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“Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them.”

Albert Einstein

Pay Per Click Marketing Trends in 2017

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There are many ways to make money through the internet. And something that has been talked about over the past few years in PPC or Pay Per Click. Most of us are familiar with how PPCs work. Now, let us talk about some of the trends and predictions in the field of Pay Per Click and how to keep up with it to get the maximum out for your business.

  1. The importance of video advertising

Video marketing and video advertising is a growing and efficient way to showcase your product or idea to the world. It has allowed for smaller companies and business owners to interact with their customers in a more personal and interactive level.

  1. Conversion rates will become more important

With all the new software and tools and the ever-growing ad space on the internet, it will become more important to convert your clicks into actions that are more profitable to the owner. It is a field of science that requires being researched and is no longer just a game of chance.

  1. Remarketing will grow in significance

Remarketing is growing in importance and is being more widely used by companies and websites to improve their traffic and profit. Companies are increasing their budget on reconnecting with people who have previously browsed or ordered items from them.

  1. Refunds will be claimed against invalid and accidental traffic

More and more agencies are demanding more transparencies. There are many tools available that help to distinguish valid paid traffic from the invalid and accidental ones. This means that the thousands of unknown and accidental clicks will no longer be counted and the agencies are keeping count of these accidental clicks and prevents it from counting.

  1. B2B targeting across multiple platforms will be coming faster than you think

Business to business transaction will become faster and easier in the near future. There are already companies who have started giving more importance to business to business transactions.

  1. Media buying software will be more efficient across multiple platforms

As marketers are trying to acquire more inventories and evade the elasticity of price change, they will begin to seek more support from platforms like Bing etc. to maintain the workflow over the multiple platforms, it is important to come up with a single integrated software solution, especially with the big players.

  1. Bing is going to grow in importance

Bing has always been second to the global leader, Google. But Bing is slowly growing in importance and use. It is cheaper when it comes to ads and more in use when compared to Google, with the older generation in particular.

  1. Live data in ads

Live data in ads are growing in importance and will continue to grow over the years. It allows you to display live real time data including availability, date, inventory etc.

PPC is steadily growing in importance and will become more important as the time passes. With these predictions and trends for the year 2017, you can make sure that you stay one step ahead of your competition.


Source: BusinesstoCommunity, SEJ, LinkedIn


Google Penalties That Could Harm Your Website (Part 3)

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(c) image:

Google is committed to providing good quality, accurate and ethical information to the users. The search engine imposes penalties on the website having content with stuffed keywords, several affiliated links, and spam content etc. If you are looking for enhanced rankings in the search engine and to prevent Google penalties, you should take care of all these issues.

  1. Exchange of links

If you allow the exchange of links with Webmasters for getting more links, Google Analytics will treat it as ethical. Even if you offer free gifts for the sake of reviews, it will be treated by Google as unprofessional.

  1. Content with stuffed keywords

Some of the businesses populate their websites with content having too many keywords to get listed on the first page of search results. However, Google imposes penalties on websites having content with stuffed keywords. Therefore, to prevent Google penalties on your website, you should limit the use of keywords to 4 times. However, you can make use of alternative keywords to get noticed by the search engine. The content should be unique and informative. It should be engaging and provide useful information about your products and services. Google gives importance to the sites having unique and informative content. It improves the ranking of your site in the search engines too.

  1. Too Many affiliate links on the website

Google imposes penalties on the website with too many affiliate links. Therefore, you should limit the use of affiliated links on your website.

  1. Comments spam

You should frequently check your website and delete unwanted spam comments. You can also make use of automated spam detection algorithm to prevent content spam on your website. It helps to overcome content spam and avoid Google penalties automatically. You can also completely eliminate the comments space to prevent Google penalties.

  1. Avoid Black Hat SEO

Many websites just employ techniques and strategies like invisible text, unrelated keywords, page swapping, keyword stuffing and doorway pages just to get ranked on the first page results of the search engines and get the quick financial results. Black Hat SEO does not give importance to the human audience. Google bans websites using black hat SEO. You should hire top notch content writers to write content with right keywords and alternative keywords to generate organic content and offer handsome returns on investment in long-term. It is to be noted that Google reduces your website ranking if the users frequently click on the back key to useful information at other sites. Therefore, you need to populate your site with relevant, useful and engaging content to get the users and convert them into potential customers. It is one of the organic methods aka white hat techniques to improve page ranking and win customers.

