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Albert Einstein

Pay Per Click Marketing Trends in 2017

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There are many ways to make money through the internet. And something that has been talked about over the past few years in PPC or Pay Per Click. Most of us are familiar with how PPCs work. Now, let us talk about some of the trends and predictions in the field of Pay Per Click and how to keep up with it to get the maximum out for your business.

  1. The importance of video advertising

Video marketing and video advertising is a growing and efficient way to showcase your product or idea to the world. It has allowed for smaller companies and business owners to interact with their customers in a more personal and interactive level.

  1. Conversion rates will become more important

With all the new software and tools and the ever-growing ad space on the internet, it will become more important to convert your clicks into actions that are more profitable to the owner. It is a field of science that requires being researched and is no longer just a game of chance.

  1. Remarketing will grow in significance

Remarketing is growing in importance and is being more widely used by companies and websites to improve their traffic and profit. Companies are increasing their budget on reconnecting with people who have previously browsed or ordered items from them.

  1. Refunds will be claimed against invalid and accidental traffic

More and more agencies are demanding more transparencies. There are many tools available that help to distinguish valid paid traffic from the invalid and accidental ones. This means that the thousands of unknown and accidental clicks will no longer be counted and the agencies are keeping count of these accidental clicks and prevents it from counting.

  1. B2B targeting across multiple platforms will be coming faster than you think

Business to business transaction will become faster and easier in the near future. There are already companies who have started giving more importance to business to business transactions.

  1. Media buying software will be more efficient across multiple platforms

As marketers are trying to acquire more inventories and evade the elasticity of price change, they will begin to seek more support from platforms like Bing etc. to maintain the workflow over the multiple platforms, it is important to come up with a single integrated software solution, especially with the big players.

  1. Bing is going to grow in importance

Bing has always been second to the global leader, Google. But Bing is slowly growing in importance and use. It is cheaper when it comes to ads and more in use when compared to Google, with the older generation in particular.

  1. Live data in ads

Live data in ads are growing in importance and will continue to grow over the years. It allows you to display live real time data including availability, date, inventory etc.

PPC is steadily growing in importance and will become more important as the time passes. With these predictions and trends for the year 2017, you can make sure that you stay one step ahead of your competition.


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Ecommerce Content Marketing Trends for 2017

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Content plays a vital role in e-commerce in 2017 too. The content marketers should focus on creating, distributing and promoting unique, relevant and engaging content to attract the audience, convert them into potential customers and retain them for the long-term for consistent sales growth and win handsome profits. The content marketers should spend more on promoting content and create more shows. Here is a list of eCommerce content marketing trends for 2017.

  1. Prefer YouTube videos over traditional TVs

It is a fact that the wide availability of smartphones in affordable range is the driving force for online videos. Among the online video channels, YouTube plays a vital role in attracting people of all ages, particularly youth. Therefore, content marketers should produce promotional videos targeting the relevant audience. You can hire top notch content writers to create an infographic that can be converted with ease into video content. You can also create more videos about products and services and publish them to YouTube because more and more users are searching for specifications, features, reviews of products like latest cars, smartphones, LED TVs, baby apparel, and so on before making a purchase decision. The videos can be converted to mobile formats with many free tools available online and increase mobile consumption for more sales.

  1. The e-commerce marketers should focus on content creation

Apart from videos, most of the audiences are searching online for product specifications, images, specifications and features before staging a purchase decision. Therefore, e-commerce marketers should give importance to creating informational, engaging and unique content to promote the products and services. Digital ads, videos, and well written promotional articles offer the rich dividends in the short, medium and long run. Businesses are spending around 80% on content marketing.

  1. Content promotion on social media

Social media sites like Facebook have introduced a feature – Instant articles to help eCommerce marketers to target the tech savvy. More and more people are spending increased time on social media even while on the move on their tablet PCs and smartphones. Promotional articles and videos on social media networks play a vital role in impressing the viewers about your products. Such content will help to convert the audience into potential customers. It also helps to establish a relationship with the customers and get their feedback for more assertive marketing strategies.

