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The Approaching Progress of WordPress 3.6

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The release of WordPress 3.6 is imminent and restlessly anticipated. The blogging tool and content management system plug in can boast that over eighteen million downloads of its 3.5 version have employed and enjoyed by grateful users all over the world.

The Promises of 3.6

A user can expect more benefits than this article attempts to acquaint to its readers, but here are two of the more prominent new features expected from the new release:


  • Twenty Thirteen


WordPress 3.6The telling distinctions between this and ‘Twenty Twelve’ is its improved appearance, which in line with the most current aesthetics in popular web design. Twenty Thirteen’s ability to maintain its viewing quality despite its arena – smartphones, tablets, and high definition full sized screens – is representative of the theme’s designers responding to its users demands.


The typography has been chosen with consideration: Bitter for headings and Source Sans Pro for body text give the theme distinction over other similar models. As does the color format, which I can best describe as a vivid Autumn. If one imagines the surface underneath a freshly stripped Autumn tree, and notches up the contrast of the color of the leaves, then this gives an impression of the colors of the theme. Burning (not burned) orange, sharp auburn, and a deep mustard yellow is a color scheme that one can expect, and one that helps provide an autonomy-type unique feel to the theme.


  • User Interface Improvements

WordPress 3.6

This is a promised improvement that is sure to leave expectant downloaders even more unforbearing. There are fundamentally two reasons for this; one of which is internal and the other external. The first reason – the internal force – is that anyone who has spent half a minute skim reading the WordPress forums will have noticed the covetous calling for an improved user interface. Simplicity is the new watermark. It is the controlling contribution to an efficient design. If done creatively, a simple and user-friendly design is the sole longing of the most demanding user, and the aspiration of each exceptionally ambitious designer.


The second reason for the charged anticipation for the improvement of the user interface is an externally driven one: in any arena, user interface is the most important aspect. The first step in creating a user-friendly interface relies on an understanding that will improve the entire process, and, for that matter, the entire company: the web designer and company must have an innate and thorough understanding of the user’s requirements and demands. The second step is the inception of the prototype, which, similarly to the achievements of the initial step, informs users that they are very much involved in the design process.


The Repercussions


The improved user interface is more of an advantage than people might first imagine. As difficult and almost counterproductive as making predictions are – and I tend to recoil from such statements the bulk of the time – the refined user interface might be the most commanding and puissant weapon that WordPress have ever possessed. Bearing in mind there have been, to date, eighteen million downloads of the previous model, this is a consideration not without a great deal of significance.