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9 Productivity Tools for Small Business Owners

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There are certain ways through which information technology reprises vital roles in the success of small businesses. We have already come to knowledge that in this technological era, the business owners must be making use of productivity tools in order to run their ventures smoothly. We have a list of 9 productivity tools that are just the best for business owners!

1) Teamgate CRM

It is a software for managing customer relations. You would need it if you wish to maintain a track of the information of your customers than just making sticky notes that stays on your bulletin board. There are plenty of software’s for customer relationship management but Teamgate is the best!

2) Asana

Asana is undoubtedly one among the best task management tools available and luckily, it is for free. With the dashboard that is easily able to be navigated, you could create fresh tasks, assign those tasks to particular teammates and mentor the development of such projects.

3) DropBox

This is the easiest means of sharing large number of files than sending them in a lot of emails. DropBox has also got Microsoft integration with office 365 and Hotmail for user convenience and is definitely a great choice.

4) Hootsuite

Than just spending time on Facebook to make sure your business is visible to people at peak times, you must make an account on Hootsuite. The fundamental package is free and you can use it to post on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook as well. You could share the content using one single dashboard and monitor the posts to their schedules on all social networks at a time.

5) FreshBooks

There can be no better platform for invoicing when compared to FreshBooks. You will be able to send out bills seamlessly and also can collect payments through credit cards and PayPal in one single step.

6) MailChimp

With a growing list of emails, you might want to quickly move on from the usual email platforms. This tool could be labeled as the leader of email marketing. You can send about 12000 emails every month to over 2000 subscribers. With growing needs, you can also upgrade to better plans.

7) TextMagic

Many people spend hours together on their phones every day and this is the reason small businesses need SMS services that can send bulk messages at a time. TextMagic is one of the best in this regard.

8) Google calendar

This is a great way for efficiently keeping a note on events among all the devices of yours so that you can do proper time management and scheduling. You can view the calendar using a PC, tablet or a smartphone and is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows.

9) Google Adwords Keyword Planner

Sign up to for an account on Google AdWords and look for keyword planner that is in the tool menu. You can make use of this tool to research keywords that you can include in your SEO and content marketing.