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How Can Responsive Web Design Help You Gain More Visitors?

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In case your website’s design is not responsive, there are high chances that you are missing out on a lot of traffic, visitors and potential customers. Here are the main reasons why responsive web design can get you more visitors and why failing to implement it can harm your business.

Catering to mobile platforms better

Most probably, many of your visitors, both current and potential ones, are using a mobile device of some type to access your website. A responsive design will adjust your site automatically to the type of device and screen size of the particular user. But if your site doesn’t have that type of design, then most probably its text will be displayed in a very tiny format, making it extremely uncomfortable to read, or it may not fit in the screen size entirely. This will prevent your site from capturing the attention of potential visitors using mobile platforms as it will be bothersome for them to view it.

Enhanced user experience

With responsive web design, there is no redirection, no awkward page or site renditions which appear different on the different platforms or may not load properly in many cases, and no duplicate content either. With responsive design, you have a website with a consistent appearance which works equally well on all types of devices. Thus, the visitor experience is significantly improved, and this will lead to more visitors coming to your site and even increased conversion rates.

Search engine visibility is improved as well

Google and the other search engines show preferences for responsive websites and these rank more successfully in the search engine result pages both in international and local searches. This in turn means not only better overall visibility, but also improved exposure of your site to local audiences. This will increase the number of both your national and global visitors.

Optimized marketing strategies

The goal of every business is reaching as many customers in the target market as possible. Responsive web design facilitates the seamless integration of marketing campaigns throughout all media and device types – desktops, tablets, cell phones, etc. Thus, your message will reach a larger number of visitors and attract more potential customers.

You remain relevant

Last but not least, if you refuse to update your website’s design to the latest responsive trends, you will not only lose a portion of your visitors, but will also miss out on the chance to get new ones from different platforms. If you employ the latest technology for designing your site, you will improve the user experience and your website will look great when displayed across all platforms. This will improve your traffic and lower your bounce rates as well.

Today, the design of your website has to be much more than a fancy visual representation method for displaying your brand and business. It has to have the capability to adapt to the medium your visitors will be viewing it from, be it a desktop, a laptop, a cell phone, a tablet or any other type of device. If you haven’t yet taken the step towards responsive web design, it is high time you did that. This will definitely gain you more visitors and bring your business to the next level.