  1. Content distribution through press release

The press releases are expensive. It is not generating expected ROI when compared to other forms of content promotion. Therefore, going forward the demand for press releases is set to decline gradually.

Most of the people are not showing interest to read print media. Therefore, ads and content promotion in print media are likely to decline when compared to the digital media. Digital media is less expensive and generates ROI for longer periods with less investment.

  1. Research the niche

It is necessary to spend the time to understand what products and services are increasingly searched by customers online. You need to create content with less competing keywords to promote your products through publishing unique articles.

Content marketing helps to improve brand awareness. The opportunities for content marketing leaders will considerably increase going forward this 2017.

More than 70% of the people are reading the content to know about the companies and the products when compared to watching the commercials. The same trend is likely to continue this 2017.

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10 SEO Best Practices for Your E-Commerce Website

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The programmers and designers of the e-commerce websites may think that only listing the products or services rendered by the website would do the job. Is that all you need to lure the consumers towards your e-commerce websites?

All the online shoppers out there would surely agree to the fact that it is really disappointing to find no reviews of the products sold online. How many times do we fail to interpret the product or service offered due to lack of proper description?

10 SEO best practices for e-commerce websites

Until and unless you make your e-commerce website SEO oriented and free of the critical errors, the website would not rise in the Google search engine and become popular among the consumers.

  1. Use good product description that is unique

The more furnished product description you provide to the users, the more they will prefer your e-commerce website to any other website. But most importantly the information of the product should not be duplicated. It should be original and non-plagiarized. The product description should contain keywords which would make the website search engine optimized.

  1. Include reviews of the consumers

When the reviews for any product or services are found in the e-commerce website, it becomes very convenient for the consumers to have idea about the authenticity of the products delivered or the services rendered by that particular site.

Make it a point to incorporate as many reviews of consumers in your website as you can because it clears the state of confusion in the minds of the users and helps them to take a decision to purchase.

  1. Insert long-tail keywords

Long-tail keywords help to drive the maximum online traffic to your website. Put correct keywords in the content of your website so that users can view your website option in the search results just when they type it in the search engine.

  1. Make navigation more user-friendly

Co-ordinate the product pages of your e-commerce website in a very user-friendly way so that it is simple for anyone to search for any product, select any product and purchase it by proper transaction options.

  1. Boost your page load speed

You need to boost the page loading speed in your website as users tend to get pissed off if the product pages don’t get loaded within seconds.

  1. Incorporate social media on the product pages

This is a good way to increase the sale of your e-commerce website. It also acts as a marketing strategy. Incorporate social media on the product pages and loads of users would flock to your website.

  1. Put product videos and images

You can put videos and images of the products to attract a whole lot of users to your website.

  1. Use eye-catching URLs

You should use interesting, eye-catching URLs which would attract numerous users to surf through your website. URLs say a lot about the websites. So make it a point to use an intriguing URL for your e-commerce website.

  1. Make your e-commerce site accessible from smartphones

Nowadays, a huge amount of users surf through e-commerce websites from their smartphones. Making the website app available to them in their mobile phones would be very beneficial for your website.

  1. Provide proper internal search functions

Make your e-commerce site user-friendly by keeping proper internal search options that filter products as per the user’s need and give results quickly.

By following these SEO practices for your e-commerce website, you can make it big.

5 Critical Errors of E-Commerce Websites

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Wondering why so many of the e-commerce websites fail to veer the maximum search engine traffic towards itself?

The designers of the e-commerce websites may think that only listing the products or services rendered by the website would do the job. That’s all? Is that enough to bait the users to check the websites?

To all the online shoppers out there, how many times have you been disheartened to find no reviews of the products sold online? How often do we fail to understand a service or new-launched product due to no proper description?

Among all the prominent errors made in the e-commerce websites, five of the most critical ones have been listed below :


E-commerce websites are pretty popular for missing product information. It is high time they realize that only putting the names of the products or services and setting their pictures won’t do any good. The product needs to be described thoroughly so that the consumers have enough information that is required for their satisfaction and decision.

