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“Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them.”

Albert Einstein


Budget & Spec

You provide us with a site specification, by answering our client questions. This allows us to review the specification and provide feedback with the budget in mind so we can discuss the options available to you. We provide you with feedback for consideration and some technical suggestions based on currently available functionality.

If all is good then we create a proposal and a milestone based payment schedule for you to sign and then onto the next stage!

Discuss & Refine

Together we discuss the specifications in more detail and ensure that they cover all the technical outcomes. If we see a better way of implementing a requirement we will make the suggestions.


Development of the front end and or back end systems, including an custom modules or custom coding. Our talented developers have a wide range of skills that range from front end, mobile phone web, CMS development and application development. As each stage is completed the online project manager will be updated so you can see the progress and report back to you.

Review & Testing

At this point the site has been delivered to you as per the specification and final payment is due. This gives you a chance to review the site, provide feedback and add content before it goes live.

Site Delivery

At this point the site is launched.

Post Launch Support

As the site starts to take on a life of its own, accept data and perform functions, little issues that were not apparent before it is in a live enivironment may appear. This is why we provide post launch support via our project manager.

This is where you are at an advantage over working with a freelancer as you can always reach us and we can use all the skills and knowledge of our team to diagnose and fix any issues as well as work on additional functionality if needed.

We provide the same level of service and committment to post launch support as we do throughout the project.