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3 Steps to Improve Your Website Conversion Rates

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If you wish to create more sales through your digital marketing strategies, there are only two ways of doing it. Firstly, the usual option is to spend money on obtaining more traffic for your site. If the number of people visiting your site is doubled, your sales are likely to double too. This makes complete sense and most people concentrate on this as it is a logical solution.

However, driving traffic is the toughest and also the most expensive option. But the second option is easier. It is increasing the conversion rates of your website sales. By concentrating on conversion rates, the sales can be doubled without having to incest extra money. This is the reason conversion rates are both cheaper and an easier option to hike your sales through digital marketing.

You need to concentrate on these three steps to improve your website conversion rates.

Step 1) Identify the choke point

Finding the choke point in the funnel of your sales is the first step you must take. Every sales funnel is likely to have a region wherein prospects are finding themselves stuck and exit before purchasing the product. This could either be on the very first page or something else that’s not even on your focus. To identify the choke point, you should make a flow chart which lists every step in the sales funnel. This takes a lot of work, but is worth it at the end. Until you are able to visually view all steps, you’ll have troubles optimizing the conversion rates. Later you need to measure your conversion rates from every step to the next to observe how well every step performs. Once you are done through this, choke point is easy to find. It will be the step where you get to see a big drop off.

Step 2) Fix the incongruent copy

One among the major mistakes that happen in sales funnel is the incongruent copy. For instance, the sales page may mention about free shipping but there would be no free shipping mentioned anywhere else as one goes down the sales funnel. Or the design of the web page might differ from black to green once another page is clicked on. Though this doesn’t seem like a great deal, you must know that the prospects are highly skeptical. If there’s a glitch in the offer you are making, prospects may quickly leave your site and find some other site.

Step 3) Simplify all the webpages

At this step, you must have a message that is congruent throughout the funnel that is vital but not enough. A lot of webpages are too complicated to an average visitor visiting your site. You must know that you may use your site every day and you know precisely where you must click to know where you have to go. But a lot of people will be visiting your site for the first time.  Hence, you need to make websites that are really effortless to use, be it the interface or the navigation.