40 years to promote funeral advertisements, etc. However, it closed as it failed to gain needed attraction.


6. Friendster

Started in 2002 as a social networking site and was successful in gathering enough visitors’ from Asia. But, it slowly lost its charm though it was re-launched in June 20111 as a gaming network. It is still active in South East Asia.


5. iTunes Ping

Launched by Apple in September 1, 2010 as a social networking site and recommended system for music. It allows users to follow their favorite musicians and artists, keep tabs on them and get informed about latest concerts, etc. it was discontinued in September 2012.


4. Hi5

One of the most popular networking sites of 2008, founded by Ramu Yalamanchi in 2004, Hi5 is a typical social networking site which enables posting photos, updating status and messaging in groups, etc. Later, the feature of gaming was also added to it.


3. LiveJournal

As the name conveys, it allows users to maintain a journal, blog or dairy of their own. It was founded in 1999 by American programmer Brad Fitzpatrick. It was used by political pundits of Russians as their medium of political commentary which led to its vulnerability. But, it is still keeping up with the controversies and keeping it afloat.


2. MySpace

One of the popular sites of 225-2208, launched by Chris DeWolfe and Tom Anderson in 2003, MySpace deals with music especially the pop culture. With the introduction of new websites every year, it lost its significance.


1. Orkut

Once the most popular social networking site, launched in 2014 by Orkut Buyukkokten, a Google employee was designed to be able to connect with their lost friends and relatives. It was most visited by the Indians and Brazilians. The site was closed down on 30th September, 2014 due to lack of privacy issues and others.

Besides, there are various other social networking sites that couldn’t see the light of the day.


Twitter Makes Tweaks To Limit Abuse And Abusers

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Twitter is working on phenomenal changes to its tweets. This makes it a safe place on social media. Tweeting has become a habit of present day social citizens. It reflects ones ideas, lifestyle and activities. It helps to voice out their perceptions. Recently twitter has been used to promote anti-social threats and terrorism. This has shaken twitter a lot. Twitter has been making policy changes since then. These changes ensure its tweets are safer. It is been building mechanisms to reduce the abuse. It also reduces the use of anti-social phrases. It is easier to abuse someone by a tweet. It becomes prominent due to its wider reach. The tweets are not really screened for its legitimacy. It may harm one’s reputation.

Building up user and community profiles

Twitter has been building up user or social profiles. These profiles check on the language. They also check the style of use in its tweets. It is also researching on building community based profiles. This checks for misspellings, slangs, colloquial terms, etc. This ensures the local reach is safer on twitter. Anti-social elements usually use slangs. They use local terms to preach their propaganda. By building community profiles, twitter can detect the abusiveness in tweets. Once detected it removes those tweets.

Incident data sets

In addition, twitter is focussing on incident datasets. When an incident happens,it gets recorded. And when a similar incident happens again, it can scan the tweets of those users. The scan predicts the abusive languages used. This also involves profiling those users. The data set covers varied synonyms. These are used for antisocial phrases. Groups use alternative terms to escape the screening of tweets. So twitter is focussed on extensive data sets. This helps to avoid such abusive incidents.

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Google Works To Improve Spam Detection Systems On Google Maps

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Google is one of the most admired companies for presenting information. Google Maps is one such app that provides the details of locations around the world. It is difficult to pin locations when detailed maps are not available. In developing countries, it is a constant change of the face of emerging cities. Maps need to be updated regularly. They need to be clear and accurate.


Spam in Google Maps

Google recently found spam in its mapping service that was added by a map maker called “nitricboy”. Online tools help users to pin locations on Google maps. This reflects the latest and accurate details on its mapping systems. Map maker is an online tool to map locations on Google maps by its users. After discovering spam markings in its mapping services using map maker, Google has been improving ways to detect spams.

Role of online tools in spamming

Spammers use these tools to point locations with meaningless mappings. Spams are popular in emails. They are less harmful than viruses. They are sometimes used by marketing agencies to promote their services to a wider audience. They are also used by spammers to exhibit fun and insane messages to the public.

Review the posts for spam

Detecting spams is a difficult task. For example, in mapping of location of a bus station, a spam can pin promotional ads for travel services from that location. As spams can be promotional, it is difficult to detect the spam and remove them. Google is investing in spam detection systems to ensure their mapping services reflect the right information. This is achieved by content scanning and reviewing before it gets posted on the maps. Much like Facebook where the user’s posts are published only after review, Google is finding ways to pin locations by users after a review.

