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The Power of Simplicity in web design

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The Power of Simplicity in web designWeb designing: One of the most common terms in the world of technology today. Whenever you plan to start a business, one of the first things you do is hire a web designer who can structure the way your online presence looks like. This forms an important component of your marketing skills. Now, when it comes to a viewer, it takes about 1/50th of a second to 1/20th of a second for a visitor to judge whether the website is well designed or not. Also, according to market research, the simpler websites tend to fair better in the eyes on the viewers as compared to the visually complex ones. This means it will work to your advantage if you are keeping things simple on your web page.

Let us find out why simpler designs gain more brownie points in the virtual world.

  • Conversions

The main advantage for a simple website is its high conversion rate. When a visitor comes to the content on your website, the expectation would be to be able to navigate easily through the matter. The design that gives the potential leads more information in a shorter span of time is the right one. Therefore, these simple designs tend to attract more leads and thereafter leading to conversions.

  • SEO

If you think visitors are the only ones who like simpler website designs, it is time to reconsider. Google, as a search engine, also gives precedence to the simple sites with the right content. Focus on the keywords more than the design, and you are likely to have a strong online presence. Besides, Googlebots are not fully equipped to cater to the advanced technologies of the complex designs and thus it is better to stick to the simpler sites.

  • Mobile friendly

Smartphones are advancing and so is the usage. More and more people are now moving to the mobile platform for conducting their searches. In this day and age, if your website cannot be customized to smartphones, it acts to your disadvantage. And when it comes to complex designs, it becomes increasingly difficult for the mobile phones to adapt to them. Thus, it is best to keep simpler ideas for website designs in order to allow them to function on all platforms.

  • Easier to design

Talking from the perspective of a businessman, it is always more comfortable to design a simple website. Why? The resources required are limited, there are lower investments owing to the less bandwidth used. Besides, you would also be using up less server space which works to your advantage. Working on a simple yet useful design can help you finish the task quickly. Lastly, a simple design is easier to maintain cutting down on maintenance costs.

  • Shorter response time

When you use an easy design, the site becomes more responsive and easy to work with. In turn, this means that the viewers do not have to wait for the website to load and can work faster and smoothly.

Above are just some of the power of simplicity in web designs. Businesses nowadays mostly prefer simple, straightforward designs to get their brand or company messages delivered.