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10 Common SEO Myths Every Marketer Should Know

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A lot of information is around regarding the SEO, Search Engine Optimization. But how would you know if it’s all true? Here’s a list of the ten most common myths that surround SEO!

1) More links mean more success

Though link building is important when it is about SEO, it is the content which is the king. Having number of links won’t help anymore if you lack content. The quality of links is more important than the number of links.

2) Social Media wouldn’t help

It is true that Google doesn’t go into Analytics of Twitter or Facebook for rankings of a site. Nonetheless, a strong social media presence is really vital for SEO these days. It can help your visitors as well as search engines land upon your business online. It will help Google find your site online and also takes your content to a larger audience.

3) Mobile site doesn’t matter for SEO

This can be a disastrous thought in present time. It must be your first priority to make your site friendly to mobiles. Mobiles are being used extensively to access internet and you are going to find your audience more on phones. Make your site mobile friendly.

4) Once SEO is done, there is no need to bother again

SEO is constantly undergoing changes and just because you have optimized your site once somewhere in the past doesn’t mean it is still effective. Make sure you keep updating your SEO practices. Google always changes the algorithms in order to give the best service of search engine possible. Ensure you keep up with them!

5.) Tricks to outsmart search engines

There is no secret method or a trick that will outsmart the search engine and rank your site higher in the results page. You must solely focus on generating content of quality.

6) Nofollow links are worthless

Isn’t it odd to have a site with 1000 inbound links with no Nofollow links? Google will definitely suspect this. Nofollow links are equally important.

7) Bounce rates of Google Analytics make a difference

Business owners freak out when there is high bounce rates for their page. However, the truth remains that bounce rates don’t affect your rankings in any way.

8) A spin off micro site will help

This strategy is outdated. Having microsites to generate inbound links from one site to another is of no use anymore. Google will easily figure out all those sites are owned by a single business.

9) Stuffing keywords help

Stacking lots of keywords in your content won’t be doing any Hood. Keyword density used to have an impact but not anymore. Trends have changed. It isn’t really effective anymore.

10) Google doesn’t like SEO

Google surely hates Black Hat SEO that is manipulative but it isn’t the same with all the SEOs. In fact, Google also provides tips to find best SEO practitioners. It will also give you information of how you can report a SEO company if at all they deceive you.