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Mobile App Development Trends That Will Dominate this 2016

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This is the century of mobile phones, which saw the swift transformation between corded landline phones to cordless mobile phones and then to smart phones and devices. Technology has indeed taken the world by storm. Apart from the smart mobile phones, we have smart televisions, Android gears and the likes. Every year, there is something new coming up in the world of technology. Here is a list of 6 mobile app development trends that are predicted to dominate this 2016.

6. Beacon Technology Will Take to the Front Lines


Beacon aims to bridge the gap between offline and online work. iOS has been working well with Beacon so far and we can expect Google Android to take this up soon. Having said this, industries like the real estate, tourism, education, automobile and the likes can hugely benefit from this technology.

5. All Apps Will Run in the Cloud

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2016 comes with a bag of advancements with the Cloud coming together with mobile computing to ensure that the applications can reach out to a larger number of smart devices. This will combine the advantages of cloud computing and mobile computing.

4. Mobile App Security Will be More Demanding


The security of any application is a rather important aspect before it is released into the market. According to statistics, 75% of the apps in 2015 failed to impress with their security measures. This brings in good news for mobile applications developers, who can expect 2016 to be an even more demanding year with more and more applications trying to match the bar.

3. IoT (Internet of Things) Will Advance Further


Smart devices become smarter with each passing day. The electrical toaster in your kitchen becomes a smart toaster. The refrigerator transforms into smart refrigerator. It is redundant to mention the advance in the world of mobile phones. But what this rise of digital technology has done is leave the security of the technological world exposed and vulnerable. This is where IoT is coming with a classic idea taking the shape of Virtual Private Network and other sensor enabled devices to restore security in the digital technology.

2. Enterprise Apps Will Gain More Mileage

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There is no doubt that there are an unlimited number of applications on each mobile operating system. This number keeps increasing regularly. However, the Enterprise apps tend to be more functioning and capable in the application world. This can be attributed to the fact that enterprises are more than happy to spend a few extra bucks in order to stay updated with the latest ideas and stay on top in their respective fields of business. 2016 will see the sky rocketing growth of these apps.

1. Say hello to Swift


Since its inception in late 2015, Swift has been one of the favorites among mobile application developers. This programming language from Apple works as an application language and a systems language. The advantage with Swift is that it paces the way for a more reliable code right from the roots and even more, it is extremely fast in function. Built on a modern compiler, it makes for a very comfortable platform for developers to work on.