When products are listed in the websites without the requisite description, it becomes inconvenient for the users to avail those items or services and do transactions. In order to make your e-commerce website popular and lift them up in the Google search engine, make sure you include information for each product and insert keywords in the description for search engine optimization. Make it a point not to stretch the description too long.


When the reviews for any product or services are not found in any e-commerce website, it becomes very difficult for the consumers to stay updated about the authenticity of the products delivered or the services rendered by that particular site.

The lack of reviews leads the users to be in a state of confusion which in turn hinders the popularity of the e-commerce website and users tend to divert to other user-friendly websites.


Using copied content for your e-commerce website will not take seconds for Google search engine to shun your site. In this case of copying content, your e-commerce site will be demarked as plagiarized. The content of the website should be original and should contain proper amount of keywords so that it is SEO oriented. This would help swerve online traffic to your e-commerce website.


This is another critical error made in e-commerce websites. They do not use interesting, eye-catching URLs which would attract numerous users to surf through your website. URLs say a lot about the websites. So using an intriguing URL for your e-commerce website is a good strategy of marketing.


Using dull title tags in your e-commerce website is a critical error made by many. Title tags should be interesting so that it pulls the crowd and makes the website popular.

When the e-commerce websites rectify these critical errors, the user experience will automatically improve. Hence, to become a crowd puller, your e-commerce website should be free of such blatant errors and should be very user-friendly.

What Is Quality Content?

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The savvy marketers achieve with the users and Google’s goals to obtain good ranks for their sites on search engines. With this, they attract inbound links and create trust, credibility and authority. Thus, the quality of the content determines the rank of the site, which is why it is essential to write quality content.

How to write quality content?

1. Adhere to Google Webmaster Quality Guidelines

User-centric pages should be of primary concern without deceiving the users. Make sure the website is catchy and innovative. Tricks to improve search engine ranking should be avoided. Follow practices that aim to prevent and remove user-generated spam. Make sure that you remove the hacked content as soon as it appears

2. Creation of valuable content

The below are to be followed to create valuable content as per the guidelines received from Google’s Webmaster Academy course in making a website quantitatively valuable.

  • Innovative and informative content
  • Credibility
  • Whacky and attractive
  • Unique and good quality
  • Appropriate length and formatting
  • Readability score and social media share
  • User-friendly method for dealing with queries

3. Quality Rating of Google’s Search Guidelines

A well- written and a high-quality page have the following characteristics:

  • Good level of expertise in authoritativeness and trustworthiness(E-A-T)
  • Adequate amount of main content
  • Reviews or service information is of utmost importance
  • A good reputation for the main content on the page

The purpose of content should be clearly understood; also marketing pages exhibit such gimmicks that the core content is overshadowed.

4. Intentions of User

Understanding queries of the user, website, and visit –in-person query and make suitable action plans.

Why need a user-friendly web page? What is the purpose?

  • Sharing of relevant information (personal, social or theme)
  • Expressing  views and opinions, post queries and allow downloads
  • Market  the product and multimedia

Wow! Jackpot. Isn’t the matching of relevant user content and purpose of web page the expected outcome?

A prudent thought from the views of semantic search!

5. Build high-quality website with Google

The following need to be eliminated for building a high-quality website.

  • Factual and grammatical errors
  • Invalid information and bad reading level
  • Unnecessary adds and load speed of page

How to determine the content quality?

The following are the characteristics that help in determining high-quality content:

  • Concepts and entities- use of Alchemy API for search queries will help in identifying overlap indicating useful data that can be included.
  • Co-occurrence of keywords/phrases- Ultimate Keyword Hunter or Keyword Explorer would help in finding the most used words/phrases sorted by co-occurrence by websites.
  • Topical completeness- Keyword Planner (Adwords) helps group the main ideas of the topic and provide their content.

The concluding thoughts would rather seem like drawing a match between the information on the website with the query intent. With the levels of expertise and views on the content, it ought to be comprehensive, distinct and relevant. It is imperative to provide good reading content to the readers.

Enough said! Gear up to write you quality content.


