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5 mobile marketing trends to look out for in 2016

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Technology is changing our way of living, adding a good standard in it and making it perfect for our future by providing many benefits to GPS navigation, easy way to pay your bills, video conferencing and many features which were just a dream in the past. It was a tedious task to achieve but technologists and scientists are exploring the way to make our life more comfortable which was just an impossible task in the past. Technology is creating a major impact on the mind of youngsters, Youngsters are becoming more intelligent and social media aware which was just a dream in past.

A recent study in mobile revolution shows that mobile users are exceeding the desktop one by a significant difference which indicates that users are attracted more to mobile technology rather than a big giant desktop one.

According to a recent study performed by eMarketers, It was predicted that 32% has increased mobile commerce from the past which was a good number to make it future perfect technology.

According to a recent survey, it was predicted that Apps mainstreams download is much more than Facebook and Twitter friends, followers, etc. It is a significant achievement that is achieved by Mobile technology world.

Wearable technology such as smart watches or mobile automation system such as Cortana, Echo and Siri makes our life more interesting and easy to live.

A grand announcement of $500 million from Hilton gives a serious look to M-commerce industry

mobile app revolution

  1. Revolution through mobile apps.

Mobile apps are surpassing the television and social media marketing or even search engine optimization which is increasing the business and its impact on next level which can’t be ignored in this virtual world. It is an easy approach for independent shoppers and busy consumers to buy in the easy way which is a necessary step to increase the business in current scenario technology revolution.

Mobile apps developers are benefitted by affiliated programs, Google revenue sharing system, Chitika and many publishers who want to advertise on the social media to attract thousands and lacks of visitors which is a building stone in their business approach.

It makes a strong relationship between publishers and advertisers. Nowadays, advertisers such as Google, Chitika etc are creating the ads on your search preference. It could be easily understood by the fact that if you are searching “ Best mobiles Samsung” in Google search engine, Google will optimize each and every web page with image/text ads related to Samsung mobile phones so that you can get the best result online. It is just like wow! Google is so intelligent.

Integrate payment gateway, rewards, and management programs, keyless room entry makes a natural approach to payment transfer and makes the relation of publishers and advertisers much stronger which were a daydream in the past.

Content optimization also plays a vital role in mobile apps revolution process. Word power is much more useful in business point of view when you are optimizing the phrase as defined in search engine optimization technique. Keyword density plays a vital role in content optimization technique. In an article, 3% keyword density is a search engine and social media friendly.

Content is king. If you are using an SEO friendly version of the content, then your business activities automatically grow exponentially and gives hike in business revenue.

serp revolution

  1. SERP Revolution

Video ads is a next-gen technology that is being developed by a major search engine such as Google. Google is providing video-based search results but it is still developing a new and emerging concept such as Video Ads which is based upon Advanced UI/UX interface and the impact of your search preferences stored in cookies form to give you an accurate result. Also, they are working on the how we gesture, flick, point and tap on the screen. You will be amazed to see the search results based on your search preference. Search becomes fully optimized and fine-tuned that even mobile learners can easily search their queries online. Other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are using this technology which is a building stone in 21st-century mobile marketing trends.

ecommerce social media

  1. Integrate eCommerce and Social Media Platform

Have you ever imagined that you can buy your favorite products from social media platforms and show it off to your friends online? Now, it’s possible. Some of the big social media giants are using this technology in which some of them are Pinterest, Instagram. Pinterest is giving the facility to buy pins and Instagram is giving shop now feature. It is a misconception about social media that user can’t buy products from social media. But a great interface and user management system integrated with payment gateway makes them competent enough to compete against big e-commerce giants.

customer marketing technique

  1. Real-time and location-based customer marketing techniques

With the rise in technology and modern equipment, customer marketing techniques become more intelligent and customer specific which is just a dream in past. With the help of modern equipment, marketers can easily track the activities of customers during their pre-visit, during visit and post visit. It is very important to understand the customer behavior, choice, and psychology. In current scenario, marketing giants, and social marketing experts combined with technology enthusiastic can easily target the customer via geo-fencing during pre-visit, interaction with beacons during a visit and multichannel retargeting during post visit.

Security concept: Privacy on digital background

  1. Ads blocker and Privacy Concern

In current technology revolution, Privacy sensitivity is a major concern for mobile marketers. It forces them to think about their online approach of m-marketing. Mobile marketers need to think one level up from their traditional mobile marketing techniques and they have to become modern in their security approach. Identity management with customer-specific requirements can easily become stepping stone in success.

Right Message -> Right Time -> Right Place -> Right Channel

Online privacy is a very important step in the digital marketing world as explained above. If an organization implements the rule of 4R (Right Message at Right Time and at Right Place with the help of Right communication channel) then it becomes easy for them to create a better security strategy. It can be achieved with the help of IoT devices and signals. With the help of this devices, a marketer can easily tackle the tedious problem of message overloading.

Now, what’s next?

2016 is a golden year for mobile marketers and e-commerce giants. It can’t be predicted what comes next? Whether it should be “Real Time 3D interface chatting system”? Or “Time machines becomes reality”? If you are able to predict what will happen next then don’t forget to share your ideas so that we can make our list better in upcoming year.


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