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Facebook Live for Marketing

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Cut to the chase, Facebook Live is a new social media platform under Facebook which enables users to record videos and broadcast with not only their friends but with their followers and the world.

Initially, only recorded videos could be shared around on Facebook, but through Facebook Live users can share the moments as and when happening.

So from now onwards, if you are out on an adventure or even if you are on an evening walk and witness something wanderlust happening, something which people should be aware of or things to get you off your chest. You simply can tap on your iOS or Android screen to stream them.

Facebook live was made live in August 2015 as a competitor against the live streaming app of Twitter, Periscope. Initially, only special personalities were gained its access and later stretched to the journalists. Only from April 2016, it granted its access to billion active users.

Facebook Live as a future of marketing

Facebook mostly used for posting pictures, birthday, engagement and wedding wishes and announcements, vacation pictures has begun to turn into something more useful called marketing.

Marketing through Facebook has become easier with the use of right strategy and influencing marketing. There is much for new brands to engage in to enhance their brand image through it.

Facebook live and facebook video are two such new products which when utilized by marketers on a huge platform can move mountains.

Broadcasting with Facebook Live

You are good to go with using Facebook Live if you are a iOS or an Android device user. However, the platform cannot be enjoyed on the web, though you can watch videos on Facebook.com.

To be able to use the new feature of facebook, Facebook Live, make sure you have the latest updated version of the app. If not so, you can update from Google Play Store or app store.

How to find the Facebook live option within the app?

Right in front of your eyes when you open the app, you’ll find “What’s on your mind?” dialogue box. When you tap on it, you’ll find a new option added to the old ones, labelled as ‘Live Video’.

How can it help build brands?

  1. By influencers marketing

Instead of promoting your add with the help of celebrities featuring your products, which is not quite as effective these days, this type of marketing involves sharing individual’s experience on the product or brand.

  1. Know your audience on real-time basis

Facebook live enables you to know your audience as and while streaming online. As you witness the map, hover the cursor over and blue dots and you can know what your audience is made of.

  1. Through user generated content

Video campaigns are conducted by enterprises to gain audiences by listing a questionnaire or creating a story on the topic and then rewarding the best contributions. This UGC campaign combined with Facebook Live can be a more integrated way to connect to the users.

This was all about Facebook Live and its positive effect on marketers.