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Hollywood tax r Us Website

The Hollywood Tax R Us website is fuss-free–simple and easy to use. All vital information is presented clearly. Simple and yet attractive, it allows users to understand the brand and the services clearly. With just one glance users and potential clients can easily see what the company offers and what they represent. When it comes to web design, less is always more so that users can focus on the important points and what the company offers.Additionally, the image used showcases a family which is a symbol of stability and security as well as happiness.

The web content on the other hand is direct to the point and easy to understand.Cool blue hues are used all over to make it seem light. Tax and financial topics can be a bit heavy, so it is better to have a brighter approach which is not intimidating. The use of simple yet readable font is ergonomic as it allows an easy stream of information. Using a bigger font for the contact option shows that the company is approachable. Meanwhile, the icons are sized just right to attract attention without being bothersome. Vivid green hues are also added to emphasize important information or details.

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