Power of Image Optimization in eCommerce

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E-commerce websites can be said as one of the vital parts of the success of an E-commerce business. If you are involved in selling your products online, it is quite easy to gauge when you obtain sales that show successful conversions. Plenty of things play a crucial role in the success of such E-commerce websites and quality pictures are one among them. Images of top quality can increase the rate of conversion that will finally lead to the success of the site. Image optimization is necessary to make shoppers feel comfortable and successful while purchasing from your website. Follow these tips and know the power of photos in E-commerce websites.

  • Pro photography

You could click pictures yourself and be done with the job but would it actually represent your product the best? If you don’t have a proper studio setup and a few great photography skills, it is not possible. It is better to hire a professional or even a semi-professional photographer so that your product photos come out well. It will certainly cost you more but you will have large online conversions if you have great quality images. You will also be able to find photographers who charge reasonable fees. Hence, the investment is worth it.

  • Sized for Large Images and Thumbnails

Images of the product must be shot as well as sized properly for photos of product details, thumbnails and also larger photos. This will include the placing of the product in certain frames and sizes of the image prior to uploading it on the website of yours. You need to have a camera of high caliber that will help you with such issues. You need to have consistency in all of the product shots.

  • Various view points

It is vital that you include various angles of very product and pictures of various colors that your product would come in. You need to do your research on how an entire product is displayed. E-commerce sites that have been successful ensure that their customers experience the feel off actual shopping. Various view points and different images of every product will help the customer feel easy while buying the product online.

  • Enlargement abilities

Your photos should be able to enlarge or zoom in as you call it. This is vital as it gives the customers an opportunity for getting acquainted with your product by taking a closer look at it. When you are shopping at a store, you will certainly pick up that product you want to buy and examine it to buy it. This is what your customers expect, too!

  • Search optimization

Ensure that your images are small in file size so that it doesn’t increase the load time of your page. Your images must also have file names that are optimized and must also have alt text.

Well, these are some tips you need to apply while optimizing your photos for E-commerce websites. They really work wonders!

6 Marketing Resolutions for 2016

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Trends differ with passing time and this is true in every field. Specially, marketing efforts can go stale after sometime and you might have to give your brand a facelift. The New Year would be a good time to renew your marketing strategies with some resolutions which you could really stick to. Choose as many resolutions as you wish from this list and transform your marketing this 2016.

1) Make your content strategy and content schedule

One of the important questions you need to ask yourself is if you have a purpose for producing content. This could be the key for content marketing that is highly successful. It is your content that wins the goals which are defined by your brand and you. It creates interest among people about your brand. If you are just having a blog for namesake, it’s useless. Figure out what audience you are writing for, and write content that are of high quality and define your brand really well. You must also schedule the contents aptly.

2) Have a Brand Ambassadors’ team

Many of the companies underestimate the utility of their valuable assets, the employees. They are not just familiar with the brand but also work within the brand every day. You must ensure well-being of your employees and encourage them to endorse your brand through their own means. This happens by sharing your content through them and rewarding them for their engagement.

3) Start new training initiatives

This is something similar to the one previously mentioned. Choose courses that could upgrade the skills of your starts or develop other skills as well. It does well to your business as well as your employees’ personal set of skills. This will turn your employees valuable and give them the privilege of adding new skills to their resume.

4) Go for rebranding

If there are certain things that are not going well with your money and you are losing both money and customers because of it, you might have to go for rebranding in 2016. You must know well about when you are precisely choosing to go for Rebranding. If you have changed locations or if your website doesn’t do well, you must renew the brand!

5) Make use of new channels

What if the Twitter and LinkedIn, the channels that are good for putting up B2B content not enough? There are plenty other channels through which you can have your content reach the potential audience. You could go for press releases or go with ebooks as well.

6) Vary the content’s format

There are plenty of kinds of content but many businesses make use of only the text based contents. Because text content is easy to produce. However, you could choose adding videos, pictures, infographics or even memes. When used correctly, you can make the best out of these better formats.

How will the 2016 USPS Rates Increase Affect Your Business?

