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Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them.
Albert Einstein

Dear Customer

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Here is what we should all take into consideration when thinking about collaboration.

With honesty,

From Simpliolabs.



1.      Smiling

Of course, a smiling desirable person is the best clients for anybody however; let us look at the dark side of it as well. For example, an ETERNAL SMILE on one’s face can be only a fake one. What shall we expect from a person who can give good news as well as bad news always smiling?

2.      Better to want one thing at a time.

Well we do like customers that come to us more than one time, but better one job at the time.

3.      Too fast or too slow

We like fast deadlines; however, a good application will definitely take more than a weekend to be fully finished.

4.      Democracy

On the web works. We are strong believers of the quote that said, “our client is our master.” However, as far as we are concerned, we are sure that our ideas will just improve your vision and two great minds can work better than one. So let us just state here that we like to listen, and if necessary, we would add a sprinkle of magic just to make your product better.

5.      Serious 

Let us get serious! But how serious should we get? Sometimes professional is good but being an open-minded customer and speaking freely about his/ her concept is better. This way we can definitely make the connection.

6.      Great is great, but not enough

We like doing great things for you. As long as we will always hear a “great job” from you, we will be happy. We like performance so we seek the FANTASTIC in each challenge. This can only come from fantastic people with fantastic needs.

7.      The goodwill concept

The concept of “Frugal WOWs” is important even to us, because this is actually a gesture that has to come from both sides. We do something for you; we expect a wonderful collaboration from you as well.

8.      It is all about innovation

Users and company need to work together during the start to finish process. One may have an innovative idea but as long as the connection is not permanent we cannot make it happen according to the original vision. Instead of just receiving orders, let us innovate the idea of customer-company relationship and keep in touch.

9.     Cheap vs. Expensive

What gives value to any product? Instead of preferring a cheap product, we would rather go for something just a little but more expensive that will hold more value. Who agrees with us? That is our customer!

10.    Last and not least, the self-centred concept

The one who buys is the one that has the money. By exploring the both side of this concept, customers tend to become more interested in their personal needs and less willing to help others. This might lead to the tendency of ignoring an idea that might be great for the final product. Therefore, our suggestion would be: keep it your way, but always listen it may never hurt!

Best regards,