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The importance of a logo design and 5 reasons why you need a good one

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Every business needs a visual representation of who they are and what they are about. Logos not only pull the eye with their catchy designs, but they also can provide a quick glimpse into the company. Those without logos are not only less noticeable, but they also take the risk of not being remembered by future or passing customers which means even more so, less repeat business, and less loyalty. Knowing the importance of logo design and why you need one is the first step in starting and maintaining your business successfully. Here’s why…

Branding your business

One of the foremost reasons to design a logo is so that you can brand yourself and your business which, in the long run, will allow you to get your name out faster and provide customers with a visual subject to remember you by.

When branding and advertising, your logo is what you are going to use on business cards, websites, fliers, adverts, and everything in between. It is what will be considered the “profile picture” of your business and many people will refer to this image in their minds when looking for, or referring back to your company.

As it should be a unique image to your business to your name, logos direct attention to themselves and give first impressions as well as implanting themselves as memories for those who were impressed or even took the time to absorb it. The quality of design of course, can effect whether the impressions are good and whether the memories will stick with them or not.

Brand definition

A brand not only defines a company itself; it also tells a story. Brands use images inspired to represent themselves by letting their design choice tell their story. The choice of design ultimately decides what the logo is going to say. Smiles and friendly faces can signify friendly, customer service. Smooth lines and clear backgrounds can put off impressions of smooth operation and ease of use. Some designs use characters and the year they were established to show history and the sturdiness of their business. Logos are ultimately a visual representation of who a company is, and the choice lies within what type of message or story you want to tell with it.

Brand attention

Living in such a rapid-paced society, we are more likely to give our bursts of wayward attention to images instead of text or writing. Even in passing, it is easier to note a digital image than it is to absorb a foreign word or combination of words. If something seems too complicated to us or our eye, we are less likely to stop and pay attention to it. We move past it without giving it the energy we need to fully take it in.

By utilizing logos, we decrease the time it takes to grab someone’s attention as they bustle passed and it leaves them more likely to remember the encounter. In crowded marketplaces or trade shows, your logo allows the wandering eye to find your company and pique an interest as to what you are about. This can be used to your advantage to draw in potential customers who wanted to satisfy their curiosity or noticed your logo and had to see what it represented.

Uniqueness of your logo and brand

Colors, fonts, and overall graphic design choice will certainly be what causes your logo to succeed or fail. This is because certain colors are attractive and stand out, while others deter people and slip past the busy mind’s eye. If potential customers cannot read the font on your logo, it can cause confusion and those customers may decide to go where they feel more comfortable. Odd how the human brain can immediately decide if it likes something or not and whether it should be submitted to memory.

That being said, when you use a logo for branding, it becomes easier to tell your company apart from others – easily. Going beyond that, the brighter and more attractive the logo, the more likely you are to stand out against the rest. Not only will you become more recognizable, you will become more noticeable and the association will be made between your image and your company. The level of uniqueness heightens these abilities of your logo.

Logo image and security

Sure, there are two points listed here, but they go hand in hand with each other with how they affect companies. Logos do one major job, and that is scream ownership! When designs are solidified and the correct legal trademarks have been made, no one else can use your logo because it is simply – yours! Not only will this logo exude itself within any and all branding, but it will show that you are present and that you are established.

Giving off these impressions allow your company to show that there is a solid foundation beneath your business, and that you are successful and knowledgeable. In short, having a logo established gives off an air of professionalism that those without logos will miss, over and over again – simply because they seem unprofessional.

Lastly, the “profile picture” analogy can be applied here to help prevent scams and thefts to happen within your company, as well in general society. Having your logo present on delivery vehicles, emails, letters, and even business doors will provide a sense of security to customers which will help them return in the future.
Designing a logo should be the foremost importance when creating a company so that you can utilize it to work for you. It will not only speak for you, but it will bring your customers a sense of personalization and security while making you recognizable and unique. When thinking about the importance of a logo, consider these two questions: Can you name one major company without a logo? Would you use a company without one?