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With the growing number of eCommerce sites, online shopping has become the norm for many people. In fact, there are countless websites that offer their online shopping services. However, as of this year online retailers will begin to experience many changes due to the fact that most shipping carriers such as UPS and FedEx have increased their prices. The United States Postal Service, more famously known as USPS, has also changed some of its products offerings aside from the price hike, which is the first in the last 3 years.

The USPS Rates increase may seem extreme, but USPS is still the best option for small businesses especially for light weight packages. You may visit the Pitney Bowes page or the Postal Regulatory Commission website for more information regarding the changes and new prices.  Given these, it’s high time for small businesses to think out of the box and explore other ways to deliver their products or even have a carrier mix to utilize different shipping providers in order to get the best service and costs.

It is not advisable for businesses to have just one carrier. They must create a shipping strategy that considers all factors in order to avail of the best service and prices. Cloud based shipping solutions are also available and these are good options for small businesses because it simplifies the shipping process. Lastly, having the right packaging is vital. Companies should use packaging for the sole purpose of making sure the items remain in good condition. Shipping small items in big packages is a waste of space and can incur additional costs.

Price Increase Overview

  • No changes for First Class Mail and the Forever Stamp
  • Overall Priority Mail Express Service 15.6% increase
  • Average retail price of Priority Mail Express 14.4% increase
  • Priority Mail Express Flat Rate Box has been discontinued
  • First-Class Package Service 12.8% increase
  • Standard Post is now called Retail Ground 10% increase
  • International Shipping Prices -Global Express Guaranteed (GXG) 7.1% and Priority Mail Express International (PMEI)6%

The USPS is also encouraging ecommerce companies to use the Intelligent Mail Package Barcode (IMpb) and meet all its requirements to benefit from the commercial mailing prices.

What are the benefits of IMpb?

  • No more scanning. There is no need to scan a parcel 11 times. It is now easier for companies and customers to track information, while improving USPS customer service
  • FREE insurance without having to go to the post office to purchase it
  • 5-50% savings on postage, but depending on the package size, weight, class and distance of delivery.

In order to take advantage of IMpb, all packages must have unique tracking IMpb barcode. To qualify, businesses must have their own web based shipping solution or application. The good thing is that most businesses that have been transacting online already have applications that incorporate shipping charges into the shopping experience. But due to these changes, business owners should check with their providers how these changes affect them. Some apps like ShipperHQ  and WebShopApps have automatic updates while Magento has patches that need to be installed.

6 Ways to Boost Traffic to Your Ecommerce Site

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If you are a company which is engaged in eCommerce then it is imperative that you boost traffic to your site. Studies and surveys have often shown that an increased traffic will result in an increase in sales. Increasing traffic to your site is really challenging so we have come up with this list of the top 6 overlooked ways to boost traffic to your eCommerce site.

1. Social media campaigns

The best way to boost traffic to your e-commerce site is by getting involved in a social media campaign. This allows you to contact your customer base directly. The best type of social campaign would be the one which has a strong message in it. It is best that you keep your customers engaged and show them that you care about the cause as it can bring in more traffic to your e-commerce site.



2. Creating a good blog

Content is the bedrock of any eCommerce site and what could be better than to make the customers share their own stories on your blog. Having a content strategy is prevalent in almost 80% of companies which tells you how important it is; but to make them work to your advantage is a different thing. It is best if you can make them talk about the relevance of your products in their life which will make these blogs seem more realistic and honest and will deliver a valuable message.


 3. Promoting your products via Apps and more

There is no better way to promote your products than putting them in an app. There are apps for almost everything imaginable and more of these apps being developed every day. This is why it will be prudent to either develop apps by you or sign up on a site which will help you make your product more visible to the customers.


4. Virtual presentation of your products

It is always advisable to show off your products in real time. This is why we recommend that you make videos of your products and upload them, so your customers can see the products. There are two ways you can employ to publish these videos. The first one is to give third parties like YouTube and others the responsibility to publish it. While, the second one is self-hosting, this is also a powerful method that puts your site on the higher echelons in terms of videos.


