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“Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them.”

Albert Einstein

Do you need AMP?

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AMP-accelerated-mobile-pagesAre you thinking as to why you should go with AMP or accelerated mobile pages? Then in this article, we are going to discuss the benefits of using accelerated mobile pages. We will make it really simple for you to understand so that you do not hesitate and make a better position. Let us get through this article and explore the possibilities of accelerated mobile pages. Let us begin.

However, before we begin latest simply explain what AMP stands for? It is simply a free and open source Framework that allows you to create mobile pages that are able to deliver contents easily and quickly. It contains the HTML, JavaScript, and the cache libraries which help to promote the speed of mobile pages. This is really helpful if your content is embedded in form of infographics, audio files, PDF and even video files.

So do you really need AMP?

The short answer for this would be that it depends on. However, no matter what business you are in if you are online then this new technology has the capability to turn around your business on its heads.

Speeding website loading

This is one of the most obvious reasons as to why you would be using AMP. This particular open source technology will help to eliminate useless elements that slow down your page load. It is clean, slick and really fast. This has been proven a long time ago that higher page speeds bring in more visitors every single time.

Increase in mobile ranking

Do not mistake AMP to be a ranking factor by itself. However, it does exert a positive influence on your mobile ranking because of its faster load time. If Google decides to prioritize AMPs, then it will surely have a direct impact on your ranking on Google and other search engines as well.

Server performance enhancing

If your site is able to generate lots of traffic from mobile, AMP will reduce the load on the servers and improve their performances.


From the above positive sides of AMP, there are some concerns regarding it. Number 1 issue is the reduction in the ad revenue. Because of the factor of mobile connectivity, the ads revenue is severely limited. It is not easy to put on lots of ads and then expect AMP run easily on the pages. Another issue with that is of analytics. Google Analytics is yet to come live on the AMP pages.  It takes a lot of time for the placement and to collect and analyze the data too.

The above-mentioned points show you the positive and negative of the AMP.  It is now up to you whether you want to implement this new open source technology on your online efforts. The future of this technology is bright with some niggles. The issues will go away soon and it will be implemented on the largest scale. Therefore, to be on a safer side it is recommended to implement it as soon as possible.

5 mobile marketing trends to look out for in 2016

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Technology is changing our way of living, adding a good standard in it and making it perfect for our future by providing many benefits to GPS navigation, easy way to pay your bills, video conferencing and many features which were just a dream in the past. It was a tedious task to achieve but technologists and scientists are exploring the way to make our life more comfortable which was just an impossible task in the past. Technology is creating a major impact on the mind of youngsters, Youngsters are becoming more intelligent and social media aware which was just a dream in past.

A recent study in mobile revolution shows that mobile users are exceeding the desktop one by a significant difference which indicates that users are attracted more to mobile technology rather than a big giant desktop one.

According to a recent study performed by eMarketers, It was predicted that 32% has increased mobile commerce from the past which was a good number to make it future perfect technology.

According to a recent survey, it was predicted that Apps mainstreams download is much more than Facebook and Twitter friends, followers, etc. It is a significant achievement that is achieved by Mobile technology world.

Wearable technology such as smart watches or mobile automation system such as Cortana, Echo and Siri makes our life more interesting and easy to live.

A grand announcement of $500 million from Hilton gives a serious look to M-commerce industry

mobile app revolution

  1. Revolution through mobile apps.

Mobile apps are surpassing the television and social media marketing or even search engine optimization which is increasing the business and its impact on next level which can’t be ignored in this virtual world. It is an easy approach for independent shoppers and busy consumers to buy in the easy way which is a necessary step to increase the business in current scenario technology revolution.

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5 Mobile Commerce Mistakes You Should Avoid

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Mobile phone sales have been one of the reasons for increased eCommerce sales in recent years and it becomes clearly essential for the eCommerce websites to provide excellent experience for the users – be it the interface or the quality, it is vital that customer experience is valued. Since there is no instruction manual for a perfect mobile website, it will turn out to be hard to figure out what could be done and what not.

However, there are certain things which you must absolutely not do.  Below is a list of the 5 Mobile Commerce Mistakes You Should Avoid.

1) Having a complicated webpage

Never use sliders or image carousels for any of the pages of your site, be it mobile or desktop. To begin with, no one actually spends time to go further than the initial image anyway. Besides, it will only make it difficult for your page to load quickly. Though the bandwidths of mobile are pacing up, they still haven’t met par with those on the desktops. This will put the users off, affecting your sales. You could rather use a single picture of call to action.

2) Not possessing an Email Newsletter

Though this is the age of consistently flourishing new apps, Email still has the potential to give you better returns on investment than any marketing forms. Stop and think of the cost that would go into just writing an Email newsletter and sending it. Also think of the number of subscribers you possess. Easy, isn’t it?

3) Making use of QR Codes

Let’s agree to this. QR Codes are no longer cool, new or useful in anyway. Besides, they include a lot of complex steps while having to use them online. Better to strike off the QR code from your site altogether.

4) Unnecessary expenditure on an app for smartphone

Having an app for your site wouldn’t really be a bad thing. However, it isn’t vouched as a good thing to do either. If you plan to have an app for your site, ensure it has got the need which your customer would have. Make researches to ensure it will be catering to the need. Or else, you have simply spent your money in vain!