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oDesk is now Upwork

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The new and improve oDesk is here and they have a new name too – Introducing Upwork, a new name, and also a new platform for connecting you with great jobs, faster and more easily than ever before.

In Upwork, you’ll see a familiar oDesk functionality and your existing profile but with a lighter and more mobile-friendly design.

There are also a few surprises including the:

  1. New messaging tools for faster collaboration
  2. A new mobile app for iPhone and Android
  3. A new Hiring Hub with helpful ideas, articles and guides



Upwork Mobile App


In the coming months, Upwork promises to focus on four areas of innovation:

  • Faster hiring – Upwork is making it easier for freelancers to update their availability and for businesses to find, interview and select freelancers who are ready to work right away.
  • Better collaboration – Upwork is introducing a new messaging experience will include chat and video, plug into your favorite services, and organize conversations into chat rooms. Plus, you’ll be able to communicate with your teams through native Android and iPhone apps.
  • Larger teams – Shared team workspaces will make it easier for multiple freelancers and clients to collaborate. Businesses can create and engage large freelance teams quickly, safely, and in compliance with Upwork Enterprise.
  • Professional growth – Upwork will be a platform where independent professionals can thrive. With access to work history stats, the ability to earn Top Rated status, and information on high-demand skills, freelancers will have the tools to get more and better jobs.

The company also introduces a new CEO, Stephane Kasriel, who is a former head of product development.

oDesk users have mixed reactions with the change of name and with the change of the website design – some loved it, and some don’t.

You can begin experiencing the new platform today by going to upwork.com and let us know which one you think is better, the old oDesk or the all-new Upwork.


Source: Upwork Blog

Is Twitter Telling Celebrities To Ditch Meerkat?

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Fierce competition prevails in social media.Twitter is a micro blog site. It has spearheaded micro blogging. Most of its users are celebrities. With small micro messages, it captivated big markets. Celebrities with a busy lifestyle can send quick short messages. They enchant their fans by texting on Twitter. They engage them by being active on Twitter. Happening news can be announced. It brings in a quick note as easy as an SMS. Its versatility on mobile devices makes it much adorable. Since inception, Twitter has become a buzz word. Its text messaging is much faster than any other social sites.

The Tough Fight Between Twitter And Meerkat Is On!

Twitter acquired Periscope for video streaming. Since then it has been promoting it aggressively. It is waging an open war with the competition. Its competitor Meerkat is a victim of Twitter marketing. Twitter asks its celebrities to use its live streaming service. Further, it is vocal to ask them to stop using Meerkat. The social streaming is a battle field. It has many players trying to eat the pie. Twitter with Periscope want to beat down Meerkat. It even reaches to the extent of stopping its Amplify service on Meerkat. It strives down to the monopoly road of its streaming and tweeting service. Twitter pushes its customers to shut downthe Meerkat usage. It strategizes Meerkat as a dying streaming service. It enables its positioning for celebrities and publishers to launch using Periscope.

Meerkat on the other hand is a tough competitor for Twitter. It has been attracting twitter customers to its live streaming service. Meerkat app is being rejuvenated to make the streaming faster and better. This aims in stiffening the competition with Twitter. As the battle goes on, the statistics reveal that Twitter is winning the race. On the Apple platform, Twitter has seen a 0.3% growth than Meerkat 0.2% reach to the users. This market is captivated in the last quarter. Twitter with its aggressive reach to customers, is winning the streaming market. Twitter has been roping content to win this race. It entices various resources from marketing, engineering and industries. It is poised to throw content to its streaming service to take on Meerkat.

Meerkat’s response so far has been lukewarm. It has been launching anti tactic strategy to defend its position. It is not as aggressive as Twitter. Further Twitter’s social reach outperforms Meerkat’s service. Social content is far reaching than video streaming. Twitter with is content streaming is geared to pin itself. Twitter went to the extent of cutting off Meerkat from its social graph. While Twitter and Meerkat heads on to take the streaming race, they have to deal with other competitors. Video streaming like YouNow is widely prevalent. Most of the celebrities use YouNow to broadcast their contents. Capturing the pie from the established competitors will be a tough game for both Twitter and Meerkat. Twitter is banking on its video strategy to steer its growth. And periscope is a great potential for it to boost its revenues. This also has given Twitter a facelift from the traditional textual sharing to visual sharing. With its change in sharing strategy, Twitter is positioned to take on the world and not just Meerkat.


