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Why Is Local Search Getting More Important?

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local-search-seoLocal search is in vogue in SEO world. There was a time when local search was taken to use by the small businesses. With the changing technological trend, local search is equally important for businessman around the world.

Here are some reasons why you should be compelled to adopt local search for your business.

  1. Local business are searched by local people online

People usually make use of web when they want to search local service provider in their town. Stats say 97% of the people search local business online when looking for a particular local store. Don’t you want to be get contacted when they reach you out?

  1. Majority of the Google searches are done through mobile

Let this sunk in! More than half of the searches that are initiated through mobile are in an effort to get information about the local stores nearby. Which according to the math done right shows that 25% of the Google searches constitute the local search! Such searches are not only limited through smartphones but will likely to increase with time as the wearable devices do.

  1. Online reviews trusted by people

Reviews by people online are found to be helpful by others. With the help of personal recommendations, you usually don’t have to go through the hassles of price concession and other headaches that follow. Moreover, when it comes to buying from local service provider, personal recommendations work wonders.

Following this, when people search for local service provider, they search for personal reviews. About 92% of the customers read reviews online before going up to buy a product.

  1. Conversion rate is pretty high

Conversion rate of local searches done through mobile is actually high. Searches don’t go futile. About 68% of the people who refer to local search actually end up following it.

  1. Personalized search

Personalized search means that Google take into consideration the behavior of your past searches, the type of searches and your location, so next time when you search something, you would already have related options popping up on top.

The benefit of personalized searches to local business is if your website is optimized for specific service and location, your site is likely to pop up first when someone searches from within the same location.

How to get started with local search?

Now that you know the benefits of local search, next you need to know is about to get started with it. Here are some of the steps that convey so.

  • Claiming the business listing

Fore mostly, you need to get yourself listed in the Google business list by creating a Google business page.

  • Optimizing the business listing

Once you have a business page, optimize it by filling up contact information and a description of your business

  • Citations

Next you need to confirm that your citations (references of business online) are correct in regards to your number business name, address and phone number.

So by now you know the benefits of local search and how important can it be for your business to flourish even more.