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Effective WordPress Plugins that Facilitate Design

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A web designer, regardless of their competence and natural intuitiveness, will rely on a number of effectively designed WordPress plugins to ensure they achieve the required functionality to obtain the best results possible. A website run on WordPress allows a designer to streamline their work process to a far greater extent than other designers can. However, the plugins must be researched and well chosen in order to achieve real functionality. The reason for this is that there are a large number of them to choose from, each with its own driven and exact purpose. This article will highlight some of the more popular plugins and detail their created purpose.


WordPress Backup to Dropbox


  • The most reliable and simple way to ensure that one’s content is secure and saved is the WordPress Backup to Dropbox. It has been downloaded 95,000 times in its first year of release, which is one measure of its quality. This plugin gives a person absolute peace of mind that their content is protected. It regularly saves the date whenever the user requests the plugin to. The download is free, and the customer feedback for this plugin has been tremendous.


Jetpack from Akismet


  • The plugin advertises itself as a means of ‘supercharging’ one’s ‘self-hosted WordPress site with the awesome cloud power of’ The amount of qualities that this plugin provides a web designer would require a number of articles to explain fully. It genuinely is a plugin that promises and delivers a lot of benefits. Notifications are monitored and managed on one’s toolbar, which ensures an improved organization. Sharing content to Social Media websites is made drastically easier and more immediate with this plugin. Contacts are arranged securely and so that finding a person’s details takes seconds.


  • To realise all of the other free advantages of downloading Jetpack, this link lists them in full –


Quick Cache (Speed Without Compromise)


  • With the speed of a website being a necessity opposed to an advantage, this is a plugin that, by extension of that previous definition, is a necessity. A concise and effortless journey through a website is a person’s main online demand because a slow website will turn them away. Each page, link, post, and category is stored for later reference. The processing time that one saves will speed up the website and save the owner of the website a significant sum of money.


SEO Ultimate

WordPress 3.6

  • As one would expect from the name of this plugin, this is a – self described – ‘all-in-one’ WordPress SEO plugin. The Title Tag Rewriter, Meta Description Editor, Deeplink Juggernaut, and Open Graph Integrator are some features that contribute to this being one of the best SEO tools ever created. To view the other benefits, because there are many, one can read them here –


  •  A large number of people have chosen to rate this plugin with a rating of five out of five. This has given it an average rating of 4.2, which is considered superb for a plugin.