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5 Effective Facebook Ads Targeting Strategies

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Facebook Ads have become a powerful tool for eCommerce websites. Many eCommerce and dropshipping stores use Facebook Ads to get hundreds to thousands of leads and sales. However, using Facebook Ads can either a HIT or a MISS. You can hit the jackpot by successfully targeting the right people, or you can make your ad go to waste by not utilizing it properly to hit your target audience.

Many times, beginners in Facebook Ads (including myself!) often fail at the first try. Facebook Ads is not complicated science, it is easy to master and understand once you know what to look for to effectively target your market. Below are some of the most powerful Facebook Ads targeting strategies that you can use to bring your ‘A’ Game.

Facebook Ads Targeting StrategiesLead Generation

Facebook’s Lead Generation is all about utilizing the average time that a consumer spends on the platform, through multiple mobile devices. Since most of the hits come from mobile itself, the process eliminates the idea of visiting your company or business website for a potential purchase of products and services.

With the help of lead advertisements, you can select from a wide range of targeting options for creating a lead form and thereby generate leads for your business. Such lead advertisements will help you acquire all kinds of information from various consumers who are interested in your product and services, and such information can also be used to generate new audiences as well.

Abandoned Carts

Abandoned Carts is a targeting process in which your target users abandon their shopping carts on your website. Such consumers take out time out of their extremely busy schedules to provide you with such information.

Carts may be abandoned due to reasons like customers looking for better deals, coupons, reviews and so on. Such a technology can be used to retarget the customers the next time when they visit their Facebook timeline or feed. Such a practice can also be termed as dynamic marketing and it’s indeed extremely effective.

Cold Traffic

Cold Traffic is defined by the consumers who have never heard about your business or brand and are thereby unfamiliar or have no idea what to do with such products or services. When on Facebook you’re trying to target cold traffic – it means that you’re trying to rope in the lookalike audience with the help of targeting advertisements via interests. In simple words, any targeting that involves customers other than your main audience is known as cold traffic.

There’s no such trust or relationship that you’ve established with such an audience, which makes them extremely interesting to sell as well.

Incorporate Messenger ads

facebook messenger ads

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Facebook Messenger Ads are not just any simple ads on Facebook. Messenger Ads can be defined as the method through which you can instantly connect with the customers you like or want. Such a process allows users who see your ads to directly initiate a conversation with your business, at the click of a button.

Such a procedure can be easily implemented by the use of Sponsored Posts or Destination Ads. For one, in Destination Ads where normal advertisements are run with the addition of ‘Send a Message’ instead of ‘Shop Now’ or ‘Buy Now’. When users will click on ‘Send a Message’, they will be redirected towards the FB Messenger with extra action buttons like ‘Get A Quote’ or ‘Get Help’.

Evergreen Facebook Ads

Evergreen Facebook Ads can be defined as a type of advertisement which allows a certain ad to run continuously, irrespective of the consequences. Such advertisements tend to run several weeks, months and even years.

Companies use their best selling products or services to always perform such an evergreen advertisement in the background and then alternate such action by doing live or new launches a couple of times a year. Such an alternate strategy can be used when campaigning for old products as well as newly launched products.


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