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How to Choose the Best Business Card Design for Your Company

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best-business-card-design-01Business cards may have lost their original place in marketing, but are still considered an integral part of business meetings and follow up. They help make a good impression on your prospective clients. But a namesake business card among a hundred similar cards will not be of much help for you. If your card does not stand out from the crowd, it has a high chance of ending up in the trash. Here are a few tips on how you can choose the best business card design for your company.

Don’t take the easy route

Your business card gives out the first impression of your company. So don’t be cheap with these cards. Avoid showing any information on the card that makes it look cheap. Do not choose from a set of templates either. All these will hamper the professional look of your card. Show your sincerity in the business by spending some time and effort into your business card design. Be willing to invest for your card. Hire a professional designer if you are inexperienced in designing the card.

Make it memorable

Get creative and make your card have at least one trait that will make it memorable. Your business card should reflect your company’s attitude. Hence, choose a design that goes well with your company’s image. An innovative start up can choose an abstract design while a well established concern may choose a classic design with just their logo.

Ensure your design is unique and cool. It should be able to make people more curious about your company.


Don’t overdo it

While trying to make your card unique, you should also remember to make it convenient to use. Try to stick to the standard sizes and conventions. Make it compatible to use with card scanners and card holders. If you want to try out some new size or shape, you may have to sacrifice convenience.

Some options you need to consider while designing cards are

  • Text and image placement
  • Simple images
  • Font color and style
  • Shadings and underlines

Make sure the information is not crowded and is legible. It is recommended to include only the necessary details in the card. Include only essential information like Primary contact details and website address. Taglines and mottos need not be included. If needed, such information can be printed on the back side of the card.

Avoid going for shock value; It may give a memorable value to your card but may leave a bad impression on the receiver. Keep your card simple and well organised.

Select the right material

The material you select for the card is also important. It gives a unique feel to your card. The choice of material also depends upon your needs and requirements. A simple paper card may be suitable for a particular situation, but may appear to be too conventional in other settings. You have various options for selecting the card material. Some people use cards made of wood, plastic or metal.

You can also include embossments, rounded edges, folds, engravings and unusual shapes. Though including these tactile elements are costly, you can make use of these features if you find them worthy and suitable for your design theme.