  1. Speedy Link Building

You should avoid inbound links from unrelated websites. Instead, you should get links from high PR and relevant sites to improve search engine rankings. You can outsource the article writing as well as submission of articles in free article databases, and guest blogs.  It helps to get best inbound links and improve your ranking.

2017 SEO Trends

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(c) topseosydney

(c) topseosydney

While living in the age of digital media, it is most importantly required to know the trends as it being developed faster than any other medium. Everyone today is aware of SEO and tries to use the best of it for coming into the mainstream. In fact, consumers are smart today, who don’t only know the strategies but have become one of them. To know your consumers and what they require, you must prepare a strategy for this year 2017.

Although you are best in the market, SEO trends are changing every second. This is more important to know what your competitors are planning to survive in the modern marketing. 93% of the population today if online begins with search, highlighting the latest best follows in digital marketing where optimization will be critical to the success of any website.

Here are a few trends that are in the limelight as being particularly important in the 2017 SEO Trends.

Optimization for user intent

Keywords are definitely important as search engine optimization works around it. But consumers today are aware of what they are seeking and search engines cracking the hardest and has become much better at identifying the user intent. With 2017 arrival, what your brand need to do is to place value on optimizing your digital content based on intent rather than specific keywords. For that matter you need to:

Explore.  Research those few keywords which are taking the user to your website. Find out what they want to be answered?

Boost. After analyzing the data gathered for your website enhancement.  Don’t wait, just put the changes that are necessary to boost ratings.

Fine-tune.  This is again very important that you keep your analytics up to date. You have to keep a tune with what’s working and what’s not.

Make sure user’s get their answers

Consumers are only coming to your website for their answers, your digital content should be rich and informative. Google have answers to almost all queries of whatever we input but it is necessary you get the best answers for grabbing user attention.

A step forward: cross-channel marketing

Although cross-channel and multi-channel marketing sound quite similar, but they are actually different. Multi-channel means establishing a presence on more than one platform, and cross-channel, on the other hand, uses several channels to market your brand in an integrated way. Moreover, there are many tools and resources which are helpful but cross-channel marketing still needs a lot more. Cross-channel marketing is something you need to list in your 2017 strategies.

Voice search

Didn’t you find it interesting to speak rather than typing the whole damn thing? Voice search nowadays has been in the use and quite working as an easy way. While its hand free and futuristic, you are making their life relaxed in a way. No doubt, voice search is one of the biggest trends of the digital age.  SEO markers would make a great choice if they input voice innovation and skip out the text based queries in 2017.

Every year new trends will be on the calendar but for 2017 it’s more about digital media and SEO marketing. Make sure you make a bigger impact on what is on the trends.

How to Create Compelling Content for SEO

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compelling-content-for-seoGetting up your content on the SERP may not be always an easy task. Quite often we end up in the dilemma to deal with the content that just needs to be perfect for the extra gain on the search. However, since Google has been one of the most preferred search engines globally, the main target of the content is to suit the need of the flow as observed on Google. So what you need is an accurate and compelling content up for the best result on SEO. Apart from that technical tweaks, there needs to be viable information that goes out to those visitors that should be considered interesting and reflective on the intent of the web page. Let us have a glimpse of the ways to make your content more compelling and useful. Here are some tips on how to create compelling content for SEO.

Get a Story based theme on the contents

Though it might sound funny, stories are one of the most preferred contents in the history of mankind. As with the times of the old times when stories were the favorite past time, the art of getting information through a story works wonders on the internet. The better aspect of the strategy is that when the information is exchanged by the means of story, the contents gets related to the readers letting them make sense of the situation and the need. Otherwise, the intent is often bleak and blurred.

Get the feel through multimedia in the finest forms

Images and videos really play a vital role in appealing to a potential customer. It always makes sense when we see what has been tried to put the words in content. Not always can you get everything on an image, but relating to the content with appropriate and related images and videos can get the bolstering effect on your content. Well, what is different is simply seeing what you have been reading and there is a double assurance that your content is making every bit of sense to the reader. In either case, multimedia especially images let you work on the aesthetics of your page. So, alternatively, you can use the option to also score well on the looks of your website.