Four Web Design Tips To Convert Visitors Into Customers

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Every business needs to invest in improving online visibility because of consumer behavior. People leverage the power of smartphones and the internet to learn more about products and services, making them independent shoppers. And the rise of branded searches, or users looking for information about your company or products, means lost business opportunities without an effective digital presence.

Empowered by mobile, consumers are more curious, demanding and impatient than ever before.

Consumers In The Age Of Assistance

According to Google, there are three types of consumers today:

• The Curious Consumer: Buyers are now research-obsessed. They want to make sure every purchasing decision is well-informed to avoid regrets.

• The Demanding Consumer: People want to encounter digital touchpoints that are tailored for them, even if they don’t verbalize their requests.

• The Impatient Consumer: The rise of smartphones and internet connectivity has led to impatient buyers. Many shoppers do commercial research while on the go.

These traits influence consumers’ expectations of how they interact with your brand. As such, it’s your responsibility to provide a smooth, seamless customer experience, starting with your website.

I’ll walk you through several factors that can improve your website’s overall function and performance, optimizing your user experience and interface at the same time.

Web Design Factors To Prioritize

1. Clear Navigation 

Your website navigation structure should allow users to easily go to another page regardless of where they started. Not all visitors start on your homepage and follow a predictable path. They should be able to locate a specific product from the page they’re coming from.

Keep your visitors from feeling overwhelmed by breaking the navigation into groups of five to seven options. The small number of options keeps the user focused on their goal, helping them make prompt decisions.

Hick’s Law, a popular web design principle, says that the more choices you present to users, the longer it will take them to make a decision. The danger is that the visitor might lose interest in your disorganized site; they’ll end up clicking out.

However, Hick’s Law isn’t applicable to every part of your site. Some pages will contain more content than others, like product pages, for example. In this case, highlight the product, promo or option you want people to select to make them more visible.

Search function is another feature of clear navigation. A search bar follows the three-click rule, a design principle saying that users will quit your site if it requires too many clicks just to find what they need.

In my decade working in digital marketing, I can say with certainty that another website feature that accommodates the needs of the impatient consumer is loading speed.

2. Quick Loading Speed

Page speed is important for all viewing devices, but it has more weight for mobile. The 2019 Page Speed Report shows that slow loading times lower the chances of a shopper returning to your website. Twenty-two percent of mobile users admit to leaving slow-loading pages and 14% said these sites force them to visit a competitor’s. Google provides this free tool for diagnosing your site’s loading issues.

Page speed is also an SEO ranking factor. It boosts your website’s visibility in search engines. This helps you gain a better position for generating traffic, converting them into leads, then customers. 

Apart from loading speed and navigation, the layout of your website also affects your conversion rate. At first glance, your site should be simple and intuitive. This provides a comfortable reading experience for users, preventing them from clicking out of your page.

3. User-Friendly Layout 

The point of your layout is to make your content as readable as possible. If your site’s not readable enough, it won’t entice action from the visitor.

Digital users are always on the go, so they may not have time to read through your entire article or page.

According to UX Myths, people don’t read site content; they skim. Use this behavior to create a user-friendly layout.

The F-pattern is a common eye-scanning pattern among speed readers. People typically read the first part of your content to get an idea of what it’s about. After, they scan downward on the left side of the screen to look for any points of interest.

The F-pattern helps you create a layout with good visual hierarchy, resulting in easily scannable content. The key to nailing the F-pattern is by immediately establishing the purpose of the page in the first two paragraphs and using powerful, straight-to-the-point headers. Cover only one idea per paragraph and use bullet points whenever you can.

Break text-heavy pages with relevant images and an adequate amount of negative space.

Lastly, an easily spotted call-to-action button is necessary for all of your web pages. This prompts a response from the user that will lead them further into the buyer’s journey.

4. Strong, Clear Call-To-Action

Your call-to-action (CTA) button isn’t always transactional. You have to anticipate the needs of the reader to recommend relevant content. Your CTA may invite the reader to another blog post related to the one they just read, similar products they may find interesting, or downloadable files that may help their problem.