Source: TechCrunch

LinkedIn Elevate App

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LinkedIn is a social media platform. It connects professionals across industries. It’s rich in networking. Its references serve as a tool to hire professionals. It is used by large corporations. It has grown enormously to a near 350 million users. It lets the professionals share content. The content is shared in their network. It brings the knowledge-base to the professionals. It lets its users share many types of content. It has set a social platform for professionals from multiple domains. It is more unique. It targets B2B rather than the B2C models. It lets corporations promote their content. They also promote services on its site. It lets them attract talents. It endorses the skills to perform the job. It enables the companies to promote their products. It helps them to reach out to other businesses for partnerships. Its revenue has grown manifold. It’s steering its B2B strategy for growth.  It has contributed to the companies. It helps transform their employees to share the knowledge. It brings in a greater benefit. This is achieved by sharing information. It is useful to marketing professionals and analysts.

What Elevate is all about?

It continuously revises its business growth strategy. LinkedIn reaches into new areas. It acquires new avenues of businesses to foster its growth. It has been diverted to a social media management business. Its acquisition of companies caters to most of its content management businesses. Elevate is one such acquisition. It puts LinkedIn in limelight of content. Elevate aims to let the users share articles. It is based on user profiles, preferences and prediction algorithms. It is based on services such as Newsle and Pulse. It transforms the mind of a professional. It builds into vast library. It helps sharing of common articles. It also helps to share blog posts and other reports. They are much used in marketing analysis. The beauty of the elevate app is that it caters to many domains. It enhances the professional community to benefit a lot. It aims to get knowledge by giving it.

It comes with eccentric features. Seamless sharing is one of them. It enables content to be shared across devices and multiple mobile platforms. This lets professionals on iOS, Android and Blackberry platforms to seamlessly share. They provide perceptions of the articles that impart the need. Its extensible feature includes sharing on other social media sites. They include as Twitter and Facebook. By integrating this app into other social sites, the users become social professionals. This has proven that we witness an information revolution. What becomes more of interest in sharing is the analytics part. The LinkedIn Elevate App provides deeper insights into the analytics. The analytics are useful to the companies. They can see the number of views per article. They can view most preferred article. It provides ranking of information. It provides re-sharing count of articles. The users can see comments and reviews. It is vital for marketing geeks. It helps to collect a consumer survey before they go bang with a product launch. These analytics help the Human resourcing firms. They can view their job posts views. They can see the demand in a certain industry. It gives a trend of the salary and compensation for certain skillsets. They can act accordingly.

Elevate is certainly a great app. LinkedIn has integrated it in its ecosystem. It aims to elevate the knowledge of the employees. It is geared to raise the social connection of companies and professionals.

Source: techCrunch

Google’s Mobile-Friendly Update

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Credit: mobilemixed.com

Credit: mobilemixed.com

More and more people around the globe are shifting to mobile gadgets such as smartphones or tablets to access the internet. Let’s face it; these mobile devices are a lot cheaper than its predecessors, like laptops and PCs.  Aside from being affordable, the reason why it is advancing in the market is it is portable. This is also partnered with the cheaper data plan alternatives offered to its users. Now, people can move around and still keep in touch with what’s online. They can also work while commuting to the office or can finish homework while sitting in cafe. This is also why a lot restaurants and coffee shops offer free WIFI to its customers. It is now part of its service.

For this reason Google, the leader in search engine optimization, has released a statement that on the 21st of April its search engine algorithms will launch new changes.  These changes gear toward prioritizing websites that are mobile-friendly.


What does mobile friendly mean?

Mobile friendly means that websites are configured in such a way that is clearly viewed using a tablet or smartphone. The website’s interface automatically sets according to the screen size of the gadget and so the entire interface of the website can be seen on the screen.  There is no need to minimize or maximize the screen.  Unlike other websites that are not configured to mobile gadgets, mobile friendly websites usually have an option at the bottom of the page that links to the desktop version or mobile version.

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Miami Art Events for April 2015

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It’s a pretty exciting April for Miami; tons of events will be held all around the city this month. Here are some of the coolest Miami Art Events that are about to start or has already started.

Haitian Museum: Haiti Contemporary- “Les Jacmelien IV”
Date: Dec 04 2014 – Apr 10 2015
Location & Contact:
Haitian Heritage Museum
4141 NE 2nd Ave.
Miami 33137

Internationally-renowned Haitian American artist Charles Philippe Jean-Pierre known for his dynamic blend of vibrant graffiti, folk, graphics, and multimedia will feature his neo, and abstract expressionism series in a solo exhibition at the Haitian Heritage Museum show entitled “Haiti Contemporary- “les Jacmelien IV” during Art Basel week.

