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Impact of Social Media on SEO

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The world of computing has gone social. With the search engines and SEO techniques, obtaining information has become easier. Generating information on the other hand is also becoming easier with social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. Information has become the key and sharing has become the medium. Many innovative techniques such as Link building, Bee hive formations are adapted to represent and retrieve information. It is not really debatable if social media impacts SEO or not. It is easy and evident with the advent of social sites and its reach that indeed SEO plays a greater role.

Number of links shared counts

It is clear that with Facebook likes, and Twitter tweets the number of times a post is liked or tweeted again, it gains popularity. Links have a great potential in sharing the content to as much social sites as possible. While the content pointed by the link is single, but when it is shared across multiple social platforms such as blogs, websites, apps etc. it becomes the most wanted or viewed object. It has a great potential of ranking. And the higher the ranking is, the higher it gets listed on a search next time.

Contextual search based on user profile

Google has been building its searches based on context. A single word may mean differently in different contexts. Google is banking this on social profiles of users and the information that they fill in it. With the details on the social profiles, Google or SEO techniques retrieve the context based information for that user rather a generic display of results. Similar profile information on Facebook, blogs, and other ways of building user profiles on the social sites play a pivotal role in retrieving the relevant results to the users.

Search queries and words get ranked

Searches work on the search keywords. If a certain brand or a product or a personality is searched on a site mostly, then the SEO learns that it is most desirable or wanted by the customers and it starts ranking these keywords. Also the names repeated on social sites play an anchor to these SEO techniques to learn that they are of higher ranks.

Flow of traffic and visitors to a social site

Of course social means social. This would translate to the number of users using the platform. If no one uses it, then it is not social anymore. Social sites reaping in more visitors or having more user profiles are the first destination of information for the SEO retrieval engines. The more number of visitors would mean more information that is shared and has a great potential for retrieval. SEO’s ranks sites based on their traffic volumes. It also keeps track of the followers and visitors to those sites.

Author ranking

Google also has the feature of ranking of author based on the content he posts on the Google+ profile page and his biography. This is similar to the profile based contextual search. But it works mostly on Google social platforms.  The higher the ranking of the author, the easier the content is retrieved from the social media.