I’m not being hyperbolic when I say that the placement and color of the button are critical. Place it in a highly visible part of your layout. You can follow the rule of thirds to highlight important elements of the page, such as the CTA button.

Above all, prioritize clarity and ease of use when designing your website. Your landing pages must make it easy for the user to go from one page to another as their browsing intent changes. This way, your website facilitates their progression along the buyer’s journey, so you get to be with them every step of the way.

We’ve designed and developed websites for a lot of businesses worldwide, and the main conclusion is that a user-friendly website always generates leads and converts customers to increase your bottom-line revenue.



How to improve your Website Marketing?

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No matter what kind of company you run, make sure your advertising and website marketing is on point. This is particularly the case if you run a roofing company; competition is strife and there are a lot of other businesses running campaigns out there to try and attract new customers. Now, there are a lot of ways to advertise but the best ways are usually online- everyone uses the internet and if you can appeal to people out there, you’ll be well on the way to getting as many on board as possible. However, getting seen on the internet isn’t an easy process. There are a lot of other websites competing for top spots and that’s why you need to make sure your marketing and tactics are on point, but how do you do this? That’s why I’m here- here are the best ways to improve your website marketing if you’re a roofing company.

Go for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The first thing I’d recommend doing is working on your search engine optimization. SEO is one of the most important things when it comes to getting your website higher up on the search results lists and it more or less involves improving certain things to do with your site- working on keywords, making it more in line with search engine algorithms and other things like that. You could do this yourself and there are a lot of people out there who do it on their own for their own companies.

However, I believe that hiring an SEO company could be a worthwhile option for you as well. By doing this, you’re putting your SEO in the hands of professionals who will really know what they’re doing. They know all the tricks of the trade and by simply paying them a required fee, you’ll be in really good hands. There are a lot of good SEO companies for roofers out there but if you want to check out an example, go and have a look at 

Ensure website design is up to date

I’d also recommend making sure your website is up to scratch in terms of design. It’s really important that your website looks good when people are using it; if it looks messy and unorganized, visitors will be much more likely to click off it and visit other sites. By having a clean and organized website that’s user-friendly and easy to use, people will be much more likely to stay on it and hire you for any work they need done. Make sure your colors all match and aren’t too in the face of users, make sure all links are easy to click on and use and ensure any contact details are easy to find as well. This will ensure all users who visit your site will have a good time.

Advertise on social media platforms

Advertising your website on different social media platforms could also be really useful. This will allow people to see your website as an option; they’ll be much more likely to visit it and more people will know it exists. No publicity is bad publicity when it comes to website visitors and this is vital if you want to be a successful roofing company.

Source: Daily Host News

The Most Important Web Development Trends in 2020

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Web development is in the middle of a transformational period. Customers are finally beginning to perform the majority of their online browsing on mobile devices and are quickly shifting from traditional written searches to voice searches.

These trends have major consequences and companies that rely on websites and search engine results, such as retail businesses, professional services, and JavaScript software development firms, will need to focus on more than just SEO as these changes are implemented.

This article will help executives and project managers in the web development industry prepare for upcoming changes in web development and SEO over the next several years.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is no longer a science fiction trope. The revolutionary technology is finally beginning to come into its own. It is impacting the quality of care that medical patients receive, transforming data analysis and business analytics, and making futuristic technologies like self-driving cars a reality.

In addition, AI is also transforming the internet search and web development industry. Google, along with other search engines, is using AI to improve the quality of their search results.

The company launched its AI initiative in 2015 with RankBrain. Google uses a combination of traditional machine learning and deep neural networks to create an AI search bot that can learn from past search results and click-through rates to improve its capabilities.

Marketers and web developers that rely on SEO to drive traffic to their website will need to turn their attention from keyword-heavy websites to producing high-quality, long-form content that provides useful information and resonates with readers. This will only become more important as Google’s AI makes keywords less important over the next several years, opening the door for the rest of the search engines to follow.

