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Optimize Your Google Adwords Campaign in 30 minutes

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Getting a stable position in the Google search is not an easy job and not an impossible one as well. Google AdWords are the best way to get to the top and get featured as the top search. However, the only thing that needs to be kept in mind is to have a master strategy to achieve your goal. Further, the new updates launched every 2 or 3 months is making the task all the tougher.


Google AdWords Campaign helps you to optimize your campaign to a very fine level. The things that need to be kept in mind for the best result are what all matters! You need to plan your campaign in a way through which you can outrun all your competitors in the world of internet searches.

Let’s see how!

  • Have your predefined goals

You need to be goal oriented as to why this AdWord campaign is your need and which areas you want to focus upon. This may differ from company to company, business to business, but the only similarity would be that you must have a plan. It may be a few, many or all of the possible goals from the list below:

  • You may need more branding for your business.
  • You might be looking to get innumerous clicks for a really less amount.
  • The increase of your sale may be your major focus.
  • You might aim to get more ROI from the sales coming from AdWords.
  • You might aim to achieve the branding edge over your competitors in the internet branding world.
  • You may have a product in line which is in urgent need of hype.
  • Make the best use of negative keywords

This is very important to achieve the business you want over the web. Negative keywords are of great help when we talk about structuring the campaign. The use of negative keywords will help you to further understand which keywords are helping you and which requires attention in order to increase your AdWords campaign strength.

  • The use of extensions

An extensive use of extensions would help you to know about the potential customers of yours. There can be many extensions that can be included. Subscribe option on your website is an option that would help the customer to be updated to your business and this will also help you to know your impression on the consumers as more subscriptions would mean that your business seems interesting. And they would like to know about your new product launches or any other updates.

An option of call just with the click button facilitates the trust of customers in your business. This is a really good option if you want to build the faith about your products or business on the customers.

The other extensions which can be of use include location, sitelink, review.

  • Ad scheduling plays a vital role:

Ad Scheduling in the Google AdWords Campaign is a very important step that must be kept in mind while planning for an efficient and effective campaign. This is because every product is not relevant for sale throughout the week. Thus, a proper scheduling holds an importance here so that you structure a proper campaign of which products to be kept for sale on a particular day and time.

  • Bid adjustments is really important

Differentiating the bid settings according to the devices is very much important. This is because the purchase and views are different for both the mobile devices and desktop devices. The competition structure is different for both the devices as well. The competition on mobile purchases is less as compared to that of the purchase on the desktops. So it will be really helpful to track the different needs of consumers.

There are many other ways to plan for a good Google AdWords campaign like: improving landing page and most importantly standing in the shoes of the customers. This is very important as once you stand on the other side and understand the needs from the point of view of the customers; you will be able to see the negative and positive aspects of your presence and the scope for improvising as well!