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5 Best Google Chrome Extensions for Entrepreneurs

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The one thing that is common among all the entrepreneurs is that they work to maximize the outcome while they minimize their investment of time. Technology is one thing that could help them in a great way regarding this. And the apt extensions of Google chrome can be a revolution in helping them. However, there are plenty of them and you can definitely not download all of them. Few extensions work better when compared to others, few are more useful, and few may even slow down the browsing experience. So, which are the extensions that are most appropriate for entrepreneurs? Here is our list of the 5 best Google Chrome Extensions for entrepreneurs.

1) MixMax

If there is one chrome extension we would suggest that is best on the list, then that would be MixMax. Before it came into the scene, all of the TCF team used Boomerang for automated follow up and email scheduling and also the Sidekick for keeping a track on who clicks on links and opens the emails. MixMax effectively replaced them and there has been no stepping back since. If you haven’t already started tracking the emails of yours, you must begin now. Besides providing data on who opens your emails, you will also know how quickly this happens. Apart from scheduling of emails, tracking and reminders, MixMax also allows you to schedule your events and meetings within the email. MixMax will go through your calendar and will inform you about when you are available and will provide the person who views your emails proper meeting time. They would later choose the one that suits them and the extension will instantaneously mark it on your calendar as well as theirs.

2) Rapportive

If you want to know who is at the other corner of your emails, Rapportive is what you must use. It puts their profiles of LinkedIn on a sidebar so that you easily view them and access them. You can just click so that you connect to them through LinkedIn without having to leave your email. It will also draw the information of profiles of LinkedIn connections which you share in common and this will allow you easily to name drop quickly. Rapportive also worked quickly on constructing your connection networks that is precisely why it is said to be one among the best chrome extensions for all those entrepreneurs.

3) Hootlet

Using Hootlet will automatically make it your best friend forever. The best feature of Hootlet is that you can toggle among multiple accounts, be it business or personal. Just by clicking on the icon of Hootlet you will be able to share the page which you are on as you are browsing the internet.

4) Evernote

You are certainly missing a lot of you are not using Evernote. It can be used for everything from organizing webinar content an ebook to remembering your gym locker code. Using the Evernote is like having a second brain which doesn’t at all require a headspace. This extension of chrome allows you to snip as well as save while you browse and read your emails. Saving the PDFs and anything for that matter is as effortless as organizing your already existing notebooks.

5) AdBlock Pro

We all agree that ads are too much annoying. Hence, this extension is as good for everyone as it is for entrepreneurs. This extension will do a great job of blocking all those unwanted ads that keeping popping onto the screen every now and then. This will save your time and patience by blocking them automatically.