Featured Snippets

Another major trend impacting the entire web development industry is Google’s new focus on producing featured snippets in their search results. In the past, Google simply took a search term and returned the top 10 website results on the first search result page.

Today, Google often takes key bits of information, or snippets, from the most popular websites and includes this information in the search results above the most popular websites. This means that customers do not have to click links to gather basic information.

While this change has been very useful for customers, it has reduced internet traffic for websites since customers no longer need to load a webpage to get that basic data.

Businesses can improve their chances of landing a spot as a featured snippet by producing high-quality content that is clearly organized. However, there is little that companies can do to replace those click-throughs so overall website traffic will likely continue to fall.

Mobile Traffic

Over the past decade, customers have started using mobile devices to access the internet at increasingly high levels–with research finding that an estimated 58% of website visits are completed on a mobile device today.

In addition, a total of 56% of search engine queries are completed on a smartphone.

For web development and JavaScript outsourcing firms, this means that every website they work on must be optimized for mobile devices. They can accomplish this by removing interstitials, or content such as full-page popups, a faulty layout, or other features which negatively impact the mobile user experience.

In addition, Google now penalizes companies that include email-list popups on their homepage, an annoying feature that customers have long complained about.

Businesses should pay special attention to their mobile layout and should consider using progressive web apps (PWAs) to automatically optimize their mobile sites for Google.

Voice Search Results

Since the release of Siri in 2011, mobile search has become more and more important. Today, that voice recognition market is worth an incredible $600 million. Experts also predict that more than 50% of all searches will be performed by voice by 2020.

Businesses can optimize their websites for voice search and prepare for this new reality by changing the way they look at keywords. Traditionally, customers who search Google using their keyboard will create stilted, computer-like phrases as their search terms.

However, customers who use voice search tend to speak in the type of regular, everyday language that they use to communicate with friends. Companies can improve their voice search results by transitioning to more casual keywords and speech on their websites.


Data privacy continues to be one of the most important priorities for businesses of all sizes and in all industries. Research has found that cybersecurity is the number one “external concern” for American CEOs.

Its importance will only increase over the next several years as recent cybersecurity trends continue to develop. The number of these data breaches is increasing every year and the cost to global businesses will only increase as well. In fact, the total cost of cyberattacks is expected to exceed $6 trillion by 2021.

Internal investments in cybersecurity have risen by 141% from 2010 to 2018 and this trend will likely accelerate over the next decade. This is a major reason why global investments in information security are expected to top $124 billion in 2019.

The rise of 5G wireless networks and the associated internet of things will also increase the risk of cybersecurity attacks because of the massive number of devices expected to come online over the next decade.

Web development teams and offshore JavaScript firms should pay special attention to data privacy during upcoming web development projects. Malicious actors will continue to use more and more sophisticated attacks to breach websites and steal invaluable consumer information, like social security numbers, banking information, and more.

Looking Forward

In the future, technical experts may look at 2020 as a banner year. Google’s use of featured snippets and PWAs are already changing change the format and style of websites. On the other hand, mobile traffic and voice search results are finally overtaking their predecessors as the two main ways that people access information.

Cutting-edge AI is also being used to improve the quality of search results, produce faster results, and better connect customers with the services they need. Finally, data privacy will continue to be one of the most important concerns for business leaders and web development managers alike.

Source: TechBullion

Web Design Trends Predictions For 2018

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Looking at the ongoing trends used in web design market, there is no denying that the motto for 2018’s web design trends will be ‘ready for everything’.

With the growing technology, we should be ready for some good technological surprises in the area of graphic web designing. All this is happening or will happen in the future due to the changing taste of the customers.

So, let’s look at some of the web design trends which may play an important role in 2018:

  • Telling a story through the web designs and conveying emotions

Storytelling is going to be the most used web design trend in 2018 without any doubt. Storytelling helps to connect the customers with the company they are interested in, as they convey the motto and bigger picture of that company.

