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Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them.
Albert Einstein

Diary of a…developer

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logom-2I love IT. I love it for its lack of rudeness but also for its lack of patience. Most of all I it like for its anonymity.

The first thing you should know about me is that I am a developer.

In a world where technology comes, changes and goes with the speed of light, the surest way to tell a developer is to look for the person behind the screen.  Scroll the site page; you will see his work everywhere and maybe his name somewhere down in a corner of the page.  He does not attract attention but you cannot forget his work. Call me an IT guy, programmer or a developer. It is just a matter of semantics. There are many kinds of developers so you cannot generalize. However, I can tell you about me: I should say that I was not the kid with big glasses in school; I have enough friends to have a social life outside the online world, even though that does not mean every day, but you know…

I am very high class! This means I charge by the hour, and I charge enough for the clients to have exactly or more then fabulous results.

So, why do I do it? Well, I love coding and I love money! Let us be fair about it. Everyone does! I know you do not believe that I enjoy coding, but I do. Moreover, I am very good at it!

What I really like is being my own boss! Well, pretty much my own boss. Obviously, I have the client. He is the one demanding. You know the saying:  ‘’your client, is your boss!’’ I do everything for the client to be pleased. And there are the deadlines…Every developer hates deadlines, but I actually find them quite handy. I do my best to stick to them.

I have certain rules. Rule number one: keep personal life separate from the job.  I try to keep some hours for family, friends and me. Rule number two: stay in control! I rule the code; the code does not rule me! Rule number three:  always keep the client updated and ask if I have an issue about his project. Rule four: research. Never stop learning! It helps a lot, believe me!

I never leave hidden issues of the project unsolved! A professional never gives his client a project that might eventually have a bug!

Last but definitely not least, work with the client, find out what he wants as fast as you can, and get him what he wants.

This job is not that easy, as it seems. It is not that hard either because I do it with pleasure!