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Meet Google Assistant

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Get set to use Google assistant! No. it is not an app that you can purchase. Nor, it is a device that you can buy. But, instead, it is a platform that got recently revealed by Sundar Pichai. Goole CEO. In Google’s words, it is a ‘next evolution’ of search powered by Google.

In the words of Pichai, helping people with related links is not going to work anymore! And thus they are looking forward to help people in getting the things done by making search smarter and assistive.

Consider Google assistant as somewhat similar to Alexa assistant in Echo of amazon, or Cortana of Microsoft.

Simple name for simple motive

The motive behind launching the Google assistant is simple – to help people in getting the things done. And perhaps, this is why Google has kept the name simply instead of giving catchy names like Cortana and Siri. Google is not even branding the product as Google assistant, but as Google assistant – thus keeping the emphasis on Google.

Google recently announced Google Home voice-activated assistant which has an inbuilt Google assistant in it. Similar to that, Allo messaging app is also said to have Google assistant in it. This would help people respond the messages automatically.

Pichai himself demonstrated how it going to be done. In one such move, he asked Google assistant about the kid movies. Google assistant immediately came up with the answers, he then purchased the tickets and got the transaction done – all automatically through Google assistant.

To sum up, Google assistant is basically a smart combination of two things – the expertise of Google in fetching info from the content throughout the web and second, its ability to understand what people are looking for.

Google assistant has just taken the Google search a way ahead. Google assistant helps users to find answers to questions in addition also fulfilling the tasks.


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