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Google’s Keyword Tool isn’t enough for your Digital Marketing Campaigns

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There was once a time when only the PPC experts and agencies providing SEO services were prudent about keyword research. But the times have changed. In this era, which mainly runs on the internet, everyone in the digital marketing ought to know about researching keywords for all domains of digital marketing.

Importance of Keywords

If I am a regular blogger, I need to know what sort of terminologies are popular among the specific segment of the market in order to upload blog posts that connect with people who happen to visit their website. For quality content marketing, keyword is an important parameter. Even an email marketer must be aware of the keywords that are sought for, by the people, so that the customer is engaged with quality content. Same is the case with social media. Hashtags are deliberately used so that our voice and messages reach to a large number of prospective audiences.

We must take it as it comes. Staying in digital marketing means we are going to need to learn about keywords and research on it.

Most of the specialists will advise Google Keyword tool to begin with. But why prefer the common style? “Always take the road less taken” is what I believe in. However, the Google keyword tool is not really efficient and here are a few problems associated with it.

Problems with Using the Google Keyword Tool

One of the most obvious facts is that all digital marketing agencies are using the Google Keyword Tool. In most of the cases, that is the only tool being used. This only means that everyone is seeing at the same data. This will steal uniqueness from your analysis. Data is always a data and unbiased to any fluctuations. However, you could always learn more and explore more keywords. This is not happening and hence, the marketers are worried. Even if a single tool was used, there is too much of data to be solely comprehended by any living individual. So if you had to concentrate just on numbers in the keyword planner, you would not overtake other competitors in the industry.

Keyword Data Is Vast

Over the years, Google has collected a humongous amount of data from all the keywords that were searched for. As a matter of fact, the data collection is so vast that Google could actually group keyword data into monthly searched volumes. Owing to the fact of overwhelming data, there is certainly a bit of noise as there is so much research to do on various keywords. Hence, it makes difficult for you to land up on keywords that actually suits your purpose. This in turn results in keywords that are not really effective.

We must accept the fact that keyword planner must not be the sole tool for researching on keywords. When we are campaigning for various PPC ads, it is imperative to use effective keywords and that can be achieved if we used tools beyond this one.