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How To Rank Your Local Business in Google Local Listing

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The local SEO is just as important as any other SEO. First important thing is you must know that the local SEO is very much different from the normal SEO. It is very imperative that your business ranks higher even in the Google Local Packs. The ranking usually depends on the niche of your business, the competition you have and most importantly where your business is located. We will discuss about a strategy that is foolproof so that your business site ranks high on the Google’s Listing of My Business. However, it is important to first know what Local Listing exactly is.

What Is It?

If you make a search on Google, you will obtain results that show the name of the business, its address, the contact number, location and the website. These results are altogether referred to as the Google Local packs. These listings will require a Google My Business Page that is verified in order to score a rank on Google pages.

Google My Business- What Is It?

It is nothing but a tool or a service that is free provided by Google for all the websites to mentor their presence as well as existence online in search results of Google and also on the maps.

Factors You Need To Focus On To Rank Yourself Higher

  • You must own a website and have assurance that your business address is appropriately listed

Firstly, you must make sure that you have a verified as well as a claimed My Business Page of Google. You may either have the verification done over phone calls or you would probably receive a letter from Google so that the verification is done. Google decides which of the either it is going to be. If you have your business verified, you certainly will get higher credibility.

  • Your business must be suitably categorized

If you wish to rank your business higher on the Local Listing of Google, you must clearly define the kind of business you run. To exemplify, if you are a florist in your locality and desire to rank yourself higher among the same category, you will have to update your niche in the My Business Page of Google. Most of the times, people who turn businesses will not have themselves listed in a proper category and as a result fail in making their business visible on the Local listings. You need to ensure that you properly describe the keywords that are on your page of description of business in Google My Business page. It will also be easy for Google to land upon your site for a particular keyword of search. You also will have to include your location on the Meta descriptions which is on the site.

  • Reviews received from Google profiles that are active

You must certainly have nice reviews for your site if there is a desire of ranking higher in Local Packs. The usual sources are citations wherein your business us discussed over the web on websites like Yelp, Yellow Pages, SuperPages and others. You will have to qualify in these citations as they provide your credibility as well as authority for the website you own. It is important that you have good bonding among the clients. Though sometimes reviews are not always positive, it is always worth it!