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“Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them.”

Albert Einstein

Question You Should Ask Before Hiring a web development services company

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Always important to choose the right web development services company:

It is difficult to imagine the word without blog and websites. Whether you are about to invest in a new business or making money through blogging, a website becomes the essential one. When it comes to determining the company’s credibility, the website’s design is the number one criterion. Hence, you should be careful while hiring a website company for your projects. Well, it can be daunting and make you feel overwhelmed as you will be able to see hundreds of thousands of web development services at one go. It needs effort and persistence to choose the best one of your choice.  Here are the four questions that you should ask before hiring a web design company.

Web-DevelopmentWhat is the approach of the company?

If your website is slow, chances are that the visitors will migrate to the next possible site for their business. People don’t have to spend their precious time navigating the website that acts slowly than usual. Recent research states that about 40% of internet users will close the website which takes more than 3 seconds to load the content.  In this way, you will be more likely to lose your business. The usability and user experience matter that most.  To better understand the company, you are going to hire, you can put forth some kind of questions related to the opinions, experience, research designs etc. More importantly, they should be open to answering these questions.

Web design services provided by them:

A good web designing company should be equipped with a team of an experienced web designer to handle planning, development, marketing and much more. Web developer at Miami ensures that the web designs are trendy and up-to-date. The talented team should be qualified to produce expected results. Here is what a well-rounded web development service provides

  • Comprehensive web design, planning, development strategies that should meet industrial standards.
  • Compelling web content to allure the clients and get them glued to your content.  A well-organized team of experienced Search engine optimization experts.

Nowadays, search engine optimization becomes the key to revenue no matter what kind of business you are doing. If your website ranks low, the user will not be able to browse your website, which leads to loss of revenue, trust, and outcome. So, a good web designing company should take care of the SEO as well. Just make sure that web development service you are dealing with is reliable, well-established and trustworthy.

Their credentials and qualifications:

It is essential to know about their credentials and qualifications to ensure that they are perfect. They should be able to give you some of their previous examples and their success stories. Apart from that, you can ask about the types of client that have worked in their past. By asking such questions, you will be able to analyze their qualifications, web designing skills.

You search for the best web designing service ends at Simplio Web Studio where You can check their website’s credentials, qualifications, success stories that beyond your expectations.  Just hire them and get your clients glued to your website.

Google Maps Gets More Social

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We cannot deny the convenience Google has brought to us when they launched Google Maps 13 years ago. Surely enough, navigating the world became a whole lot easier.

On October 24th, Google made an announcement on their blog stating that a “Follow” button will start to appear on business listings in the Google Maps app on Android (there’s no news on iOS implementations just yet). Here’s a snippet of the announcement on Google:

Image courtesy of

Those using Google Maps for Android can now follow places right from the app. Rolling out now, just search for that coffee shop you love or that clothing store you’ve been meaning to pop into and tap the “Follow” button. Once you’ve followed places, news from them—like events, offers and other updates—will appear in the For you tab (where available, with more countries coming soon!).

Aside from this, just a few days ago, Google has started rolling out the new messaging feature to Google Maps. The feature will appear as a new “messages” button, which will be rolled out gradually to iOS and Android app users. You will find these messages in the side menu of both Google Maps for Android and iOS. Customers can use this messaging feature to directly ask the business about certain questions.

Image courtesy of

With these recent updates, Google Maps makes users experience better and more social. Google says it will be gradually rolling the feature out to countries beyond the U.S.

Happy Halloween from Simplio Web Studio

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Halloween is traditionally celebrated at all countries and is seen as a grand holiday. If you are one of the business owners who would love to make perfect Halloween products designs we are here to help. Our services includes invitation cards, paper products, party decorations, greeting cards, stickers, t-shirts designs, graphics, web design and many more.

simpliowebstudioThis happy Halloween we are also offering our clients Characters, illustrations, little witch, bats, bunting, floral elements, pumpkin, hats, frames, leaves and many more graphics. We at Simplio Web Studio believes in the spirit of fun and what could be more fun than dressing up as a ghost, goblin, or a witch! We have a great team of talented, experienced designs who can design unique spooky designs. So, you can be sure that the costume you are going to wear this Halloween would be uncommon and scary.

