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5 Things to Do in AdWords Daily

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AdWords Campaign requires a proper analysis and maintenance of data on a daily basis. There are many areas that require daily attention. But, not all are equally important. There are some of the many important areas that require more attention as compared to the others.

Let’s explore them!

  • Checking the keywords below the first page

Keywords that are below the first page are generally of no use to the advertisers and also they tend to get no or very less traffic. So at times checking the bid below the first page may get you a really good traffic if you have a good score.

Thus, make it a point to invest some 15 minutes more and check the keywords below the first page too. You can sort these on the basis of column for a more sorted view.

  • Optimizing the bids in low positions

Profitable optimization of bids that are in low positions may seem to be time taking and a loss in terms of business. Check for the terms that were able to generate good business at a good CPA. Boost the terms that were you providing good sales, but didn’t have a good number of impressions. Focus more on them and try to get good ranks.

While you may find a large number of such keywords, optimizing your campaign this way would help in the better utilization of resources and investment.

  • Look for high CPA and unprofitable conversion rates terms

Once you get to know about the terms which have high CPA and CPC, you must start to analyze these terms for a prolonged period and on a continuous basis that is weekly, bi- weekly and monthly. An analytical pausing and decreasing of the bids depends on the results and what is required.

  • Adding negative keywords daily

Adding negative keywords continuously on a daily basis is a really good step to optimize and enhance your business. Negative keywords express your aversion towards irrelevant terms. So the more you add the negative keywords, the better you avoid the payment for the irrelevant terms, and also rule out inappropriate targeting

  • Pausing the under performing ads

The CPA and CTR should be your main focus as these will help you take the meaningful decisions and pause the wasteful ads. You can check out the test for the ad copy that is running on the top of your ad groups by the traffic and just pause the ads that are not doing as expected.

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