So while designing a web page makes sure to put up a good story – that will keep the customers engaged to the company’s products, services etc. This web design trend of 2018 is all about building a more emotional or humane connection.

  • Use of Mobile phones will be prioritized

We all are aware that in today’s time, a person is more close to his/her mobile than any other thing. It is because it contains each and every kind of information you need on a daily basis and makes your work easy also.

So, in 2018, those web designs will be preferred more which are mobile-friendly. In fact, Accelerated Mobile Pages, (an open source coding which has the ability to load the websites more quickly), will be an important part of this trend.

  • Adoption of new trends of fonts and coolers

In order to keep up with the changing and the modernizing of the layout trends, one will need the type of fonts which have the ability to catch the attention of the customers and are new as well.

For, example bold colors and large fonts will help to keep the attention of the visitors on your website. They will be easier to read. The font colors will not be usual or boring. The main aim will be to create blissful and easy experiences for the customers.

  • Gauging the mood of the customers for proper interface

Honestly speaking, it will be a very huge and brand new web design trend in the coming year. This is difficult but not impossible. If human mood can be predicted and it can be used for design interface, then it would be a very witty invention in the world of web design. This is the reason that the mobile apps and software are becoming more and more personal.

  • Blending of progressive web apps with web designing

We all are aware of the fact that, various apps constitute about 60-70% of our mobile’s media. Now, this point was noted by web designers and they are coming out with various ways, to mix the best features of the web with various apps. In technical terms, this blending is called as Progressive Web App. Some examples of the same include- push notifications, splash screens etc.

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How Does User Experience or UX Affect SEO?

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It should not come as a surprise to anyone, but the quality and profit from your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are dependent on the UX or user experience. Everything you do should be done by keeping your customers and users in mind.

With the growth of the SEOs, there has also been a growth in the search engines. They both force each other to grow and constantly evolve. Spammers are known to use less than fairways to improve their rankings and brute forced their way into the list. But with this, search engines have also raised their bar and improved their security features. There are a limited number of factors that the search engine takes into consideration when it comes to ranking the website, including keywords, site structure, and links.

Most SEOs do not have full-fledged UX experts among their staffs. But this doesn’t mean you can’t learn about the basics of UX optimization. The leading SEOs in the market today have understood the importance of improving the user experience.

Most people think that Google doesn’t pay much attention to the user experience. This is far from the truth, though. One major factor that determines the ranking your ad is the landing page experience. The landing page experience is, as the name suggests, our initial experience when we reach the landing page of the website. It is important to never compromise on your user experience in an effort to enhance your Google search results.

The biggest and most visible impact of user experience in SEO is the increase the organic sharing and distribution of your links among the people. Changing how your website appears to the user and how easy and attractive the content feels like can easily improve the user experience.

This increase in the satisfaction level of the user can improve the overall marketing and publicity of your web page. Even attractive pages which might have quality content in them can be ranked lower because of the lack of positive user experience. The user experience is a sign of the popularity and reach of the website. A good user experience helps increase the sharing and bookmarking of your website. It increases the number of new customers and returning customer. All these factors eventually contribute to a higher ranking when it comes to the search engine ranking.

Even factors like too much loading time because of heavy images, videos and the likes can negatively affect your ranking. Users will gradually lose patience. This is also true if your website has issues with compatibility in different platforms.

Always be on the lookout for more and better ways to improve your user experience and eventually the ranking of the website. There is always a room for more improvements. Test every change that you make and be prepared to face some failures. Failure is just a stepping stone towards success. Always keep in mind that it is better to concentrate on the users than on Google when you are designing your page.

The Power of Simplicity in web design

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The Power of Simplicity in web designWeb designing: One of the most common terms in the world of technology today. Whenever you plan to start a business, one of the first things you do is hire a web designer who can structure the way your online presence looks like. This forms an important component of your marketing skills. Now, when it comes to a viewer, it takes about 1/50th of a second to 1/20th of a second for a visitor to judge whether the website is well designed or not. Also, according to market research, the simpler websites tend to fair better in the eyes on the viewers as compared to the visually complex ones. This means it will work to your advantage if you are keeping things simple on your web page.

