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6 Top Programming Languages For Mobile Development

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The mobile market has hugely increased in recent times due to extensive use of internet on the mobile phones have put behind the internet traffic of computers. As a result, many of the publishers and developers feel it is better to develop applications for mobiles that can be used on native operating systems of mobile.

But which language should you choose?

This is the most common question that arises about programming language that could be used for mobile app development. With an array of them available at your disposal, the right choice should be based on certain factors. Check out below the 6 Top Programming Languages For Mobile Development.

6.) C#

Just like Apple, Microsoft too has its own Objective-C and this is known as C#. Well, having said that, we don’t really have to say much about it, do we?

With whatever experience we have, we could tell you that it is best if you are able to comprehend how every leading platform does its work. If all you want is to get into coding, do not just stop at one or two programming languages. It’s better if you are acquainted with as many languages as possible.

5.) Objective-C

This programming language is capable of doing everything that C++ can, be it display functions or graphics. It is mainly iOS centric, and is fully made to cater to Apple’s development frameworks of MacOS and iOS. With every upgrade in Apple’s Swift, Objective-C is diminishing. It wouldn’t be a surprise if Apple chose to replace this programming language completely with Swift. However, this is not foreseen to happen in near future, so you can rest assured that the language still has its value.

4.) Swift

This was introduced by Apple for app developments of iOS. Equipped with Apple’s APIs like cocoa touch or cocoa and also the synergy with objective-C, it is also capable of developing fully packed mobile apps for iOS alone. If iOS app development is what you have in mind, you must go with this one!

3.) C++

This is generally used to develop software for android and Windows. If you want to work on mobile app development projects for cross platform, this is compulsory. You should learn C++ as it is one of the vital programming languages you should have knowledge about. Ensure you don’t just stick to one programming language.

2.) Java

This can be called as the programming language that is most ideal for any passionate mobile app developer. Java is yet another great tool for code base that is of the cross platform type and is like a heartthrob among the android community. What makes it special is that it can be compiled and run, even without a browser, and is very much compatible with mobile devices. You need to learn this, as you will need this of you are working on cross platforms.

1.) HTML5

HTML5 is the best language that could be used to provide app both on web or mobiles. However, there are some bugs that are yet to be fixed in HTML5. Nonetheless, it is a very potential and a successful solution which is a cross platform and has longer durability than native apps. For a beginner, HTML5 is aslo recommended.


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