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6 Common Adwords Mistakes

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AdWords only permits 95 characters in text ads. These 95 characters have the power to either make or break your campaign. There are various mistakes which creep inside unknowingly while we frame the AdWords texts. Let’s see what these common Adwords mistakes are!

  1. Not Using Keywords

Keyword is the essence of advertising if you depend on the user’s query. Google bolds the keyword string inside the ads. This enables the user to identify the ad easily.

It is useful to adjust the wordings of keyword in the ad to make it work. Spilt your ad campaign into various ad groups to be more effective!

For instance, if a query says, ‘cheap web hosting’, ads focused on pricing should be provided. The ad text should include some valid offers for the same.

  1. Missing call to action

Usually, the commercials are too crammed up with information about products and services, but fail to add an important element like call to action. A call to action includes the use of words like try, check, join, see for yourself, etc., that favors an action to be action from the users. However, avoid using the word ‘click’ in your call to action, usage of ‘click’ in CTAs is forbidden by Google.

  1. Avoid focusing too much on yourself

It’s a common mistake, especially while advertising. It is marketing communication error in which communication is done from the viewpoint of the sender and not from the recipients’ view. Avoid using possessive words like ‘we’ and create sentences that are addressed to the receiver.

  1. Clustered up

To adjust the 95 characters correctly, sponsored links enable an ad to have a 25 character headline and two lines of 35 characters each. This makes up for 95 characters with a display URL and ad extensions.

The content that is lined up in 70 characters should contain content that fits the most. It should contain only one and best advantage. Don’t cram up the ad by trying to add information that’s not even needed. Create few ads instead of one and test them to know which one is more effective and performs well.

  1. URL address inadequately displayed

It should be known that the displayed URL can be framed freely after the slash. You can make good use of it while making your AdWords text.

To make it easy to understand, here’s an example. An ad group associated with the keyword ‘web domains’ can have the associated URL like

  1. Ad extensions

Ad extensions are an all-new feature. They add additional information in the ads that’s not possible with classical AdWords ads. This additional information could be the display of the phone number or links to pages of your website.

They are very effective in attracting and generating interest of users. Moreover, they don’t incur additional costs too, which makes them both effective and economical at once.

In order to get your AdWords ad displayed correctly, the words should be capable of gathering good results to prevent the ad from blocking. Follow these and avoid any mistakes in your AdWords text.

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