Deering Estate Festival of The Arts Plus One Exhibition
Date:  Apr 11 2015 – Apr 11 2015 (art Events)
Location & Contact:
Deering Estate At Cutler
16701 SW  72nd Ave.
Miami 33157

Leading curators, gallerists and working artists in the South Florida arts community invite a guest collaborator to create site specific works and performances. Features Deering estate artists in residence,FIU honors college “inhabiting other lives,” and performances by Michelle Grant Murray and pioneer winter. Exhibit on display through May 20, 2015. 3:30 – 10 p.m.

Artlab @ The Lowe- Conquest And Coexistence: The Cultural Synthesis Of Spanish Colonial Art
Date:  May 16 2014 – Apr 12 2015 (Museum Exhibit)
Location & Contact:
Lowe Art Museum, University Of Miami
1301 Stanford Drive
Coral Gables 33146
305 284-3621

This exhibition explores the unique cultural synthesis forged in the Americas as the result of coexistence between Spanish colonizers and local populations and the processes of dialogue and negotiation, cooperation and resistance that defined the formation of Spanish colonial visual culture.

Vik Muniz: Poetics Of Perception
Date:  Feb 07 2015 – Apr 19 2015 (art Events)
Location & Contact:
The Lowe Art Museum, University Of Miami
1301 Stanford Drive
Coral Gables, Fl 33146

Internationally recognized for his startling use of materials, the Brazilian-born artist Vik Muniz creates stunning images while interrogating the history of art and visual reproduction. By employing diverse objects such as toys, diamonds, garbage, and magazine clippings, the artist creates tableaux, which are preserved through photographic reproduction. Attuned to the history of image-making, Muniz’s complex compositions investigate the nature of visual cognition, and promise to engage and inspire.

Viernes Culturales Arts And Culture Festival
Date: Apr 24, 2015 – Apr 24, 2015 (art Events)
Location & Contact:
Along Southwest 8th Street from 13th To 17th Avenues
Miami 33135

Viernes Culturales/cultural Fridays Is An Arts & Culture Street Festival/gallery Stroll In Little Havana. Enjoy Fine Art Galleries, Local Restaurants And Live Music In Domino Plaza (SW 8th Street And 15th Avenue). 6:30 To 11 P.m.

Facebook Acquires Shopping Search Engine, TheFind

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Facebook has finally announced its procurement of the consumer driven website, TheFind, on March 13, 2015. This recent purchase has just proved the new direction that Facebook is heading to – connecting people to products. This is a bold move that might just help the eCommerce sector all around the world. Just imagine a billion people being linked to the products that they wish to buy at the best price available.

TheFind also announced through their website of the changes that will happen on that same Friday. The title of the announcement was clear and direct to the point. It states, “We are joining Facebook!” When TheFind was originally launched in 2006, its vision was to provide a search engine that linked consumers to different eCommerce websites and enabled consumers to compare prices. TheFind’s search engine also had a geographical locator that will automatically link consumers to products that are sold locally. Now that Facebook has purchased TheFind, the latter’s search engine will cease to exist and instead transition to Facebook through its ads. Thus the announcement at TheFind’s website, “Key members of our team are joining the company and will be working hard to integrate our technology to make the ads you see on Facebook every day better and more relevant to you.”


The promise to connect people to products will now be made true through the Facebook ads. Each personal Facebook account will have featured Facebook ads that are directly connected to TheFind’s product finder. The Facebook ads that will appear on every Facebook account will be dependent on the Facebook likes the account owner has clicked on. In effect, every Facebook account will have personalized Facebook ads according to the user’s interests. This is actually very smart of Facebook. What they are trying to figure out now is how to make the system work with no glitches. Facebook has actually been trying to perform some tests regarding online purchases and online credits. This dates as far back as July 2014, but never did Facebook make any huge step towards eCommerce until almost a year after.

Everyone is now anticipating the new changes that will soon unfold in Facebook. Analysts predict that this move will really boost both local and international retailing companies. It will likewise change the mindset of Facebook users from being purely social to something commercial. People now will spend the same amount of time on Facebook but will transition from who’s available online to what’s available online. Soon this online marketing scheme will evolve to an offline scheme, which will enable people to see what’s available even if they do not have a direct connection online.

It is going to be an exciting year for Facebook which has yet again set another milestone in the digital world. It does continue to rebrand and reshape which will make its competitors stay on their toes. It is really true that Facebook is the current leader in terms of online innovation and it will surely stay at pole position in the coming years to come.

Images: hngn.com, venturebeat.com