Get powerful and better testimonials

Don’t trust those rumors that say that remarks and comments do not matter. In fact, almost 40% of the decision made by a visitor is based on the inputs and impression that one gets from the comments and testimonials. Quite evidently, as a reader or a visitor to a particular website, you are one in millions of the websites up there on the internet and there has to be confirmation on why the information on your website has to be trusted in the first place. Hence testimonials make a lot of difference to the reader. So if you get worthy testimonials on your website, you may not need to have that extra effort to make the readers trust the information on the website.

Do you know any other tips on how create compelling content for SEO?

Why Is Local Search Getting More Important?

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local-search-seoLocal search is in vogue in SEO world. There was a time when local search was taken to use by the small businesses. With the changing technological trend, local search is equally important for businessman around the world.

Here are some reasons why you should be compelled to adopt local search for your business.

  1. Local business are searched by local people online

People usually make use of web when they want to search local service provider in their town. Stats say 97% of the people search local business online when looking for a particular local store. Don’t you want to be get contacted when they reach you out?

  1. Majority of the Google searches are done through mobile

Let this sunk in! More than half of the searches that are initiated through mobile are in an effort to get information about the local stores nearby. Which according to the math done right shows that 25% of the Google searches constitute the local search! Such searches are not only limited through smartphones but will likely to increase with time as the wearable devices do.

  1. Online reviews trusted by people

Reviews by people online are found to be helpful by others. With the help of personal recommendations, you usually don’t have to go through the hassles of price concession and other headaches that follow. Moreover, when it comes to buying from local service provider, personal recommendations work wonders.

Following this, when people search for local service provider, they search for personal reviews. About 92% of the customers read reviews online before going up to buy a product.

  1. Conversion rate is pretty high

Conversion rate of local searches done through mobile is actually high. Searches don’t go futile. About 68% of the people who refer to local search actually end up following it.

  1. Personalized search

Personalized search means that Google take into consideration the behavior of your past searches, the type of searches and your location, so next time when you search something, you would already have related options popping up on top.

The benefit of personalized searches to local business is if your website is optimized for specific service and location, your site is likely to pop up first when someone searches from within the same location.

How to get started with local search?

Now that you know the benefits of local search, next you need to know is about to get started with it. Here are some of the steps that convey so.

  • Claiming the business listing

Fore mostly, you need to get yourself listed in the Google business list by creating a Google business page.

  • Optimizing the business listing

Once you have a business page, optimize it by filling up contact information and a description of your business

  • Citations

Next you need to confirm that your citations (references of business online) are correct in regards to your number business name, address and phone number.

So by now you know the benefits of local search and how important can it be for your business to flourish even more.

Google Penalties That Could Harm Your Website (Part 2)

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Beware Google penalties! Google is on a mission to provide only the quality, ethical and accurate info to its users. It is on a continuous warfare to improve the unique content and don’t let the good concealed by the unethical content.

Here are the eight penalties that Google could impose on your website. Penalties can make you lose your website search ranking on Google.

  1. Scrapped content

Copying irrelevant content word to word from any other website can prove to be detrimental. Even spinning the content through automated means and using on your website will not be appreciated. Having content on your website which is of absolutely no value to users or embedding content from other websites and using it as your own is another blunder that Google can penalize you for.

  1. Content redirects

Redirects’ which redirect the users to links other than they requested are other called sneaky redirects. It usually happens when you use JavaScript to redirect the user from one to other.

Always see to it that page you are redirecting them to should interest your user and should be of their value.

  1. Excessive link exchange

If you exchange link with the webmasters or create page partners for the sake of linking, it will be treated as unethical by the Google analytics. Bartering product or service for links or providing free gifts for reviewing in exchange of link in the reviewing blog post can now be treated unprofessional.

  1. Injecting keywords and texts

Displaying phone numbers of no value to visitors and injecting names of cities and states just to rank higher for the particular keyword are ways to call trouble.

  1. Keyword stuffed content

There is a misconception of having a keyword density in particular content. Well, stuffing keywords multiple of times that is even irrelevant to meaning and space are another way to be penalized. Google can easily detect weirdly and poorly written content full of useless keywords.

  1. Affiliate links all over the space

Google is not opposed to affiliate websites, but using affiliate links in something Google won’t appreciate as it showed the content is not up to mark.