Let us find out why simpler designs gain more brownie points in the virtual world.

  • Conversions

The main advantage for a simple website is its high conversion rate. When a visitor comes to the content on your website, the expectation would be to be able to navigate easily through the matter. The design that gives the potential leads more information in a shorter span of time is the right one. Therefore, these simple designs tend to attract more leads and thereafter leading to conversions.

  • SEO

If you think visitors are the only ones who like simpler website designs, it is time to reconsider. Google, as a search engine, also gives precedence to the simple sites with the right content. Focus on the keywords more than the design, and you are likely to have a strong online presence. Besides, Googlebots are not fully equipped to cater to the advanced technologies of the complex designs and thus it is better to stick to the simpler sites.

  • Mobile friendly

Smartphones are advancing and so is the usage. More and more people are now moving to the mobile platform for conducting their searches. In this day and age, if your website cannot be customized to smartphones, it acts to your disadvantage. And when it comes to complex designs, it becomes increasingly difficult for the mobile phones to adapt to them. Thus, it is best to keep simpler ideas for website designs in order to allow them to function on all platforms.

  • Easier to design

Talking from the perspective of a businessman, it is always more comfortable to design a simple website. Why? The resources required are limited, there are lower investments owing to the less bandwidth used. Besides, you would also be using up less server space which works to your advantage. Working on a simple yet useful design can help you finish the task quickly. Lastly, a simple design is easier to maintain cutting down on maintenance costs.

  • Shorter response time

When you use an easy design, the site becomes more responsive and easy to work with. In turn, this means that the viewers do not have to wait for the website to load and can work faster and smoothly.

Above are just some of the power of simplicity in web designs. Businesses nowadays mostly prefer simple, straightforward designs to get their brand or company messages delivered.

Web Design Trends You Can Expect in 2017

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2017-website-design-trendsAre you looking for the web design trends for the year 2017? You have gone to many places on the internet but yet to make up your mind? Then in this article, we are going to discuss in very simple terms as to what the trend of web design will be for the year 2017. It’s the time of the year when people start to look ahead and anticipate as to what the new trends will bring. Everybody is eager to see as to what 2017 has in store for website design and other elements.

Let us take a look at the top website design trends expected for the year 2017.

Importance of Content

In the previous years, we have seen too many things been added to the websites such as the sidebars, headers, sidebar ads, calls to action, banner ads, pop-ups, sign up boxes, comments, social media buttons and etc. All of these things together have made the websites clutter and cumbersome. This has led to distractions taking the focus away from the content for which the websites were the main attraction at the first place.

Therefore, in the year 2017 websites will move back to their basics of content emphasis rather than design elements. The idea is to decrease the amount of real estate on the website for decoration purposes and adding more useful content for the visitors. To get back to the core of the website development, the content needs extra deliberations. As it is the content which conveys to the audience about the businesses and services provided. If it is not for the content, then the websites will lose their true meaning and worth in the market.

Flat design termination

Flat design has more or less ended the creativity and the personality in a website design. When you remove the details on the flat website designs all you are left with is the sameness across all the platforms. This makes for a dull experience and is highly unacceptable in terms of website designs. Thankfully in the year, 2017 designers have started noticing this and there will be richer and better-looking website designs moving away from flat inspirations.

Everybody now realized that the website designs which are flat centric are not going to work in the long term. Therefore, adding some personality will bring new avenues for the website makers. Anybody who comes up with something fresh and out of the box is poised to disrupt the market for flat design websites. For once following the Google website design trend needs to end.

Geometric patterns

Another development for the year 2017 seems to lie in the geometric shapes patterns and lines. This trend started in the year 2016 and seems to continue for the year 2017. Websites with various geometric shapes have made their way into the mainstream. Especially the websites concerning themselves in the space of data science and analytics are making it big with geometrical shapes.

