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10 Social Media Tactics to Drive Traffic to Your eCommerce Site

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Increasing traffic to your eCommerce Site is something that everyone is looking forward to these days. Increase of traffic means more leads to your business, but social media is not that easy. Listed below are 10 social media techniques to drive traffic to any eCommerce site.

A good landing page

The landing page of any site is the first thing that comes into view when a person visits the site. As a result, it is necessary that your landing page is very attractive and the user interface is huge. The landing page should be simple and concise so that the person visiting your eCommerce site can get an immediate idea of almost everything you are about to provide them.

Social Contest Technique

Organizing a social contest on the site and promoting it online and creating a buzz about it is something that is very useful as a technique. The social contest techniques work really well with these eCommerce sites and more and more followers and visitors can be obtained within a very short period of time.

Being keyword specific to optimize media posts

Use some basic, relevant and user specific keywords for your site which will make your site easily visible by the audience and they will be able to follow it.

Use hashtags

Hashtags are very popular trends of the society. This will help you stand out and get discovered as an individual site.

Use the right content

Too much or too less information is dangerous. You need to know exactly how you want to present yourself. Give away the right kind of information in the right order to ensure that the general public gets the maximum out of it. Make your content concise and sweet as well as interesting.

Live chats and interaction with followers

The provision for interaction with followers and live chat facilities with them should be arranged. This will make the visitors realize the genuine character of your website and the services you provide.

Paid Advertisements

Paid advertisements have also proved to be really helpful in the recent past. These Facebook and LinkedIn ads will help you boost the traffic to your website as well to a considerable extent.

User-friendly and attractive

Make sure to make your user interface friendly and approachable. You can make your page look attractive by adding images of high quality and this will help you attract a huge number of visitors to your page or eCommerce site in general

Prepare a blog

Blogs are another very good way of increasing traffic on your eCommerce site. Find suitable bloggers who are ready to work with you and promote your content in exactly the way you want it to be.

Pay attention to reviews

The reviews of genuine customers are very beneficial in this case. Make sure you let your customer speak their minds about your site and then make changes and improvements wherever necessary to increase the traffic to your site altogether.

All these and many other marketing strategies will help to get a consistent flow of traffic on your site follow them to see the difference.