The whole of US celebrates the festival of Halloween or the Hallows’ Eve or All Saints’ Eve on 31st October on every year. This particular time of the year is dedicated to remembering the dead people. Halloween a Christian Religious festival includes activities like trick-or-treat, costume parties, carving pumpkins into jack-o’-lanterns, lighting bonfires and many others. At other places, people celebrate this festival by visiting churches and lighting candles in the graveyard. So, we are here to offer you web design, development and SEO services to grab the attention of your clients, customers or visitors.

happy-halloweenSimplio Web Studio, as one of the most successful agencies within the Digital marketing world boasts about their one-of-a-kind, instantly recognizable range of Halloween Designs. The spooky designs, eye-catching names, and adventurous titles have been pleasing for your websites for a while now — and they’re perfect for a little Halloween session with your website visitors and customers.

So, Happy Halloween to everyone, we hope you have fun dressing in costume, trick or treating or cutting out pumpkins! Spend a safe and Spooktacular Halloween.

Google Jobs Search Engine

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Image from:

Image from:

When Google was launched years back, its sole intention was to drive people closer to the information they need. Over the last 13 years, that is exactly what Google has been doing! Also, the search engine strives to make it bigger and better each day. This is what leads us to the new, big Google launch! A new initiative, going by the name of Google Jobs, is all set to hit the floors to get American job seekers a chance to explore their career. This particular initiative collects and collates information about millions of job postings across the globe to bridge the gap between employers and job seekers.

Google takes it up as a challenge to get the right kinds of jobs for the right people. In order words, the world’s largest search engine will be mapping the jobs available to the appropriate candidates. While Google has taken up many difficult search requests in the past, this will be another medal to add to its achievements!

In spite of there being several employment websites across the globe, 46% of the employers say that they are not getting the aptest talent for their job openings or positions. It is true that there are a lot of job seekers at present, but there seems to be a bit of disconnection between the two spheres: the employers and the potential employees. This is what Google wants to do away with and have a smooth and consistent job search process.

But there is a slight difference about Google’s operations in this case. In the quest to provide job searches to potential candidates, Google is actually not taking on the traditional or well-established employment sites. Instead, it is partnering with them in order to bring out the best results for the users! So, names like Glassdoor, Monster, CareerBuilder will not be competitors to Google in this regard; instead, they will be working simultaneously with the search engine to reach out to more people.

One really attractive feature of Google Jobs is its efficient filtering system. For instance, when you search for a particular kind of a job, any search engine is expected to give you a number of results for you to work with. But when it comes to Google Jobs, you will be able to filter the search results based on the location, category, posting date, types of part-time or full-time jobs, even availability of transportation. With these filters on, you would be able to narrow down your search to your exact requirement. In fact, information like commute time from your location would also be displayed on the site.

According to Google CEO Sundar Pichai, “The challenge of connecting job seekers to better information on job availability is like many search challenges we’ve solved in the past.”

It would be rather interesting to see how well Google caters to the job-seeking audience!

So, if you’re looking for a job? Just GOOGLE it!

Google to Automatically Add Call Extensions to Mobile Ads in February

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The AdWords advertisers have been receiving several emails from the Google.

The mail stated that from 6th February 2017 the call extensions will be a part of mobile ads, a change that will have a prominent impact on the advertisers. Google has taken the complete responsibility of bringing about this change and according to them, mobile search will help to drive more calls to business. It is predicted to drive 19 % more call to the businesses. This will not happen if one only makes use of the landing pages which are available. Even though most advertisers have received this mail, there are cases of many advertisers not receiving such mail till date.

Google has decided to include the phone number acquired from the landing pages and include it in the mobile ads as a call extension. This change probably is not going to be much effective as it sounds to be. Most advertisers do not favour such change due to several reasons. There are many people who do not agree to pay for calls and there might be some people who do not prefer such phone calls.

There will be availability of automatic call extensions at the campaign or add group level. These calls will be reported at the main call extension report rather than in the automated extension report. In this way, one is able to view all the numbers which are being used both at your doing or the Google’s in one location.

There are many advertisers who use different phone numbers on landing pages instead of using call extensions. The spokesperson of Google has said that henceforth this case will screen for this type of scenes. It will not hold true when there are automatic call extensions from different phone numbers on the landing pages.

The advertisers need to opt out in case they do not agree to pay for the calls directed to the phone numbers on the landing pages. The given steps should be followed if one wants to opt out-

  • First, you need to visit the Ad extensions tab.
  • Second, you need to select “View: Automated extensions report.”
  • After that, click on the “Edit” option by scrolling down to the “Automated Extensions Options.”
  • Finally, you need to select the options which read “Do not use specific automated extensions for this account”.
  • There is an added option in the list of automated extensions introduced by the Google.

