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What Makes The Best Business Cards?

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Entrepreneurs must always have their own business cards as they are extremely important for networking purposes and public relations. If you come across someone who is interested in your work, you can simply hand them your business card and ask them to contact you. Given below are some tips by four entrepreneurs on how to get the best business cards.

Source: https://fitsmallbusiness.com

  • Katie White, founder of re:lax

Katie White is a holistic therapist and she helps her patients deal with stress, anxiety, digestive problems and hormonal imbalances using natural remedies and proper nutrition. She wanted her business cards to reflect her approach to therapy and healing methods. She wanted the “logo and name to be the most eye-catching feature and the reason a potential client picks it up – because they want to relax and feel good.”

This is extremely important because the design of the cards should not only be appropriate for the type of business you are in but should also be appealing to your target audience.

  • Michael, founder of WeCompareCasinos.com

This website allows people to find licensed online casinos that will suit their specific needs. Now, Michael had some really creative business cards (which looked like casino playing cards) printed. According to him, “in most industries there are a lot of expos and events where literally 1000s of traditional, basic business cards are handed out and just end up sitting in someone’s wallet, never to be seen again.”

A creative touch to your business cards will immediately interest potential clients. You can add embossing, foil accents or even go for something like metallic ink or spot UV.

  • Charlie Spokes, founder of My Friend Charlie

Charlie’s company organises dating events for middle aged London residents. Londoners in their 30s and 40s can meet and get to know each other at various fun events like paddle boarding and gin tasting! For their business cards, Charlie wanted a good quality card that had “a classic logo and colour scheme which had to be easy to read but also eye catching”.

Now, if you want a simple, basic business card then you need to make sure to follow some basic rules of designing. These include keeping the key copy about 5mm away from the trim edge, properly sized font and good quality images (for your logo).

  • Tom Bourlet, search and paid media manager for the Spaghetti Traveller

This is a fun blog that combines travelling and marketing. Now, Tom wanted his business cards to represent the vibe that his blog creates. But while the cards are quite quirky and creative, the designs do not overshadow the information provided and as Tom explains it, “the key information is highlighted first, with the email being my main point of contact, followed by my Twitter account.” Therefore, as this suggests, when you have your business cards printed, you will have to prioritize and decide which details are necessary and will be of use to potential clients.

What do you think makes the best business cards?



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