(c) Laura Roeder


5. Buying Domain Name Misspellings

It is better if you can buy misspells for your domains rather than invest in the variations of domains such as and more. The beauty of misspells is that, suppose you have 5 misspells and they have an average 7 visits per day, then as a result, you will have a total of 35 visits from them in a day.  This is a very sound strategy to employ when you are trying to boost traffic for your e-commerce site. (i.e., common misspellings are,


6. Customer Reviews

According to market surveys, as many as 88% of customers trust online reviews which has prompted most of the companies to have some sort of review receiving mechanisms in their online and offline stores. Therefore, increasing traffic can be made easy if you are being able to convince your customers to write reviews on your e-commerce sites or about their experience with your products and services. (Source)


Looking for eCommerce solutions? Simplio Web Studion can help you with that! Check out more information here.


The Top 10 Global E-Commerce Markets

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With eCommerce being the new shopping destination these days, various global markets are ruled by various eCommerce giants. Let’s find out what the Top 10 Global E-Commerce Markets are!

  1. CHINA
  • Sales: $426.26 billion
  • Increase: 35%
  • Top online retailer: Alibaba
  • E-commerce sales as % of total retail sales: 10.1%

In China,  46 % of the population is using the e-commerce platform recording 35% sales increase, Alibaba boomed the e-commerce business growth, currently it is the largest online retailer.

  • Sales: $305.65 billion
  • Increase: 15.7%
  • Top online retailer: Amazon
  • eCommerce sales as % of total retail sales: 6.5%

USA the number two position in this global list, the rise in e-commerce business is rising at a rate of 15.7% yearly.

  • Sales: $82.00 billion
  • Increase: 16.5%
  • Top online retailer: Amazon
  • Ecommerce sales as % of total retail sales: 13.0%

UK leaded the retail e-commerce sales a couple of years back. When compared with USA, UK lacks behind with only $200 billion.

  1. JAPAN
  • Sales: $70.83 billion
  • Increase: 14.0%
  • Top online retailer: Rakuten
  • eCommerce sales as % of total retail sales: 4.9%

87% of the population is well versed with the online shopping concept, thus Japan takes up the fourth position. Rakuten is the online retailer that leads the Japan’s e-commerce sales, the company is known to be one of the largest in the world.

  • Sales: $63.38 billion
  • Increase: 22.1%
  • Top online retailer: Amazon
  • eCommerce sales as % of total retail sales: 7.3%

Germany hits the 5th position in the list though it has shown a rapid growth of 22.1%, close to China. Amazon has the largest share in the market.

  • Sales: $38.36 billion
  • Increase: 12.1%
  • Top online retailer: Odigeo
  • eCommerce sales as % of total retail sales: 4.6%

The e-commerce market in France is practically led by Odigeo a travel company, though travel websites are not accepted in retails sales despite being the largest e-commerce company in France.

  • Sales: $33.11 billion
  • Increase: 13%
  • Top online retailer: Coupang
  • eCommerce sales as % of total retail sales: 9.0%

South Korea ranks seventh in the list, although it is the third largest with 9% retail sales in the last year. Coupang is the largest retail e-commerce store in South Korea.

  • Sales: $24.63 billion
  • Increase: 17.4%
  • Top online retailer: Amazon
  • eCommerce sales as % of total retail sales: 5.2%

Amazon strongly holds the largest share of e-commerce sales in Canada, while Costo runs second in the competition.

  • Sales: $17.47 billion
  • Increase: 16.0%
  • Top online retailer:
  • eCommerce sales as % of total retail sales: 2.2%

59% of the Russian population enjoys having the internet access, e-commerce sale in Russia barely make more than 2% in comparison to other countries sales.

  • Sales: $16.28 billion
  • Increase: 22.0%
  • Top online retailer: B2W Digital Inc.
  • eCommerce sales as % of total retail sales: 3.8%

The last but not the least Brazil makes it to the 10th position. The e-commerce sales are pretty low in comparison to other countries. The infrastructure is not up to the mark, hence making it difficult for the delivery process which directly affects the e-commerce.