You should note that if you check this option after 6th February a need to remove any automatically generated call extensions might arise.On the other hand if you agree with the call extensions which will be automatically added to your mobile ads, you do not need to do anything. Simply sit back and let the change affect you in the following month. On the other hand for people who have the availability of such call extensions already, this change won’t be any new.


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How to Avoid Google’s Mobile Interstitials Penalty

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Finally, the Google has confirmed the activation of the intrusive mobile interstitial penalty. It has been successful in keeping its promise. It was formally introduced on 10th January 2017. Google’s John Mueller and Gary Gary Illyes has made such activation possible.

This penalty is only applied on interstitials that happen when a user is directed from a specific page to a specific Google mobile search result. This penalty will help to devalue the web pages in mobile search with intrusive interstitials. The Google recommends the use of such interstitials only on the mobile pages that have sufficient amount of space on the screen.

Ways To Avoid Google’s Mobile Interstitials Penalty

1. Be clear if such pop-ups actually serve a purpose

You can easily avoid the penalty by thinking like Google that aims to make the usage of internet more accessible and browsable. It takes special care for the mobile browsers. Care should be taken if you to analyze that your action serves an honest purpose.

2. The content can no longer be hidden with ads

Interstitials are preventing from reading a particular website. Therefore the Google targets such overlays that help to gray out the content beneath. It is highly recommended that such interstitials should be easy to remove by clicking on ‘X’.

3. The content marketing strategy needs to be developed

There is an essential need to develop the content marketing strategy which in turn helps to generate revenue. With the help of varied creative relevant content, one can attract the users easily. One can use content using a blog post, round-ups, guides, videos, infographics and much more. 4: There is a need to be mobile friendly
Although there is a need to remove the label of being mobile friendly from the sites, they still need to be mobile friendly. This need continues to be as important as it was before.

5. WordPress plugins should be checked-

There is a need for the WordPress users using pop-up messages and coupons to review carefully Google’s size guidelines. One can efficiently abide by Google’s guidelines by using such WordPress plugins to display interstitials. The only thing you should be careful of is to keep these small and non-obtrusive.

6. You can still utilize the interstitials which are triggered by exit intent

These interstitials are still not objected by the Google and one cannot be penalized for using them. Google’s main focus is on the interstitials that distract the interaction between the search click and while going through the page. They are not concerned with the interstitials which are triggered by the exit intent.

7. Penalisation will not be given for page to- page interaction

By no means does the Google target to penalize all the pages with interstitials. They are only concerned with the ones which the searchers can land on using the search results. Google does not forbid displaying an interstitial when one browses from one page to another.

On a whole, we can analyze that the Google is in search of new ways to improve our browsing experience.

Facebook Live for Marketing

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Cut to the chase, Facebook Live is a new social media platform under Facebook which enables users to record videos and broadcast with not only their friends but with their followers and the world.

Initially, only recorded videos could be shared around on Facebook, but through Facebook Live users can share the moments as and when happening.

So from now onwards, if you are out on an adventure or even if you are on an evening walk and witness something wanderlust happening, something which people should be aware of or things to get you off your chest. You simply can tap on your iOS or Android screen to stream them.

Facebook live was made live in August 2015 as a competitor against the live streaming app of Twitter, Periscope. Initially, only special personalities were gained its access and later stretched to the journalists. Only from April 2016, it granted its access to billion active users.

Facebook Live as a future of marketing

Facebook mostly used for posting pictures, birthday, engagement and wedding wishes and announcements, vacation pictures has begun to turn into something more useful called marketing.

Marketing through Facebook has become easier with the use of right strategy and influencing marketing. There is much for new brands to engage in to enhance their brand image through it.

Facebook live and facebook video are two such new products which when utilized by marketers on a huge platform can move mountains.

Broadcasting with Facebook Live

You are good to go with using Facebook Live if you are a iOS or an Android device user. However, the platform cannot be enjoyed on the web, though you can watch videos on

To be able to use the new feature of facebook, Facebook Live, make sure you have the latest updated version of the app. If not so, you can update from Google Play Store or app store.

How to find the Facebook live option within the app?

Right in front of your eyes when you open the app, you’ll find “What’s on your mind?” dialogue box. When you tap on it, you’ll find a new option added to the old ones, labelled as ‘Live Video’.

