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“Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them.”

Albert Einstein

8 Interesting Social Media Statistics

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Few things on social media can be really hard to describe in words. A lot of things might be lost in the translation and you would only come across like a giggly weirdo living on the internet. You don’t have to stay on that path. Stay close to the facts through sharing of social media statistics that are really interesting.

8) The population of Facebook is larger than twice the population of USA. The US population is closing 314 million whereas Facebook has about 800 million users. But if you have just managed to gain just a few hundreds of these users to like the page you run, you might want to redo your strategy of branding on the network.

7) Mothers are the largest branding supporters on Facebook. You are certainly missing out if your brand is not appealing to the mothers. While they are not tagging you in your childhood photos that might come across as embarrassing, moms that are Facebook friendly like brands more than anyone else on Facebook.

6) Users spent over 1.85 billion dollars on virtual credits of Facebook the previous year. With that money, we could buy fifty private islands and also buy five yachts that cost a hundred million dollars.

5) 80 percent of users on Pinterest are women. Though this stay provides Pinterest the hugest gender division among any social networks, it is not wholly surprising either. There are a lot of women-centric brands on Pinterest but we really look forward to viewing more male-centric marketing of brand on Pinterest soon.

4) Companies generally ignore 70 percent of questions on Facebook. When fans on Facebook put up their questions on Facebook, only 30 percent of those fans receive answers. This could be deemed as a surprisingly lessened interaction rate but a lot of experts on social media view this fact as a chance. If you wish to engage your consumers while your rivals are not, you automatically stand out of the lot!

3) Users of Twitter are 33 percent more likely to stay as Democrats. That is when compared to the US population. Hence, if you have a witty joke on Obama, you would want to say it at a cocktail party instead of putting it up on Twitter.

2) More than five million users on Facebook are less than the age of ten. This is true despite the legal terms and conditions of Facebook that prevent any person less than the age of 13 from utilizing the site. As per statistics of Forbes, 95% of parents knew that their kids were on Facebook whereas 78% of them helped the kids create the account.

1) More people own a mobile phone than own a toothbrush. There are more than seven billion on the planet. About four billion of these people own cell phones but just 3.5 billion people own toothbrushes.

We are sure these statistics come across as astonishing facts, but yeah, that is how obsessed people are with the social media now!

5 Social Media Marketing Sins

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Social media is a lucrative platform for online marketers. It sets a stage to reach the consumers directly. It is an easy reach to promote the brand. Social media platforms are like hives. They have a great impact on business and brand value. Engaging becomes easier in the internet savvy world. Promotions happen in a single click. It reduces the need of infra. It increases the presence of brand image. Yet the online marketing has certain downfalls when not played right. Many tend to commit sins online by not leveraging the social media in the right way.

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Impact of Social Media on SEO

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The world of computing has gone social. With the search engines and SEO techniques, obtaining information has become easier. Generating information on the other hand is also becoming easier with social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. Information has become the key and sharing has become the medium. Many innovative techniques such as Link building, Bee hive formations are adapted to represent and retrieve information. It is not really debatable if social media impacts SEO or not. It is easy and evident with the advent of social sites and its reach that indeed SEO plays a greater role.

Number of links shared counts

It is clear that with Facebook likes, and Twitter tweets the number of times a post is liked or tweeted again, it gains popularity. Links have a great potential in sharing the content to as much social sites as possible. While the content pointed by the link is single, but when it is shared across multiple social platforms such as blogs, websites, apps etc. it becomes the most wanted or viewed object. It has a great potential of ranking. And the higher the ranking is, the higher it gets listed on a search next time.

Contextual search based on user profile

Google has been building its searches based on context. A single word may mean differently in different contexts. Google is banking this on social profiles of users and the information that they fill in it. With the details on the social profiles, Google or SEO techniques retrieve the context based information for that user rather a generic display of results. Similar profile information on Facebook, blogs, and other ways of building user profiles on the social sites play a pivotal role in retrieving the relevant results to the users.

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5 Best Social Media Management Tools

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The growth of Facebook and Twitter has changed the way the world communicates. Social media has become so popular that it serves as an identity to exist. There are several sites that require a Facebook or Twitter login to authenticate you. Yet managing social media is a pain at times. With so many news feeds and followers, you get lost in the jungle of information. It is always required to organize and categorize the information you seek. Yet there are many spammers which equally exist in the social world, making our lives arduous. Social media tools become essential in such cases. They help you sort out the information, followers and weed out the unwanted ones. There are several social media management tools available, but few popular ones are listed here.

Buffer (

Buffer as the name sounds serves the buffering job between you and the social media. By buffering, it sorts out your audience for you and the information that they are interested upon. It sounds interesting that this great app can channelize your communications. It also helps you schedule the information broadcasted to your audience. It comes both as a free and a paid version. Its subscription is as low as $250/month.

Hootsuite (

Hootsuite add listening capabilities to your social media. It supports multilingual features to enable you to know what’s happening around the world. It uses the GPS location of your whereabouts and brings to you the latest discoveries around you. It is a fantastic tool when combined with buffer. They both as a combo offer a duplex channel for you to target the right audience with the right information from the right location. Further, it is cheaper than dine out meal costing just $65/month.

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