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17 Gmail Hacks

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Gmail  has become a cultural force and not only another email program being largest email service provider. But Gmail can still get better with few hacks and apps floating around the Internet can help in making your experience with your Gmail more enjoyable. These 17 amazing add-ons will make you a Gmail pro.

  1. Find out if there are any Websites which are selling email addresses to marketers on adding “+” sign

Gmail will recognize the “+” sign so as to create an alternate version of email and start monitoring when you receive spam to the new address.

  1. Sortd

Sortd which is a smart skin for Gmail helps in transforming your inbox from just messages to useful lists which can be customized to fit your individual workflow.

  1. Ugly email

Ugly email will notify you regarding which among your emails are getting tracked even before you open them.

  1. Mixmax

It helps in making scheduled meetings much easier and tracks when someone has opened your email so that you will know when can you bug that Person. Also, it lets us create one-click templates.

  1. Mailburn

This is an iPhone app which automatically shows all your Gmail conversations only with natural or real people only. The idea is that all the newsletters, insurance related messages can be taken care with the system but on the phone, only real people conversations are displayed.

  1. Unsubscriber

It helps its users to unsubscribe from many newsletters and spam. This helps to get rid of unnecessary subscriptions from various companies or advertisements.

  1. Mailtrack

This is a chrome extension which helps its users to know when their email was being sent and when the mail was opened. Thus, a track can be kept of all your emails easily.

  1. Snapmail

This chrome extension adds a button right next to “send” button of Gmail which sends self-destructing emails for you. So, when the recipient person opens it, snapmail will inform that in sixty seconds it would self-destruct.

  1. Gmail offline

When the connection is not good or spotty, this feature can come in hand helping you use Gmail even when there is no connection.

  1. Gmail Giphy

Giphy being the world’s great GIF searching company now has a chrome extension which when installed, a little rainbow like Giphy icon starts popping up near formatting icons which lets us make our boring emails a little dramatic.

  1. Gmail dropbox

By using this feature a lot of space can be saved through integrating our dropbox with our Gmail.

  1. Boomerang

This is a plug in which works with Firefox,safari, chrome with the Option ” send later” which helps it’s users to type the email normally and then with the help of calendar set a date on which it should be sent.

13.Finding Big Mail searches

Big Mail is a program that scans the Gmail account and finds some largest files with some attachments etc which is eating up a lot of space. Thus, they can be deleted and space can be saved.

  1. WiseStamp

This is another chrome extension helping you to customize your regular signature  with different color,size etc adding a cool outlook.

  1. Send through Gmail

It is a chrome extension which will make sure Gmail is the default always and so whenever you type an email address it lets Compose window to pop up Gmail.

  1. Grexlt

This chrome extension will create Gmail labels. With these shared labels option, you can add a label to an email conversation in inbox showing your colleagues’ inboxes which is of great help in keeping a track of assignments given.

  1. FullContact

This is a chrome extension which will show you everything you want to know regarding any person who’s sent an email to you. Their tweets, facebook updates can also be checked through FullContact.