How can it help build brands?

  1. By influencers marketing

Instead of promoting your add with the help of celebrities featuring your products, which is not quite as effective these days, this type of marketing involves sharing individual’s experience on the product or brand.

  1. Know your audience on real-time basis

Facebook live enables you to know your audience as and while streaming online. As you witness the map, hover the cursor over and blue dots and you can know what your audience is made of.

  1. Through user generated content

Video campaigns are conducted by enterprises to gain audiences by listing a questionnaire or creating a story on the topic and then rewarding the best contributions. This UGC campaign combined with Facebook Live can be a more integrated way to connect to the users.

This was all about Facebook Live and its positive effect on marketers.

Meet Google Assistant

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Get set to use Google assistant! No. it is not an app that you can purchase. Nor, it is a device that you can buy. But, instead, it is a platform that got recently revealed by Sundar Pichai. Goole CEO. In Google’s words, it is a ‘next evolution’ of search powered by Google.

In the words of Pichai, helping people with related links is not going to work anymore! And thus they are looking forward to help people in getting the things done by making search smarter and assistive.

Consider Google assistant as somewhat similar to Alexa assistant in Echo of amazon, or Cortana of Microsoft.

Simple name for simple motive

The motive behind launching the Google assistant is simple – to help people in getting the things done. And perhaps, this is why Google has kept the name simply instead of giving catchy names like Cortana and Siri. Google is not even branding the product as Google assistant, but as Google assistant – thus keeping the emphasis on Google.

Google recently announced Google Home voice-activated assistant which has an inbuilt Google assistant in it. Similar to that, Allo messaging app is also said to have Google assistant in it. This would help people respond the messages automatically.

Pichai himself demonstrated how it going to be done. In one such move, he asked Google assistant about the kid movies. Google assistant immediately came up with the answers, he then purchased the tickets and got the transaction done – all automatically through Google assistant.

To sum up, Google assistant is basically a smart combination of two things – the expertise of Google in fetching info from the content throughout the web and second, its ability to understand what people are looking for.

Google assistant has just taken the Google search a way ahead. Google assistant helps users to find answers to questions in addition also fulfilling the tasks.


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The Donald trumps Clinton, Sanders on Social Media

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In the past one year, US has totally spent over 1284 years by reading things about Donald Trump through social media. The reach of this presidential candidate is unprecedented, as per the latest reports from SocialFlow which is a company of social media management whose software deals with the dissemination of news for a lot of the top organizations of media in the country.

If Trump was to obtain such attention through the purchase of ads, he would have to spend over 380 million dollars. But he gets his reach for free through tweets, shares, and likes. Not to mention that many of them are negative. The influence of social media on the current election for the president is powerful when compared to how powerful it has been in the past and the cycle of information it has generated can mold campaigns in the coming years as well. There are plenty of reasons why social networks have turned into such a strong influencer.

Most people now get their news primly from social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat. The presidential candidates have found the fastest way to trend in news by putting up a comment or a statement on their social network posts. Patrick Ruffini, who is a political strategist as well as the founder of a digital media company known as Engage says that social media have actually opened doors for candidates to reach out to their voters as well as news consumers that get information on these candidates all the time. According to him, this is certainly the first election wherein candidates have identified that social networks can directly lead them to mainstream coverage of media and also to their voters.

Photo: Scott Olson, Getty Images

Photo: Scott Olson, Getty Images

This leads to a “feedback loop” as Ruffini calls it. Here, posts of the candidates on social networks make big news and such news is again circulated on social media which will increase the momentum of their reach and create much more chatter. The Co-founder, as well as the chief officer of products for SocialFlow, Frank Speiser, tells that this election is the first real social network election. Though social media was an auxiliary way of communication earlier, now candidates can directly put up messages and get people on social media to react. There is no need of purchasing access to reach out to millions of voters anymore.

With over 1.6 billion active users of Facebook and 385 million active users of Twitter, public reach isn’t a herculean task anymore. Now, social media has been a thoroughly thought strategy and candidates have started using social networks like Facebook and Twitter as a direct pipeline through which voters can be reached. This particular sensation has been fruitful, especially for the fact that it reaches to young voters as well. About two-thirds of young people aged between 18 years to 29 years stated that social media has helped them learn plenty of new things related to politics.

All in all, social media has really proved to be a worthy method of connecting to people, for candidates who look for maximum reach to their voters.