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6 Calls to Action for a Business Blog

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Calls to Action for a Business Blog
The ‘call to action’ simply means that your blog is far more than just a simple read and let go. It will help you turn your readers who are anonymous into the leads which are identifiable. Putting a call to action would mean that you want your readers to engage with your blog and benefit from it.

Some of the calls to action are: ‘click the link below to know more’ or say ‘comment in the box below’. The benefit or the engagement that your audience will receive can be conveyed only with the effective ‘call to action’. But before that you must be sure about the result you want to gain from the ‘call to action’ you are trying to engage your readers with. Here are 8 most important and the most effective calls to action advices for you:

  • Sharing the post on Facebook

This call to action will help you increase the shares of your blog post. The more it will be shared, the more active your blog will get. The social networking sites are the best way to increase your readers and also become popular. After all, the idea behind writing a blog is to convey your ideas to the world. What can be the best way? Isn’t it? Use ‘call to action, such as ‘click on the link below to share the idea with your friends on Facebook’ or ‘click here to share the post on Twitter’. This will also mean that you want everyone to benefit from your blog.

  • Call to action for viewing a video link on YouTube

YouTube is the most efficient way to share the videos to a large number of audiences. In fact, the popularity and shares on YouTube in a way determines your fate in today’s world which is better said to be the www world. Use call to action, such as ‘click here to share the video on YouTube’. YouTube can help you grow exponentially in terms of gaining audience and the loyal readers.

  • Launching a new eBook

If you are in the wake of launching a new eBook, the best way to attract readers from around the world is to use an attractive ‘call to action’. For example: you can always use ‘click here to get an easy access to this brand new concept (the most interesting tale in history)’. Remember, the ‘call to action’ line may be any, your main aim is to keep the reader engaged with your blog and must feel the urge to try something new if you telling him / her to do so. This can be only possible by using as many calls to action as possible. You can also use “share the idea of this new book by clicking on the link below’, ‘comment on the box below to let us know how much did you like it’.

  • Downloading free report on whitepaper

If it’s about the free report on whitepaper, the best way to attract readers is to use some catchy call to action in order to spread the idea. Your most important work is to engage your readers and audience and gain the new ones and when it’s about asking someone to download something; you need to really capture their thoughts. You can use ‘click on the link here to download the latest report of whitepaper’.

Requesting a quote can be a call-to-action too!

Requesting a quote can be a call-to-action too!

  • Subscribing to your blog or making a call to your company

Subscription is the most important aspect of increasing the list of your loyal readers and keeping them engaged with your blog. The call to action such as ‘click here to subscribe to our daily updates’ can be very effective to increase the permanent and loyal readers. A call to action requesting a phone call to your company in case they need any help can be an option if you have the facility. This will increase their faith in your company, that is, they can get an answer to their question directly. You can use ‘click here to talk to us directly’ can be used for such engagements.

  • Enrolling to an online course that you are offering

In order to let the people know that there is a course they would want to enroll into and they can get the enrollment through the blog itself, there are call to action lines like ‘click here to know more about the course’ or ‘click here to enroll now’ , that can be of help. The main reason to use such call to action is that, at times the reader would want to go for the course but they might not find an easy way to access it. So in that case, these calls to action will come to your rescue.

These are some of the calls to action that will make your blog popular, easy to read, easy to share and easy to access if you have any new ideas in place. Do not forget to use the call to action formula, as this determines your blog’s fate a large extent. Happy blogging!