HUMO eLiquids Website Design Overall rating: ★★★★★ 5 based on 23 reviews
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HUMO eLiquids Website Design

The HUMO eLiquids website design is clear, fresh, natural and simple. The blue ocean water background provides a perfect setting for the product line-up, highlighted even more as the sun rays going through the cool waters suggests a rare experience.

The variants’ bright and exciting colors are daring and because they’re almost floating above a cluster of thousands of sea bubbles, expect a light feel to it.  The dominant pacific blue color with some parts being on the dark tone creates a striking contrast for the white HUMO brand and tagline. The green-colored vapor beside it strengthens its 100% natural message.

As whole, with the set of key elements (brand, message, product and subheads) presented in an intriguing underwater scene, this HUMO homepage easily fascinates a viewer with a subliminal persuasion to try out the products.