The above-mentioned points will make it clear for you to understand as to how the website designs will turn out to be in 2017. You have got an idea on the expected lines of deliverability for the website designs for the entire year.

Do you need AMP?

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AMP-accelerated-mobile-pagesAre you thinking as to why you should go with AMP or accelerated mobile pages? Then in this article, we are going to discuss the benefits of using accelerated mobile pages. We will make it really simple for you to understand so that you do not hesitate and make a better position. Let us get through this article and explore the possibilities of accelerated mobile pages. Let us begin.

However, before we begin latest simply explain what AMP stands for? It is simply a free and open source Framework that allows you to create mobile pages that are able to deliver contents easily and quickly. It contains the HTML, JavaScript, and the cache libraries which help to promote the speed of mobile pages. This is really helpful if your content is embedded in form of infographics, audio files, PDF and even video files.

So do you really need AMP?

The short answer for this would be that it depends on. However, no matter what business you are in if you are online then this new technology has the capability to turn around your business on its heads.

Speeding website loading

This is one of the most obvious reasons as to why you would be using AMP. This particular open source technology will help to eliminate useless elements that slow down your page load. It is clean, slick and really fast. This has been proven a long time ago that higher page speeds bring in more visitors every single time.

Increase in mobile ranking

Do not mistake AMP to be a ranking factor by itself. However, it does exert a positive influence on your mobile ranking because of its faster load time. If Google decides to prioritize AMPs, then it will surely have a direct impact on your ranking on Google and other search engines as well.

Server performance enhancing

If your site is able to generate lots of traffic from mobile, AMP will reduce the load on the servers and improve their performances.


From the above positive sides of AMP, there are some concerns regarding it. Number 1 issue is the reduction in the ad revenue. Because of the factor of mobile connectivity, the ads revenue is severely limited. It is not easy to put on lots of ads and then expect AMP run easily on the pages. Another issue with that is of analytics. Google Analytics is yet to come live on the AMP pages.  It takes a lot of time for the placement and to collect and analyze the data too.

The above-mentioned points show you the positive and negative of the AMP.  It is now up to you whether you want to implement this new open source technology on your online efforts. The future of this technology is bright with some niggles. The issues will go away soon and it will be implemented on the largest scale. Therefore, to be on a safer side it is recommended to implement it as soon as possible.

5 Things You Should Not Do With Your Website

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A simple mistake can prove to be a crucial point for the traffic on your website. If you are a novice in the field and are still trying your hands here, we have got a compiled a list of 5 things you should not do with your website!

  • Getting those picky media into your website

No visitor is out there to watch media on your website. In fact, there is social media and YouTube of course that gets better off with those multimedia kind of marketing. So, what you need in the website is to keep things simple and accessible for you visitors. The lesser the contents on your homepage the better it would be for your website. Many times, most of the web developers have a thought of getting the website to look and feel sophisticated to keep the visitors interested, but in reality, it works otherwise and you may lose an important visitor.

  • Engage visitors to the website without their consent

One of the biggest mistakes is to get those flashy adverts and those pop ups without the consent of the visitor. It is one of the most common mistakes and the most destructive strategy that you would want to take to complete tumble your website of any authentic status. And as with statistics through the analytics, nothing much has ever been off this aggressive advertising for the better prospect for your website. Yes, you can take the better of the adverts with the consent of your visitors, once they are happy to go on to stay on your website.

  • Get the visitors to sort out the pages

Web pages are not an easy aspect as far as the more commoner on the internet is concerned. However, many visitors to your website may be occasional visitors or users on the internet. So, the last thing they could ever want is to get the things and contents sorted on the web page. This would not only confuse them, it would also drive the visitors from your website. So there is a good chance of making the business work if the website is more accessible. In fact, it pays to be simple these days.

  • Multiple links and no shortcuts to the homepage

On an average, most of the visitors to your website might have been accessing the contents on your web page for the very first time. So, it is quite obvious they would be interested if you do not get them the right choices to get the easy and convenient access to the website. So, multiple links is a big NO and getting the shortcuts to the homepage is one of the most important aspects of your website. Getting the link to the homepage on every page of the web page is one best strategy to get the visitors interested and pleased.

