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7 Myths of PPC Advertising

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PPC or pay-per-click is a long standing internet marketing model where the advertisers pay a fee as soon as someone clicks on their advertisement. But the problem arises when the advertisers fall prey to the misconceptions of PPC unknowingly and as a result of you may even end up being duped and  missing out on a good and useful marketing method.

Here are some of the commons myths in regards to PPC advertisting:

  1. Beware of AdWords

AdWords are a very potent weapon in the arsenal of any power user, which can easily lighten the pocket of any advertiser without even giving them any clue of what they are getting into.

  1. Paying less for acquisition or leads

If you are trying to achieve a target which can be deemed aggressive, you will have to spend a little extra, as paying less here will not yield results.

  1. SEO and landing page quality score

The importance of relevant words in the SEO and the landing page is more than the actual content in them. Also, the click through rate is what you should give importance to as compared to the quality score of the landing part page.

  1. Exact keywords = better ROI

The online market is a growing one with people looking for different products. Therefore, getting the exact keywords is not easy. Even if you have exact match keywords, it will still not assure better profit making abilities.

  1. Long tail AdWords will give me cheaper clicks

The days of long tail AdWords are over, so don’t even think of doing that. Search engines have been taking steps to clean the search pools to get better results, hence getting into long tail AdWords won’t work here.

  1. Testing time

Testing is always good if you know how to do it. Go for a more scientific approach when testing rather than wasting money and time unnecessarily on trial and error testing methods.

  1. Taking help

If companies like GOOGLE are running point for you, then you don’t need to think of anything else. But, you are mistaken and it would be much better if you take help of an actual expert instead.

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