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SEO Facts That You Need to Know

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Before we begin, it is important to know what is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and how it works. SEO is a process which is involved in enhancing the opportunities for your content to be viewed by people when they use search engines. When you run a search on Google engine, you will get to see both organic listings as well as paid advertising on the result pages of your search. We talk about facts related to enhancing the visibility of organic listings on these search engines.

Fact 1 Content is King!

Content is basically a text, images and videos or even sound. Content is the element which is indexed by all search engines. The whole web is constructed around content. When people state that content is the king, it is only implied that content rules the online world and also the SEO. Google adores content. Google has always succeeded in being a reliable source for appropriate as well as relevant content. Because they know the importance of it!

Fact 2 Page layout is vital

While you generate your content according to the rules of Google, it will generally increase the chances of you being found. Keywords that are engaging are the most effective part of content. Even the page layout as per recommendations of Google is going to be helpful. Google has very particular guidelines about the page layout of your content and following them will enhance the possibilities of you being seen.

Fact 3 Link profiles do matter

A major portion of search algorithm of Google is dependent on reviews of Google on how online contents and websites link to each other. The effectiveness due to such linking is based on quality and quantity of links. If Google sees the links to your website as an authentic link and a relevant one, it is really good.

Fact 4 Online performances are important

All important search engines and specially Google involve in monitoring the performance of your website pertaining to your visibility on search engines. Hence, your site must load quickly. The quality of your host web server will play a significant role here. Even the quality, with which your website is coded, also helps. Even optimization of pictures plays a prominent role. Hence you need to be paying more attention towards aspects like these.

Fact 5 Social media matters

Search engines keep track of your activities on social media to determine what sort of online content is relevant, vital and appropriate to serve as a result of the search made. Hence, your active participation on social media is important as well.

Fact 6 You are only halfway done with content

If you have created content, you have really worked well on optimizing your page but it is just a good start. You will have more work to do. You need to be promoting your content through Twitter, Facebook, Google + and a lot of other online platforms to ensure your content reaches a wide range of audiences.