5) Using Flash

This one is quite obvious as the iPhones don’t support it. Nonetheless, mobile websites are still making use of it. It is better not to use the flash on your website at all.

6) Having same designs for Tablets as well as smartphones

Since smartphones are extensively used, your customers don’t really use them to watch videos. Besides, video requires large bandwidth which will take away a lot of data from your customers if they don’t possess a proper data plan. Tablets, however, are appropriate to watch videos, and users generally use them in homes, connected to their Wi-Fi. If you really have to make use of videos, you could make separate designs for tablet users.

Mobile App Development Trends That Will Dominate this 2016

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This is the century of mobile phones, which saw the swift transformation between corded landline phones to cordless mobile phones and then to smart phones and devices. Technology has indeed taken the world by storm. Apart from the smart mobile phones, we have smart televisions, Android gears and the likes. Every year, there is something new coming up in the world of technology. Here is a list of 6 mobile app development trends that are predicted to dominate this 2016.

6. Beacon Technology Will Take to the Front Lines


Beacon aims to bridge the gap between offline and online work. iOS has been working well with Beacon so far and we can expect Google Android to take this up soon. Having said this, industries like the real estate, tourism, education, automobile and the likes can hugely benefit from this technology.

5. All Apps Will Run in the Cloud

apps-in the cloud-02

2016 comes with a bag of advancements with the Cloud coming together with mobile computing to ensure that the applications can reach out to a larger number of smart devices. This will combine the advantages of cloud computing and mobile computing.

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How Can Responsive Web Design Help You Gain More Visitors?

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In case your website’s design is not responsive, there are high chances that you are missing out on a lot of traffic, visitors and potential customers. Here are the main reasons why responsive web design can get you more visitors and why failing to implement it can harm your business.

Catering to mobile platforms better

Most probably, many of your visitors, both current and potential ones, are using a mobile device of some type to access your website. A responsive design will adjust your site automatically to the type of device and screen size of the particular user. But if your site doesn’t have that type of design, then most probably its text will be displayed in a very tiny format, making it extremely uncomfortable to read, or it may not fit in the screen size entirely. This will prevent your site from capturing the attention of potential visitors using mobile platforms as it will be bothersome for them to view it.

Enhanced user experience

With responsive web design, there is no redirection, no awkward page or site renditions which appear different on the different platforms or may not load properly in many cases, and no duplicate content either. With responsive design, you have a website with a consistent appearance which works equally well on all types of devices. Thus, the visitor experience is significantly improved, and this will lead to more visitors coming to your site and even increased conversion rates.

Search engine visibility is improved as well

Google and the other search engines show preferences for responsive websites and these rank more successfully in the search engine result pages both in international and local searches. This in turn means not only better overall visibility, but also improved exposure of your site to local audiences. This will increase the number of both your national and global visitors.

Optimized marketing strategies

The goal of every business is reaching as many customers in the target market as possible. Responsive web design facilitates the seamless integration of marketing campaigns throughout all media and device types – desktops, tablets, cell phones, etc. Thus, your message will reach a larger number of visitors and attract more potential customers.

You remain relevant

Last but not least, if you refuse to update your website’s design to the latest responsive trends, you will not only lose a portion of your visitors, but will also miss out on the chance to get new ones from different platforms. If you employ the latest technology for designing your site, you will improve the user experience and your website will look great when displayed across all platforms. This will improve your traffic and lower your bounce rates as well.

Today, the design of your website has to be much more than a fancy visual representation method for displaying your brand and business. It has to have the capability to adapt to the medium your visitors will be viewing it from, be it a desktop, a laptop, a cell phone, a tablet or any other type of device. If you haven’t yet taken the step towards responsive web design, it is high time you did that. This will definitely gain you more visitors and bring your business to the next level.


Mobile commerce

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mobile-commerceThe Evolution of Ecommerce to Mobile Ecommerce

Everything and everybody is going mobile these days and the evolution of ecommerce is primarily driven by the advent of smartphones and tablets that ensure people are connected wherever they go. Mobile communication is not limited to sending and receiving phone calls or SMS but it is now used to find new clients for your business.

Ecommerce has travelled a huge distance from its PC days ad today there are many businesses that are migrating their Internet website to a mobile website. Mobile e-commerce is now picking up very fast as there are plenty of customers who would like to order their goods through smartphone. Today established retailers such as Staples, Wal-Mart, and Barnes & Noble are working towards establishing better mobile channels to attract more customers.

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Hello World

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Hello World – SimplioLabs is here!!

Online commerce and mobile commerce are cutting edge online money making options in these days and with them, comes the responsibility of choosing the right web designer. Only appropriate website designing services can cater to top notch website designing solutions, that includes interactive website creation, online brochure making and of course the complicated virtual store or ecommerce website development.

SimplioLabs is here to address all clients, with requirements related to web designing. We have an excellent development team, which is enthusiastic, confident and certainly competent to provide any sorts of contemporary and trendy website designing solutions. Having an excellent client retention report, we boast to claim that our team members have insightful know how in all aspects of the website design and development.

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