  1. Comment spam

Usually websites use automated spam detection system to detect the user generated spam on comments section. However, some comments still make through. Keep a close watch on the comments the site is receiving, don’t let the spam comments clog up or you can completely choose to shut down comments section to avoid trouble.

  1. Black hat SEO device

Using black hat methods to manipulate SERP’s can make you lose your money now. Avoid publishing such information.

If your business rely on traffic on your website through search engine business, knowing how and when can Google charge penalty is a must know. Play fair and safe and keep yourself out of trouble by implementing white hat techniques.

If charged with penalty, it can be fixed with hard work and little efforts but in certain cases giving up on the website is a wise idea rather than fighting for Google penalties.

Check the Google Penalties That Could Harm Your Website (Part 1) here:

Faster WordPress Site With Cloudways and WPMU DEV Plugins

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wordpress-pluginsI Made My WordPress Site 1311% Faster With Cloudways and WPMU DEV Plugins..

I received a 1311% speed hike by installing on my server Cloudways controlled cloud hosting in association with Hummingbird & Smush Pro plugins. Ever since Hummingbird was introduced we have compiled so many new ideas. Take a peek at the project page to discover every latest feature. Look out for Hummingbird.

You were fed into thinking that optimizing your portal for speed is vital. Ultimately 40% of persons won’t spare 3 seconds for the loading of your front page, whereas Google sets a time of 2 seconds for loading of your site, but you should actually go for 500ms for the maximum SERP ranking.

However, really attaining quick page speeds is extremely deceptive and time taking. I ponder, what the thing a render blocking resource is? (Certainly, that’s a pompous question, but do you recollect the time when you first encountered it on Google PageSpeed Insights?)

Hence, on being asked to evaluate Cloudways’ administered hosting service, I was doubtful. The reality is, I dislike writing reviews on item I don’t prefer, I simply can’t perform such a task, therefore I informed Cloudways that  if anything didn’t convince me I would let it be known to them. However, they presented me with a test account somehow…. and to my surprise…and let truth prevail, I was unbelievably thrilled when I viewed the pace at which my demo website functioned speedily after adding our Hummingbird & Smush Pro plugins to the lot.

Hence, let’s take the challenge. This is how I kick started my portal 1311% quicker employing cloud hosting with Cloudways and also our Hummingbird and WP Smush Pro plugins,- and how my web pages loaded at the bat of an eyelid (within 300 to 400 milliseconds) Continue reading

Google Penalties That Could Harm Your Website (Part 1)

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Almost every webmaster is equally afraid of the Google penalties that tend to deteriorate the website’s ranking badly. And this is the reason, that having knowledge on Google penalties is very important. If you too own a couple of websites or are new in the industry, here are a few Google penalties that could harm your website which you should know about.

  • Buying links

While many people claim that it is not at all true and it does not happen, the factual evidence is perplexing. Purchasing the links can undeniably deem to be an attempt that is made so that the Page rank is manipulated. This is where the actual controversy lies. Have you been frequently purchasing bad links? Have you bought loads of such links in the past? Then there is a possibility that your actions might have affected your website.

  • Excessive reciprocal links

We all try different ways to market our business on this internet-obsessed world. Sometimes we succeed and sometimes we fail without our own knowledge. This is one such try. Swapping the links is a very feasible marketing strategy that was once upon a time innocent but is now extensively abused. If you have indulged yourself in exchanging plenty of links with your potential clients, it could now be deemed as an attempt to manipulate the clients. And this could definitely have an adverse effect on your site.

  • Duplicate content

Need we even say this? This one is very much obvious. Any content that is posted on your website which is a dupe of another content, the Google views it as a less worthy content. This could lead to Google penalizing your website. To avoid this, you should ensure that the content you produce is well written and very unique. To help you in this regard, there are tools such as CopyGator and CopyScape that will warn you about plagiarized content.

  • Overusing H1 Tags

If you structure your content properly, it will certainly help you during the Search Engine Optimization. The H1 tags aid the Google in comprehending what your page is actually about. But if you use the H1 tags extensively, it could be deemed as an attempt to pump up the listings of Google with keywords.

  • Internal 404s

Google earnestly wants to realize that you take good care of your content and cancel out any sort of problems and errors for that matter. If you are giving 404s in your very own website, it is definitely going to be an alarming signal that your users are failing to get the information which they sought for in the first place.

