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20 Interesting Facts About the Internet

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Everyone has been using the internet for decades but you’ll definitely be blown out of your mind reading these interesting facts about the internet. Know more about the internet through these list of facts below.

  1. Ever wondered who holds the backup power to restart the internet in case of any catastrophic event? Well, there are seven persons who hold the key to the internet. In the case of any event which makes the internet shut down, these 7 people have a key to reboot its internal part.
  2. All of us are familiar with the browser names like Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. But the very first and popular web browser was known to be Mosiac which started its services in the year 1993 and was a major part of internet till 1997.
  3. It is a known fact that the internet has taken over TV at a fast pace, but the figures will amaze you. The Internet has gained about 5 million users in just 5 years. It took 13 years for TV to gather these many users.
  4. There are over 1 billion internet users today which are about 20% of world’s population.
  5. An average surfing session lasts about only 51 minutes.
  6. Sweden has the most number of internet users across the world with about 75% of the population using it.
  7. The satellite-based internet availability has made it possible to access the internet all over the world. Still there are certain countries like North Korea and China who are denied the access by the government.
  8. It is estimated that people who use social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are likely to spend their 10% of lifetime on it.
  9. Asia is a continent with the largest number of internet users i.e. about 42% and about 80% of the world population still not using it.
  10. A good figure of 19% married couple meets online, making it a suitable marriage bureau.
  11. ‘Wake me up’ by Avicii is the most played song on Spotify, an online playlist website.
  12. The first tweet was sent by Jock Dorsey in the year 2002, March 21.
  13. The first ever image on the internet was uploaded by Mr. Berners Lee. It was an image of a joke band of women. The picture was uploaded from the nuclear research lab CERN.
  14. About 16% to 20% of the Google searches are the searches which have never been Googled before. Now this is news!
  15. Mr. Wilhite mentions the correct pronunciation of GIF as ‘jiff’.
  16. ‘Insurance’ is the most expensive Google Adwords keyword.
  17. The first email was sent Ray Tomlinson to himself in the year 1971, he doesn’t remember the contents though.
  18. The fastest rate to log in to Gmail is recorded as 1.16 seconds.
  19. We spend more time browsing on mobile devices than on computers.
  20. The internet is 8352 days old. You can check the latest update on

So, these were some of the amazing and interesting facts about the internet not known to everybody.