  • Annoy your visitors with cluttered and low-quality content

As with any website, the content has to be spot on. The more accurate the content and the information on your web page, the more chances to have conversions on your web page. Also, having the grammar checked really pays of in the practical sense of the website.

Good experience

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SimplioWebStudio did a great job

Project accomplished

5 5 1
Project accomplished

Plugin developed successfully

5 5 1
Plugin developed successfully


5 5 1

Thank you Simplio team

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Great experience

Working with Simplio Web Studio was a fantastic experience.

5 5 1
Working with Simplio Web Studio was a fantastic experience. The service provided was amazing and professional. It was a delight to work with Nir, who went the extra mile to meet our demands in a timely manner. He really made our vision a reality by creating us a classic site, but moreover the relationship we formed is something our company really appreciates. It was a pleasure working with Nir and the team at Simplio Web Studio. We highly recommend them to all and we look forward to working and doing more business with them in the future.

a great project

5 5 1
a great project

All the best

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All the best to Simplio

My website is Live

5 5 1
My website is Live , thank you Simplio

From beginning to end, the team at Simplio provided top of the line customer service.

5 5 1
From beginning to end, the team at Simplio provided top of the line customer service. The web developers are incredible and made sure we got exactly what we were looking for! They truly went above and beyond to make us happy and we couldn’t have been more pleased with their talents. We would highly recommend them. Thanks so much Nir!

After over two years of research we chose Simplio.

5 5 1
After over two years of research we chose Simplio. We are so far very satisfied. These people answered the phone on a Sunday and fixed a problem that was not even their fault. It was the host company which I had chosen that had caused our site to go down.

Outstanding in both knowledge and professionalism.

5 5 1
Outstanding in both knowledge and professionalism. Nir and the staff at Simplio are Excellent in branding, web design and overall web presence. Definitely recommended!

I cannot even imagine having another company managing my Presta shopping cart.

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They are now part of the Diastasis Rehab business team after working with them almost a year now. I cannot even imagine having another company managing my Presta shopping cart. After a bad experience with a programmer, I needed a new programmer (one that knew prestashop shopping cart) and most important one that I could trust. Finding all three was a difficult process! Lucky for me I found them. I cannot say enough about the diversity of services that this company provides. Every step of the way they make amazing suggestions to increase my sales and they get back to be right away either by email or phone. They have even created a simple and easy check out program for Presta Shop. They are actually a one stop shop! They updated my SSL, are setting up and changing my server to a dedicated one, setting up streaming of my DVD, website design, creating a specific program for address verification on Presta cart and handled the integration of Presta cart with my fulfillment house. I am now working on developing an APP with them

Simplio really helped me out of a jam.

5 5 1
Simplio really helped me out of a jam. They did exactly what I needed on a very tight time frame (with little notice too!!!!) They are my new go-to guys for any Prestashop needs! Thanks Simplio!

Excellent service!

5 5 1
Excellent service! Nir was exceptionally helpful in solving a lot of issues with our website and making the user experience more smooth. He understood the needs of our school and helped improve the website tremendously.


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What impressed me most about working with Simplio was their attention to detail and excellent communication. Not only are they talented developers, but, they are also pleasant to work with and highly professional. Highly recommended!

professional service

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What a profissional service Simplio offers.I hired them to rebuild my website for my business and they were creative and professional. Nir was on top of the whole project from day one, until he delivered the project on time. I will defiantly recommend Simplio to anyone who is looking for website services. From creating, designing to maintaining your image online. Good Job Nir and the rest of your group.

Great Logo

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Great Logo, Very happy

fantastic to work with

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Simplio was fantastic to work with. They were fast, communicative and incredibly helpful to me. I highly recommend them to anyone who needs help with their digital needs!

Awesome experience

5 5 1
All details and requests were met in prompt an friendly manner. Would recommend on any day to anyone who wants to feel their business is in great hands.