Now that you know what could harm your website, it is recommended to stay away from such penalties and avoid any mischievous acts which could cost a lot to your website.


10 Secret Google Search Tricks

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google search box-602
Google is more than just putting in a keyword and hitting enter! With some rather neat tricks, you can now have access to filtered search results that also save you a lot of time. Here are some ideas:

  1. Getting your phone location

This is something that not many of us know but Google can actually provide you with your phone location. All you need to do here is simply type “I’ve lost my phone” and Google will return you the last known location of your phones which you have synced with your Google account.

  1. Date wise results

If you want to search for a specific result by date but are not sure which was the exact date then you can get it by specifying the date range on Google. Here you need to type this formulae  &tbs=cdr:1,cd_min:(start date),cd_max:(end date) at the end of the URL of the search result.

  1. Bill reminder

In the fast moving lives, we lead, it is really hard to remember everything, especially upcoming bills. Here with the help of Google, you will be able to find all the details of any upcoming bills by typing “my bills” in the search box. Remember, in order to get results for this search, there must be some kind of records of your bills in your Google account beforehand.bag-of-tricks

  1. Using keywords

A clever trick to get desired search results is by correct usage of keywords like OR or TO. Therefore, if you want comparative search results you can use OR whereas to find a result for a particular period you can use TO.

  1. Getting your photos

This is an impressive search trick that you can employ to get your photos or videos on the Google search page given they are stored in an in-house storage of Google.

  1. Movie searching

There is no doubt that all of us have tried to search movie screening times on Google. But if you want to know the exact movie timings for a particular location then you need to type in “movies” and put in your area postcode or location and wait for the timings to pop up in no time.

  1. Comparing products

One of the lesser known tricks in Google is that you can compare two given products by using the term “vs”. Here you have type in product A vs product B and voila!! You will see every point of comparison between them in no time.

  1. Excluding Information

It is true that when we search for a particular result, we are also provided with extra information that we don’t need. Now you can exclude this excess information by putting a hyphen (-) just before the keyword you are going to use.

  1. Finding contacts

Another neat trick you can use on Google is finding the information of any of your contacts on the Google search page. All you need to do here is type “contact” followed by the name of the person.

  1. Google timers

You may not be aware but Google does have its own timers. They can be used like normal timers wherein you can set a particular duration and Google will send you an alert on completion of such a period.

SEO Facts That You Need to Know

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Before we begin, it is important to know what is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and how it works. SEO is a process which is involved in enhancing the opportunities for your content to be viewed by people when they use search engines. When you run a search on Google engine, you will get to see both organic listings as well as paid advertising on the result pages of your search. We talk about facts related to enhancing the visibility of organic listings on these search engines.

Fact 1 Content is King!

Content is basically a text, images and videos or even sound. Content is the element which is indexed by all search engines. The whole web is constructed around content. When people state that content is the king, it is only implied that content rules the online world and also the SEO. Google adores content. Google has always succeeded in being a reliable source for appropriate as well as relevant content. Because they know the importance of it!

Fact 2 Page layout is vital

While you generate your content according to the rules of Google, it will generally increase the chances of you being found. Keywords that are engaging are the most effective part of content. Even the page layout as per recommendations of Google is going to be helpful. Google has very particular guidelines about the page layout of your content and following them will enhance the possibilities of you being seen.

Fact 3 Link profiles do matter

A major portion of search algorithm of Google is dependent on reviews of Google on how online contents and websites link to each other. The effectiveness due to such linking is based on quality and quantity of links. If Google sees the links to your website as an authentic link and a relevant one, it is really good.

Fact 4 Online performances are important

All important search engines and specially Google involve in monitoring the performance of your website pertaining to your visibility on search engines. Hence, your site must load quickly. The quality of your host web server will play a significant role here. Even the quality, with which your website is coded, also helps. Even optimization of pictures plays a prominent role. Hence you need to be paying more attention towards aspects like these.

Fact 5 Social media matters

Search engines keep track of your activities on social media to determine what sort of online content is relevant, vital and appropriate to serve as a result of the search made. Hence, your active participation on social media is important as well.

Fact 6 You are only halfway done with content

If you have created content, you have really worked well on optimizing your page but it is just a good start. You will have more work to do. You need to be promoting your content through Twitter, Facebook, Google + and a lot of other online platforms to ensure your content reaches a wide range of audiences.